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THE CHEMISTRY OF THE BLOOD - 4th book of 2012

I hope and trust that the Lord blesses you with almost each and every book He directs you to read.  I know He blesses me so much in this way.  Sometimes I read them because someone loaned me a copy after they told me about one, or the Lord directs me to a certain book just out of the blue when at the Christian bookstore.  

Thus, I was directed to this little book of  9 chapters and 151 pages at the end of last year, 2011.  I have to admit I began it immediately, reading the first chapter, and not being very impressed with it I put it aside, and instead read Erasing Hell & The 10 Second Rule.

Since, one of my self-imposed "rules" is that I must finish any book I start I picked up The Chemistry of the Blood again on March 1st.  This time I was ready for the wonderful message it contained.

The book is written from both a medical and a spiritual basis since Dr. DeHaan was: Bible teacher, pastor, author & physician.  He was the founder of Radio Bible Class and lived from 1891-1965.

The nine chapters of the book are The Chemistry of (1) the Blood, (2) Conscience, (3) Calvary, (4) Light, (5) The Book, (6) Prayer, (7) Matter, (8) Tears, (9) Man.  Every chapter was so insightful but I was particularly moved by chapters (6) Prayer and (8) Tears,  perhaps because my life, of late, consists so much of both of these.  

A few quotes from Chapter 6 - The Chemistry of Prayer.  
"Prayer is everybody's gift and privilege.   Whereas we often need preparation and training to become efficient preachers and personal workers, the gift of prayer is offered to all, and all may become the wielders of the very powers of Omnipotence."

"Nevertheless, the fact remains that the power of prayer is the power which is least exercised by the average believer."

"Communion, the first element in prayer, DOES SOMETHING TO US, whereas in petition we have something done FOR US, and by intercession we have something done THROUGH US.  But before something can be done For us, or Through Us, something must be done To Us."

"Prayer is not a matter of forcing God to do things for us but rather a coming to God in absolute faith that what we need will be given to us in answer to our prayers."

"Prayer is the breath of the soul."

Now to Chapter 8, The Chemistry of Tears.  First, I must tell you I literally wept my way through this chapter!  Now for some quotes from this chapter:
"Man is the only created being who can laugh.  Man, too, is the only one who can shed tears in the sense of expressing emotion.  Other animals have tear glands, and ducts but they are not used to give expression to the soul."

"What is a tear?"  and then he goes into the chemical side but ends with "A tear is a distillation of the soul."

"True tears are not camouflage but the PICTURE OF THE SOUL, on the CANVAS OF THE EMOTIONS.  They are the portraits of our deepest aspirations." 

"If there were no trouble or sorrow and no tears in the world, all of us would be perfectly content to remain here forever."  

"Why do women pray better than men?  Because they have known more trouble."  

"He will then reveal that our tears were not in vain.  He will show us that all of them were recorded and every one remembered.  He will open the veil and show that NOT ONE SINGLE THING which He sent upon us and over which we shed tears was without a purpose, but we shall then see what we know now by faith, namely, that all things work together for good to them that love God."

I know I recommend a lot of books here on Penless Writer, but I HIGHLY recommend this little book if PRAYER is your passion, or if you want to learn more about prayer.  

If you read this blog post PLEASE leave me a comment picking out the quote for both PRAYER and TEARS that most spoke to your heart today.    Thank you for being a faithful follower of JESUS!!!!

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Nancy said...

I will have to check out this book, sounds interesting, since I got my kiondle I have read more books than ever and love finding new ones. Thanks for sharing

retha said...

"He will then reveal that our tears were not in vain."
This reminded me that our tears are recorded.