Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It seems more and more that 24 hours in 7 days is just not enough time any more.  Do the rest of you have this issue?  Or is it just us?

This last week-end was certainly one of these times for us.

THE SWEET - our excitement and involvement with Thanksgiving at the Glass Veranda set up by our daughter, Jacque; lots of family time; Marc's new house; involvement in the move and set-up; and a special evening spent with 23 of us going to ride the Christmas Train at Willie George's Dry Gulch. (which is about an hour from our church in our new this year people mover). Then of course Sunday small group and church and then out to Marc's where all the family gathered once again.  It was all wonderful, rewarding and a blessing

THE BITTER - #1 - Because of all the above we were unable to have the joy and pleasure of getting to spend at least a 1/2 hour or so with my wonderful blog friend, Ginger, and her husband, Dave, as they traveled back to their home from visiting their daughters in TX and were within 12 miles of our home :o)  We had been hoping to do this for several months and missed the opportunity of meeting on their way down on Tuesday because Ginger got to feeling bad and then on the return on Saturday we were already committed with our Church small group outing.  We had met these 2 about 2 years ago, and even though it was short it was so sweet.  We are still hoping for another chance in the coming years.  

THE BITTER #2 - Since we went out to Owasso and the family gathering right after church we missed a phone call from another blog friend, Lisa, and her husband who live in TX.  They have been on vacation and called us from Joplin and were heading our way as they were heading home and hoped to meet up with us.  We had also had the pleasure of meeting them, and their 3 lovely daughters, a couple of years ago.  So sorry we missed this second opportunity.

I know God has His perfect timing and plans and I hope my future includes getting together sometime with both of these two dear blog friends.

ANOTHER BITTER - I am having trouble leaving comments on some of the blogs I read.  If I read your blog I always want to leave a comment to let you know I've done so and how I've enjoyed the read.  Just recently I cannot leave comments on all of them.  IF your blog does not read as follows regarding comments:  CHOSE AN IDENTITY and then shows Susan(GoogleAcc) Sign Out.

If it shows:  CHOOSE AN IDENTITY and then has a drop down box, but doesn't give me any choice I cannot leave a comment.  I don't know if the problem is on my end or the sending blog.  If I need to do something on my end to clear this up and any one knows what I'd love to know.

Just wanted to explain why quite a few of you, who know I left comments, are not hearing from me any more.  I decided to post this here in an effort to clear up the problem if I can.  



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Mari said...

It's too bad you missed Dave and Ginger, but I have a feeling they will make another trip down there!
I'm having trouble with comments too and I've heard of others with the same issue. It must be a blogger thing, but I wish they would fix it!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I have all these plans every morning when I wake up and try as I might I never get everything accomplished. Where does the time go?

Mountain Mama said...

It is a busy time for most of us and hard to squeeze in all we waht to do. The Lord opens the doors where for us but it seems that sometimes there are a few too many doors. LOL
I haven't been blogging for a while so don't know if I will have a problem until I post thes comment.
God blss you adn yours Susan.

retha said...

Oh, yes ma'am it seems the 24 hours has shrunk to only a few half hours since the middle of the year for me. Maybe I'm just not putting a big enough effort in, but to even come write a few lines of blogging is just too much.
And I try hard to be in bed early too.

Mary said...

I've started getting up earlier just to make the day longer. Not enough hours.

Ginger said...

Yes, it was bitter, but the sweet part is that we DID meet 2 years ago and we hold to the hope of meeting again :D

I know Sylvia often has issues with commenting on my blog. I have no idea why, but Leigh Ann is always my
"go to" person for help and I know she is yours as well. If there is a fix, she'll find it.