Saturday, August 13, 2011

5th Wheel - GONE But best of all.....DEBT GONE

Saturday evening, July 30th, we posted our 30' Designer Jayco 5th Wheel for sale on craigs list for $8,900.  When we arrived home Sunday from church we had 3 inquiries.  We answered the 3 and one man from Pryor was going to come look at it Monday, the 1st, at 7 p.m.  The next day, Monday, the 1st, we received 4 more inquiries and at 5 p.m. a man and his wife from Haskell knocked on our door and wanted to see the unit.  Mickey & I were just getting  ready to head over to the church for some pre-prep cooking for our Tuesday King's Kitchen meal delivery.  I went on up to the church and Mickey stayed to show the unit.

He could tell the people were interested but they left with "we'll, we are just starting to look".  About 20 minutes later the man called and told Mickey they had been discussing the 5th wheel and they wanted to buy it.  He did not even dicker on the price and just said, "If you'll bring the license tag up to date we'll take it.  I'll go home and get my check book and we'll be right back."  We had not tagged the unit, since it had just been sitting in our back yard, and we knew we would have to bring  the tag up to date when it was sold.  Mickey called the gentleman who was coming at 7 and told him it had already been sold.  We didn't want him to make that trip for nothing.

I came in shortly after 6, after finishing up at the church and was greeted with, "I just sold the 5th wheel!"  WOW!!!  Thank you Jesus.  Shortly after this Don came over with the check. 

Don had to make an adjustment to the hitch on the 5th wheel to match the hitch in his pick-up and he came by on Wednesday and did that.
 Yesterday, at 9:25 a.m. Don (the new owner!) drove in with his green pick-up to pick up the unit.  As most of you know, it has been parked in our back yard since May 2004 when we returned from our last winter trip to Yuma, AZ and then all up the coast of CA to visit our son in San Francisco and then home for the last time. 
 Mickey & Don unhooking the electric line after getting it all hooked up and ready to go.
Don was a very skilled driver and did great getting it backed up out of the long drive-way and through the narrow gate.  Mickey was watching from the front and me from this view in the back.
 Onto the street and out of our yard for the last time!!!
At 9:36 a.m we said "Bye-Bye 5th wheel" as he drove away.  This Jayco gave us almost 13 years of wonderful memories and very good times. 

We had purchased this unit, trading in a smaller 25' used Layton 5th Wheel with no slide-outs that we had travel to Alaska and back on our first long 6 month journey, on October 31, 1998 - the very day the stock market dropped by 500 points!!!  We remember that well, because here we were going into debt on this beautiful brand new Jayco!!!

Not only did we travel all over these wonderful United States with this unit for many years but after we parked it in our back yard it has been lived in by 3 or our 4 children at times when it was needed.  Daughter Suzette & Dave lived in it for 3 months in the spring of 2005 while their new home was being built. Daughter Jacque lived in it for 18 months from September, 2005 until March of 2007 after loosing everything in Hurricane Katrina.  Oldest son David, lived in it for 9 months from September, 2007 until June, 2008 when he moved here for awhile.  The last joyous use was by our dear blog friends, Danny & Kathy and their 2 children, Bethany & Daniel just last month when they visited us for 3 nights & 4 days, July 2-5th.  

Our prayer and hope is that it brings this new couple the joy, fun & blessings to their lives that it has given us.

We had paid off this unit several years ago but the great news for us today, and one of the main reasons we decided to sell it, was that Wednesday we were able to go to our credit union and pay-off our HHR in full and for the first time in our 52 years, 9 months, and 2 days of marriage we are able to say:
It has been our goal to be COMPLETELY debt free since November, last year, when we were able to pay our home mortgage off in full.
I cannot tell you what a joy, relief and blessing it is to be

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Lady Jane said...

You had many wonderful times with the 5th wheel. So glad you sold it to nice people who will have just as much fun.

Jillian, Inc said...

Good for you! And now you can say you probably sold it on or about the day the market also dropped by 500 points! eek!

Mari said...

I'm so happy for you! You will still have the good memories of the times in it, and along with that the joy of being debt free!

Saija said...

what a blessing indeed!!! i rejoice with you!!!! YAY!

leo and i have always lived on little (since leo's chronic pain started when he was just 29 - and he is 58 now) ... i've worked most of my life (full or part time, whatever leo's health was like - that's the way i would do my work) ... yet through it all, we felt rich, since we have mostly lived without debt - (mortgages on 2 of our homes and one car payment once) ... it really is a freeing way of living - living within ones means ...

Sunny said...

Wonderful... so happy for you! I am also debt free (although did not like the way it came about) I also just BOUGHT a small rv from a super nice couple and hope to use it to be able to go see my family who is basically from one side of US to the other, and to do some serious painting. It IS a wonderful feeling to "owe no man anything except to love........".