Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We have only been to a couple of auctions, and then with others and only as spectators, but last Saturday Marc, Aric, Mickey & I attended an auction with Marc looking for some good furniture buys.

 He was able to get 2 great antique wood chairs:  this one and a smaller one that he put in his trunk and I didn't get a picture of.  The second one was a straight back chair with no arms and solid wood.   He got both chairs for $50 and was very happy with his purchases.

Mickey & I just "went along" but when Mickey saw these two pieces of yard equipment he decided to bid on them.
 This power edger - He got for only $20!!
 This perfect small size John Deere tractor for $175.  Both the edger and the tractor started right up on the first try!!!!
 The edger after he'd gotten it all cleaned up and spiffy looking.
Mowing his front yard for the first time on his new little green tractor.  I am so relieved!!!  I'd been wanting him to get a riding mower as we have a pretty big back yard and it was getting to be a little hard on him, in the hot summer, pushing the push mower.  He always told me that riding mowers were too big and not of any use to him.  Well this one was perfect.

So - Marc was blessed with 2 chairs and Mickey was blessed with 2 pieces of lawn/yard equipment which will make keeping our place up so much easier for him.

Every good and perfect gift comes from our Father above!!!
Thank you JESUS.
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Oklahoma Granny said...

Both Mickey and your son got some excellent buys. We had a little green tractor when we lived in town. My husband bought it used and it "ran like a Deere" for a long time. When we sold that house it was still in great condition and we left it with the new owners.

Mari said...

What wonderful buys! My hubby got a little green tractor at an auction several years back. We have a fairly big yard and it's been a blessing.
I love how God cares about these kinds of things in our lives, and He already knew that you would find more than furniture at the auction. :)

Sharon said...

What great buys your hubs and son got.
Mickey looks so happy on it.
It was a blessing for all that is for sure.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving

Kathy said...

Hooray for good deals that meet needs! I love the riding mower. : ) Love you all. I loved Mickey's wave....that touched my heart!

Sunny said...

So glad for these purchases for your guys, especially for Mickey. It really pays to make life a little easier on yourself as one gets older. So glad I have my wood cart so I don't have to carry wood an armload at a time up 3 steps and into the house.

Brenda said...

How fun to come away with such bargains!

retha said...

The looks like needed bargains.

Anonymous said...

Sure glad Mickey got himself the little riding mower..Nothing like a Deere. Had one for several years when we lived in Owasso and used it to mow the 1-1/2 acres, sure was a blessing.. Never had an edger, always had to do that by hand with hoe or shovel... this will really help him... Looks like Mark is going to do part of the house in antiques..They sure can be pretty...You'll sure got some bargins.. Don