Friday, July 8, 2011

PRAYER SHAWL #9 - Kathy & Gift Exchange

This 9th Prayer Shawl was prayed over by my Woman of the Word Bible Study that I host every Tuesday evening in my home.  We call ourselves the WOW Woman.

You who follow this blog on a regular basis know that the first prayer shawl I ever made, a solid red, was given to our daughter, Suzette, on September 28, 2010, the very night of the day she was diagnosed with stage IV Lung Cancer.  I had made it earlier, and was making one for each of my 4 children, to be presented to them at Christmas 2010.  I was so very thankful that God knew that Suzette would need it before Christmas.  Another example of the All Knowing - All Caring God we serve. 

I actually began this 9th shawl on Saturday, April 23rd while Suzette was in the hospital.  She was hospitalized for 7 days and each of these days I would sit there in the room with her and talk to her.  Oh my how we did talk.  I could converse with her and still be working on the shawl and when she was sleeping I was able to work on the shawl as I prayed over this latest Golden shawl for a very special person, and the first non-family member.  Suzette was very interested and excited that I was working on the first shawl for someone outside of our family and felt like she "knew" the person because we had talked about her so often. 

After Suzette left the hospital and during those last days of her at home and with hospice I never touched the shawl.  I must be honest and confess that it was very hard for me, several weeks ago, to finally be able to pick it up again and finish it as I wept for our loss and prayed for this dear friend who I would soon have the privilege to meet. 

Monday, July 4th, I had the joy of presenting this shawl to my dear precious blog friend, Kathy, in person!!!!  It was such an honor.

Danny sharing in the moment of the presentation and thank goodness my sweet Mickey had the presence of mind to get these 2 pictures of the event!
This beautiful, delicate 8" bowl was presented to me by Kathy.  It has been given the honor of residing in the very center of my large coffee table.  This way I can be reminded daily of such a wonderful, special friendship of the 2 of us as I observe these two precious birds on this lovely piece.  Thank you, Kathy!!!

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Sharon said...

Oh Susan that was such a touching story and I am sure that Kathy will cherish it forever.
That is a very beautiful gift you have gotten in return.
Hugs sweet friend

Mari said...

I know Kathy will treasure that shawl. I really like the color. The bird dish is very pretty and I know just seeing it will remind you of the good times you had.

Kathy said...

I have to say that the shawl brought such a comfort and joy to me the moment I held it. It's obvious that it was definitely prayed over. I, too, LOVE the color. Apparently Danny & Susan had some correspondance about the color, and it is absolutely perfect, Susan.

I enjoyed bringing the gift to Susan. Honestly, I brought it as an in how one would bring a gift if he/she were to visit someone of prominence. Susan is a daughter of the King, and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to bless her with a small expression of my love for her.

Susan, thank you for sharing the process and the context in which you made the shawl. It WILL always be a very special gift to me. I will always treasure it.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

That is such a beautiful color for a shawl! I know that Kathy will love having such a wonderful gift that has been lovingly worked on and prayed over. The dish she gave you is pretty, too! Have a nice weekend.