Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Our WOW Women planned a SURPRISE baby shower for one of our members, Britney.  It was first scheduled for Tuesday, February 23rd, but since I was sick we had to call it off and reschedule it for last night, February 28th.

Jeanne, who is absolutely the best, co-hosted with me and came up with all the really cute and neat ideas like......

This clothes lines of baby items hung out on the front porch.  Jeanne in the first picture and my reflection in the glass door of the 2nd (didn't know that was going to be there!)

Sweet hubby, Mickey, cutting me off 3 of the butter-cups from my Scripture Garden in our back yard for the table setting. 

 The beautiful cake (furnished by Jeanne)-lime sherbet punch-chocolate mints-nuts.
Small vase of butter-cups-napkins-plates-cups.
A baby bottle for one of the games & paper for each guest to write Britney a personnel note. 
 Balloons hanging from the ceiling light. 
The waiting packages.

Now for the biggest SURPRISE of all ------ Britney was not feeling well and was unable to come!!!!!

So the surprise was on us!!!! 
The cake has gone home to Jeanne's freezer to be saved.  The punch, mints & peanuts were consumed .The packages and all the other items are in my guest room, and this wonderful group of women will honor Brittany on another Tuesday night in the future and I'll post pictures of the REAL THING!!!  We did reach her on Jeanne's cell phone and with speaker phone we all got to holler at her and she got to speak to all of us.  

YES, we love surprises & God has a wonderful sense of humor!!!

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Mari said...

Everything looks so nice! What a shame she was sick. :(

Lady Jane said...

Awwwww shucks... Too bad she didnt feel good but you get to enjoy everyones company a second time, how wonderful... LJ

Kathy said...

Oh my, well, yes, a true surprise for everyone! Now, everyone stay well, so this event can realy happen! : )

Denny said...

I like the idea of the baby clothes on the hanger. I also liked your idea of the Scripture Garden. Maybe you might blog about how that came to be? (HINT?!)

Brenda said...

Oh wow! Hope she is feeling better, and glad the cake freezes well! Nice decorations however.