Friday, August 19, 2011

"L" is for................LOVE

A little late getting this one posted for ALPHABET in AUGUST at Cloit's Run.  Better get busy or I'm going to run out of August before I run out of Alphabet!!!

LOVE - You probably knew this would be the first word for "L" I would choose because I have been blessed with so much LOVE in my life.  Starting with my mother and father, then the LOVE of God pursuing me, then the LOVE of my life, Mickey, my 4 children who I LOVE so dearly and LOVE me back.  The LOVE of my friends, my church family and many of my blog friends.  Yes, I am indeed surrounded with LOVE!!!!

LUCKY - What I am going to write here will probably surprise you but I do not LIKE to, and don't, use the word LUCKY because: 1) I do not believe in LUCK and 2) LUCK comes from the name Lucifer.

LEDGER - Being I spent so many years of my life working as a bookkeeper and in accounting I am very familiar with LEDGERS.  I have kept LEDGERS of our personal expenses all of our married life.  I am one who likes to know where we are spending our money.

LONELY - Thankfully I do not have a lot of experience with being LONELY. Again, because of the amount of LOVE I have from others in my LIFE.

LIFE - This one is very tender with us right now because of our sweet Suzette losing her LIFE 3 months ago today.  That didn't occur to me today until I began to write this :o(  LIFE is such a precious gift to us and we need to value it fully and take advantage of each and every day we have to enjoy and appreciate it.  

LETTER - I use to be an avid LETTER writer when I was younger.  I always wrote my parents a LONG LETTER at least once a week when they were alive.  Sadly, with the advent of cell phones, fb, blogging, etc. (social media) LETTER writing is almost a LOST art.  A few months ago I received a beautiful, handwritten letter from Retha, a dear blog friend from So. Africa.  I was so touched with her LOVE in writing me and her penmanship was absolutely perfect and LOVELY.  Thank you again, Retha.

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Kathi said...

First of all I want to say I'm so happy for you that you have so much love in your life. I do too, for which I am so thankful. I also want to say how sorry I am that you recently lost your daughter. I quit blogging for awhile and was out of the loop. I will read further in your blog about your daughter. God bless you today. Sincerely, Kathi

Irene Cortez said...

Love is such a beautiful word, isn't it? Its beauty is like music to the ears. :-)

May God continue to give you strength as you grieve for your beloved daughter's loss. God bless.


Momma Roar said...

I was a letter writer when I was in elementary school. I would write to my mom's cousin (she only lived 45 minutes away) but we had quite a few letters to one another. It is something I'm trying to instill in my oldest (before he gets into email and phone calls!)

Now, I feel like my handwriting is so bad, I should just type! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Marie said...

I enjoyed reading your L thoughts. I went back to look at your beautiful daughter again. I miss letter writing. That was something that Rose Kennedy did with her children and grandchildren. I have tried to encourage our grandchildren to write but when they do it isn't much. Thanks for visiting my blog.

retha said...

Love you are showing to me by your great compliment.