Thursday, February 10, 2011


At the beginning of the New Year Mickey and I had been deep cleaning, sorting out things, taking things to Good Will etc. so when the snowed in time came all that was done and accomplished except for some remaining garage straightening and reorganizing but far to COLD for that right now.  SO.........

I spent the past 2 days baking and filling our freezer up with goodies to serve guests and friends later on when I'm too busy to bake.  

I had 9 banana's frozen in the freezer so took them all out and made not one, but three batches of Banana Nut Bread on Wednesday.  As always you can see we had our hot slices out of the first loaf before the pictures :o)  The reward of the cooks!!
Yesterday I made two type cookies.  Oatmeal Crispies and Peanut Butter.  These plates full is just a sampling of the quantities.

Today I am going to make a Chocolate Chip Cheesecake that I saw on Mari's blog.  Eager to try this.  Thanks Mari for posting the recipe.

A snow update:  Yesterday we had an additional 5-6" of snow.  Here is Mickey's truck covered up even more than before :o)

Earlier this week I made another batch of Powdered Laundry Detergent.
I am posting this on my frugal blog, Hands & Hearts for Him.  Drop over there to learn about it. 

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Oklahoma Granny said...

Sounds like we did much the same thing yesterday except that I didn't actually bake. Our church is having a Valentine's banquet on Sunday evening and I volunteered to make cookies. I have a scrapbook crop tomorrow and Saturday so I made all my cookie dough (3 kinds), shaped it all into individual cookie balls and froze them. When I get home Saturday evening I'll thaw them all out and bake the cookies so they'll be fresh for Sunday.

retha said...

And who gets the crust? Jason and I has be be quicker than the other, but he cheats. If I get there first he takes the back crust.

That looks like an awful load of snow. Suppose no one is going to off load that.

Joy said...

I'll take a peanut butter cookie Thank you.
Great way to stay warm in this crazy cold weather.
I'm glad you made up some detergent. It's such a great moneysaver. I make up about 2 - 3 batches a year, but I make mine liquid and keep it in a 5 gallon bucket. With making my own detergent I probably spend less than $8.00 a year on supplies.
♥ Joy

Sharon said...

Oh I would love to have a slice of the bread. I also cut off the end to taste right out of the oven.
Your cookies sure do look good also.
I have not made cookies for quite a while. I might have to do that this weekend.
You sure have had the snow this year. I think you even beat us here in NE.
Stay warm and have a blessed day

Mari said...

You were really busy! It's nice to have all that done.
Hope you like the cheesecake.
If you get much more snow, you won't be able to find Mickey's truck!

Nancy said...

Boy, you are getting blasted... but you have also been very productive!!! That all looks so good.

Kathy said...

If I ever got snowed in, I'd want it to be at your house. Not only does everything look delicious (except for the detergent! and that looks neat!), the joy, peace, and love just comes right through your post. Love you bunches!

Brenda said...

My mouth is watering!

Susan Skitt said...

Hi Susan, all the goodies look so warm and yummy. We've been hit with much snow here too in PA. I've been getting a few cleaning projects done too at my house. It feels good - productive when it's done, doesn't it? Have a wonderful weekend in the Lord!