Monday, August 15, 2011

'I' is for...............INTEGRITY

Day 9 of participation in ALPHEBET in AUGUST over at Chiot's Run.

INTEGRITY - is very akin to honesty but INTEGRITY actually goes a step beyond because it is what you do, and how  you act, when no one is watching.  It goes to the very core of our being and who we truly are, not who people might think or perceive who we are.  INTEGRITY is what the Lord looks at because it is truly what proceeds from the heart and of course God always looks at the heart.

IVORY - this reminds me of the keys on my piano, which I played for so many years, owned for so many years and donated to our church auction last year when we were raising money to pay off the church debt.  You can read about it here.  I truly feel that my willingness to donate the piano, one of my physical treasure's was why the Lord enabled us to pay-off our home mortgage last November and our HHR auto debt last week.

INTUITION - I have always had a good INTUITION about people and things.  Of course, I also believe a lot of what we call INTUITION is the Holy Spirit working in our lives.  I am oh so grateful for this gifting.

INDEPENDENT - I have always been very INDEPENDENT, but even as I say this I realize how very dependent I am on my husband, and my youngest son.  They are both my rocks and I am so thankful God has blessed my life with them.

IDEA - I love to be around people who are IDEA people.  People who can think out of the box and are willing to share IDEA'S with me.  I think people like this are a real blessing and stretch me.  I like to be stretched in many ways.

IDEALISTIC - Sometimes I can be a little bit to IDEALISTIC and not as much as a realist as I need to be.  This is an area I have become very aware of and have been working on to improve. 

INITIAL - Of course this can mean either the INITIALS of our name or it can mean the start, or beginnings.  My INITIALS are sej.  When Mickey & I owned our Real Estate Brokerage, back in from 1976-1983, we called our company JJ Realty. 

Turn in tomorrow to meet "J".

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Mari said...

I really enjoy reading what you come up with in doing these letters. Good ones again today!

retha said...

Tomorrow I must looking,there is one Name I know you will be using.
Agreeing with Mari