Thursday, November 24, 2011

THANKSGIVING & Mickey & Dave Birthdays 2011

Mickey & Dave share November 24th as their birth day.  We have celebrated it together on Thanksgiving ever since Dave & Suzette married in 1994.  This year Thanksgiving was on their actual BD.

Mickey in the new shirt & tie Jacque gave him last week.
Susan dolled up and ready to go!
Bless our daughter, Jacque's heart!!! She decided since this was our first Thanksgiving and birthday celebration without Suzette we needed to do something ENTIRELY different so she made reservations for the 9 of us at Forrest Ridge Golf Course.
Mickey & Susan.
Julie (Jessica's room mate) & Granddaughter Jessica.
 Jessica & Jacque.
Benny & Jacque.
Birthday Son-in-Love Dave with Grandson Aric.
Jessica & Dave.
Aric & Marc

Marc, Aric & Mickey as we leave the Glass Veranda after our wonderful Thanksgiving celebration of thanks & family.

I did not cook one single item this year for the Thanksgiving feast we all enjoyed, nor did we have to wash or pick up one dish.  Yes, it was a delightful time for all 9 of us.  But, no left overs!!!  There is always a down side isn't there?

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy 79th and 58th Birthdays to my wonderful husband, Mickey, and our son-in-love, Dave.
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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Sounds and looks like a wonderful day. Happy birthday to Mickey and Dave

Mari said...

It sounds like the perfect thing for this Thanksgiving! Glad you did this and that Dave could be there too.
PS - I love your glasses!

Humble wife said...

Jacque is brilliant! Of course a change of scenery and family together this Thanksgiving was very important!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Saija said...

it sounds like you did the best thing you could have with this 'new first' ... and you enjoyed each other's company ... so glad ...

happy thanksgiving to you all!

Crystal said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Thinking of you often these days as you make your way through this new chapter. Mickey looks very handsome :) and it's good to see your family together.

retha said...

I really like that you continue to be family with Dave.
You looked so lovely.

Brenda said...

You looked stunning Susan! You'll have to cook up a turkey just for the leftovers. I always enjoy a turkey sandwich the next day more than the turkey itself on TG. And it's about that time to make one!