Thursday, February 17, 2011

THIS & THAT - Good & Bad

 This is the last picture I will be showing of our February 1st blizzard and our additional 5" of snow on February 8th.  This picture, of Mickey's truck was taken on February 12th.  As you can see much of the snow had melted.  It is now completely gone and only a memory of this event in our lives.  ALL the schools in Coweta, Tulsa and the surrounding area ended up being closed for 9 days and are having to make up time for these "snow days" which were NOT built into their calendar.

After having made 7, and currently working on #8, Prayer Shawls I made my first scarf for our granddaughter's 16th birthday.  It measures 4' by 8 1/2".  I must say it was so easy after working on the big shawls.  I started with the left over yarn from the Prayer Shawl I had made her, but had to go buy another skein of yard to complete it. 

This morning we finished this, our 3rd book so far this year.  My friend, Carmel, gave me a big box of books last year and we are gradually reading through them, in addition to new books that come up that catch our eye and attention.  This book is one from that box and was written in 1976.  It contained 14 chapters and we totally agreed with everything he wrote in 12 of them but did not agree with chapters 12 & 13 where he takes the stand that the Gifts of the Spirit passed away with the Apostles.  We knew, going into this book, that Dr. Van Gorder would take this position, as he was the associate teacher of the Radio Bible Class with Richard De Haan. 

The main reason I am commenting on this book is not because of our disagreement with him on this one point.  I was raised in that type teaching and many years ago settled that issue for myself.  What struck me the most was that all the positions he pointed out 35 years ago that needed correction within the Church are still the same issues, but of course MANY times worse as pertains to our life styles and commitments.  It was a good read and well worth the 2 weeks we spent reading it.

BAD - but, I trust with good results .  I spent yesterday afternoon in the dentist chair having a root canal on a tooth that a permanent bridge was attached to.  Not only was it a gruelling experience during the procedure but it cost me $768.  OUCH!!!!  That hurt almost as much as the root canal.

That's my "news" for today.

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Joy said...

Glad you are thawing out. The scarf is so pretty.
♥ Joy

Sharon said...

Your scarf for your gd is beautiful.
I heard about the Tulsa schools being out so long. My gd goes to Tulsa Tech for most of her high school classes. She would call and tell me how bored she was.
Glad to hear that you are starting to clear up.
Have a great day.

retha said...

It is a lot of money! Glad it will be better now - the tooth.
How lovely to have a grandmother thinking of her grandchildren in such a way.

Mari said...

I really like that scarf! It looks soft and cozy. The book sounds interesting. Glad your snow is mostly gone. Ours is melting, but there is still a lot on the ground, and more is supposed to come next week.

Nezzy said...

Here's sendin' your granddaughter a happy 16th!!! The scarf is just to die for, she's gonna love it!

Hope ya thaw out soon. We hit 74 today...a far cry from the -11 a week ago. We still have a little snow left here and there even at this temp.

God bless ya and have a beautiful day sweetie!!! :o)

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Susan, aren't these warmer days nice? It's so good to see the snow melting away. Now if it will just stay away until next winter!

Ouch! I'm not sure what would hurt more...the procedure or paying the bill! Glad you've got that behind you. I need to get some work done myself, not looking forward to it.

Have a good day, Cheryl

Dan said...


A book review of the chapters you agreed with.

By the way: I like how you embraced Gorder's writings even though you disagreed with him on some things. Your take is my take in that regard.

Kansas Bob said...

Hope you (and your teeth) are feeling better today Susan.

Autumn said...

The scarf is lovely!

Barbara said...

I know how glad you are to see the end of the snow.

Denise said...

$768 for a root canal. Would you say that's taking advantage of another's misfortune? I would. I hope you're feeling better today.

Dawn said...

Wow - I can't believe they had 9 days off!! That's nuts. It'll be hard to go that many days when it's getting warm, won't it??

Sorry about the root canal - they are nasty. I had a 3 hour dental experience last week with a crown and a filling - $938, if I remember right. And that was $300 less than it could have been because I told them I didn't want a gold crown on my furthest back tooth! I couldn't believe it took so long. Not my favorite thing to do!

Reva said...

Everyone has different ideas about just about everything so know how reading books about religion or whatever can bring up emotional responses both good and bad.

Fortunately I have never had to have a root canal and generally have really good teeth. Sorry you had to go through that. Take care.

Toyin O. said...

Sorry to hear about your root carnal, those are not fun, hope you are feeling better. I love that scarf:)

Mountain Mama said...

Our snow is gone for now and hope it stays that way. The snowdrops are blooming and the daffy;s are budding. Spring wants to come. The scarf is a lovely gift for your granddaughter.

Midlife Mom said...

That scarf is just beautiful! You did such a nice job. Your granddaughter will be so happy with it!

My niece and hubby lived in Coweta for a few years and loved it there. They are now back here on the east coast as he went to Bible School in Kentucky and when he finished they wanted to be near family now that they have three little ones.

I agree with you on the book. I think we can glean much knowledge but don't have to agree with everything they write.

Rainy here in Maine, maybe we will get rid of most of the snow!! :o)