Sunday, February 19, 2012

A SOVEREIGN GOD - Spiritual Sundays #3

Today, for Spiritual Sunday,  I am sharing this quote by F. B. Meyer, which I got from Michelle.  I invite you to go here to read other's Spiritual Sunday posts and be sure an check out Michelle's lovely blog.

This quote, by Meyer, reinforces exactly my thoughts about the Tribulations and Testings of our lives and the Sovereignty of our God.  As our family is coping with all the "firsts" of this "first" year of life without our beloved daughter, Suzette, it speaks to me afresh and anew this Sunday morning.  For all of you dealing with your Testings I pray it will speak to you. 

Let us believe that there is a Divine and deeper meaning in the adversities of our lives. - Joseph might be forgiven for not doing so; but with his history and that of many others before us, we have no excuse for despair in the face of crushing sorrow. Whether it comes from man or devil, all creatures are under the Divine control, holding to our lips cups which the Father's hand has mixed. He has complicity with their evil, but they unconsciously perform His will. Even if you cannot see the Divine meaning, dare to believe that it is there.

Await the disclosures of time. - Even here we sometimes reach an eminence from which we detect the meaning of the path by which we have been conducted. It may have been rough and circuitous, but there was reason in it all. Often God rewards patient trust by allowing us to see and know.

And for the full revelation of eternity. - One day God will call us to His side in the clear light of eternity, and will explain His meanings in life's most sorrowful experiences; and we shall learn that we suffered, not for ourselves only, but for others, and, as part of His great remedial scheme, "to save much people alive."~F.B. Meyer

We serve a Sovereign God who loves us!!! 

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Debbie Crawford said...

This is so true. We may never know what God has used in our lives for others...

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Sometimes it is so hard to go thru a thing but then if we can turn it to His good and use it for His good, it was worth it. Bless you sister for your kind words and I pray this post will encourage many. Huggles.

retha said...

All I can say is, I pray the LORD be with you, and the family. Yes, HE is we know that. See I don't even have words, but my heart still cries with you. The eyes too.

Barbara said...

Amen. I still think of Suzette too having walked the same journey with our best friend at the same time.