Monday, February 6, 2012

First Book of 2012-A Carpenter's View of the Bible

Interesting story of how I came to read this book.  I read a quote from it on a daily devotional I get.  I was so impressed with the quote: 
• God...has performed in my person the most wonderful miracle that I know of. He has unlocked His treasury. He had given me the right to impart to every man who hears my voice or reads my written words the whole of this unaccountable largesse. Jesus Christ is for the whole world. And I am one of those who are called to go about the world and say so. It is indeed an overwhelming privilege to open a door, and let the world come in. I feel like the trusted steward of a great house, instructed by his master to exhibit to visitors the wealth of the domain. Only, those who come are not casual visitors, brought thither by curiosity and tarrying but an hour. They do not come to stand and gaze at the treasures exposed in glass cases to a cursory view. They take them, and have them for their very own. And it will be the same for others, tomorrow, and for ever. The supply wastes not, and the royal bounty does not fail.

Ephesians 3:8-9 The Carpenter Translation

I love this verse and thought this was from a Bible Translation that I had never heard of.  I began my search for said "translation" and was told it was out of print and was from the 1950's and had been published in England.  I contacted one of my England blog friends, Barbara, and asked her if she'd ever heard of it.  She replied no but would see what she could find out.  Then I received an e-mail from her saying it was available through Am*az*on so I promptly ordered not 1 but 2.

This book arrived shortly thereafter.  Not a translation at all but written by a carpenter from his view of the bible, just as the title says!!!

Have you ever had a love/hate relationship with a book?  That is what I had with this book!!!  Parts of it I thought, "Why in the world am I even reading this?" and other parts I was literally moved to tears with the profoundness with which it spoke to me.

One of my self imposed rules is, if I start a book I MUST finish it.  I also believe firmly, as it relates to books,  that God places into my hands exactly what I need at that particular point in my life.  I have experienced this over and over again from my earliest reading even back to my pre-teen years and certainly since becoming a Child of The King at age 18.

Here are a few quotes:  "Though Christ's children become converted during the initial act of belief, Christ-likeness is a honing process of personal spiritual transformation (the Christian has willingly made himself/herself susceptible to the influence of Christ.)  This happens as Christ shapes the believer to his image along the long road toward sanctification.  Through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit at conversion, believers are capable of receiving this action; they are spiritually susceptible.  As a carpenter works a piece of wood, Jesus works to shape the believer into a "new creation."  Redemption is a matter of shaping."

And, "Though we might have great faith expecting the Lord's provision that nagging human part of us remains.  We don't necessarily doubt, but we definitely, with some anxiety, wonder.  This is the tough part of obedience.  We only know enough to trust that the Lord will work out the method of his promises through the skills and flaws of his human intermediaries."

And, "In the course of life we naturally accept and reject materials out of which we build our lives.  Whether we realize it or not, we set the cornerstones of our lives based on what we accept as truth and build our structures on top of our perceived certainties." 

Certainly an interesting and very different read.

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Barbara said...

Very interesting to read what you thought about the book Susan. To see it from your perspective.
I do that too, always finish a book I have started.

Sharon said...

I really agree with Barb on your perspective of this book. I also think it is a book that I need to read at this point of the life.
Thanks for the words you wrote.

Pam said...

what a unique perspective from the author! I'm so glad you shared this story with us. I too would have thot it a translation at first. My grandpa, dad, and brother are all carpenters. I bet they would love this! Gift idea!!

Denny said...

My husband is a carpenter. I think I may have to give this book a read.

Charlie March said...

Hi Susan, I'm Charlie March, author of "A Carpenter's View of the Bible ( I want to thank you for your commitment in reading my book's pages and posting your commentary. I published a second edition Nov 2011 with 3 aditional chapters and devotional questions. I'm sorry it became something to struggle through for you...a love/hate experience. Sincerely, this was not its intent. Deep down I consider it a gift offering of a Christian life. I agree it is not an easy read; it will likely be the deepest I will ever probe the deep things of God while throwing my imperfect self in the mix. Again, thank you so much for your input; I never know how I'm doing without feedback.