Friday, January 13, 2012

Making a commercial? YES!!

On Thursday, October 13th Mickey & I had the fun experience of having a little spot in being involved in the making of a commercial for Markwayne Mullin, a young man from our church who is running for Congress in Oklahoma's 2nd District.

This happened to occur during a visit when my forever, lifelong friend of 68 years from New Mexico was visiting.  That made it even more special.  I blogged about it here. 

Here is the commercial.  You'll have to look really close because it's just a brief second and if you blink you'll miss us!!!!  We're sitting on a park bench and talking with Markwayne.

Markwayne Mullin commercial. 

Make-up being applied and the camera man. 
All this took place in Oolagah, OK a small town north of Tulsa.  The entire experience took about 3 hours for our BRIEF claim to fame. 

A very fun experience for Mickey & I, and our guests,  and a privilege to help out this fine young man. 

Don't forget to vote!!!

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Mari said...

The commercial turned out really good. If I lived near you, I would vote for him!

Humble wife said...

Well woohoo, and you still have time for the people!

How wonderful!!


Sharon said...

I loved it.Glad that you both had the chance to do something like this.
I guess that makes you a TV celeb.LOL
Have a wonderful day

Sylvia said...

Well, fancy, I know someone who is really famous now - SUSAN...You good start selling your autograph.

Marti said...

I'd vote for him, and if I could have your autograph please. Now every day I get to rub elbows with a star.

Mountain Mama said...

I saw your commercial. What fun. Three hours seems like a long time but I suppose with the make up etc time goes by pretty fast. You both look really good.
Your necklace is beautiful!!!!

Kansas Bob said...

Enjoyed watching it Susan!Looks like it was a lot of fun!