Tuesday, August 16, 2011

'J" is for......................JESUS

Day #10 of ALPHABET in AUGUST participation at Chiot's Run.  Have you gone and check it out yet?

JESUS - If you truly follow my blog as a regular then you already knew this would be my top choice for "J".  Why?  Because JESUS it the rock of my life, my firm foundation, my Savior, my King and my soon coming LORD of LORDS and KING of KING.  Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that JESUS is indeed LORD of all. 

JOYCE - Of course I love this name because of the wonderful man  who gave me his name 52+ years ago, and my 4 wonderful children who also took his name.  Truly, I am so thankful that God saw fit to put Mickey & I together.

JOY - What a wonderful thing to be able to have in our hearts all the time, sometimes even in the midst of much sorrow and loss we can still have the JOY that only comes from our Savior.

JOB - I have been blessed to have many JOB's during my life.  First and foremost have been wife and mother.  But, also missed in and around those I have spent many, many years working as a Secretary/Bookkeeper - running my own Craft Store for a couple of years - Realtor for 2 years and then running our own Real Estate Company for 8 years - working for a couple of years for Walmart, first in the electronics department and then over Customer Service - and retired from an Accounting firm. 

JUDGE - I try very hard not to JUDGE people because I am very aware that we usually do not know the whole story and we certainly have not walked in their shoes.  I am thankful that I know and believe that there is one who will fairly JUDGE us all and I endeavor to live my life in such a way not to be ashamed when I stand before the JUDGEMENT seat of Christ. 

JOURNAL - I began  keeping a JOURNAL as a young girl and have maintained that practice throughout my life.  I think that is why blogging has been such a joy to me, it really is just a JOURNAL that I share with whom ever wishes to drop by and read.  Truthfully, this is a JOURNAL for my children and grandchildren.  

JOURNEY - I have been privileged to have JOURNEYED over every state in this great United States and all of the Canadian Providences, except Newfoundland & Northwest Territories.   I loved it and have so many precious memories of different sights we have seen and experiences we enjoyed.  I view life as a JOURNEY  and mine has been a very exciting one of which I am so grateful. 

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