Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Newest Favorite Old Thing

Now that is a strange name for a post isn't it????!!!!!!

So let me explain a little bit.  I do not have a dishwasher.  Well, I have a built-in dishwasher but it does not work and I truthfully use one so seldom, usually only when we would have a large family dinner, I haven't wanted to bother to repair it, or spend the money for a new one. 

I have never, even since childhood when I dried dishes each evening for my mother, mined drying dishes with a dish towel.  Even when I am a guest at someone else's home I am the first to either start washing the dishes or grabbing a dishtowel to dry them.  

BUT, in recent years I had gotten where I was disgusted with the current dish towel that always had polyester, or some other synthetic fabric in them so they did not absorb the water.  I had mentioned to Mickey recently that I wished I had some of the OLD TIME dishtowels of pure cotton like they use to make, and also like I used to embroidery on.  He said, well let's look and see if we can find some.   

Glory be!!!!  -- look what I found at good old Wally World - pure, white cotton dish towels.  As if this wasn't already delighting my heart turns out they were only 2 for $1.98.  Unheard of!!!!  I bought 2 packages, or 4, and upon using them the very first time was so delighted I went back and bought 3 more packages and put the 6 back for later, just in case they are not available when I'd need them.

Truly, sometimes the OLD FASHIONED things are better of best. 
In this case, they are for me.

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Kansas Bob said...

When we were dating I often fried dishes for Ann as her house did not have a dishwasher. Not any more. In fact we purchased a new dishwasher yesterday. :)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Susan Sweetie...
Don't you just love Wally World? They always seem to have JUST what we are looking for.

I didn't know they carried these towels either, and I recently found some Aunt Martha transfers at an estate sale and wanted to embroider with them. You can guess where I will be headed this weekend. Yep out in search of some tea towels for me.

Thanks for the share dear one. I too, love hand drying my dishes. It just isn't the same, and I have a dishwasher, just chose not to use it all the time.

Have a beautiful day sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Angie said...

I love these dishtowels! I have a stack in my kitchen I use and I have a stack in my sewing room that need to be embroidered!

Sylvia said...

My mum used to say " washing up is no problem as long as you have hot water and a nice clean drying up cloth" I quite agree !

Sharon said...

I love them and I have a dish washer but sometimes it is just easier to wash them. Hubs mom used to embroider us new ones for Christmas and I loved them.
Glad that you are so happy now.

Mari said...

I too have been so frustrated with towels not drying. I'm going to have to go off to Wally world and look for those towels - thanks!

Brenda said...

I found some that look vintage-y with the red stripes around the edges at IKEA.
Also every year the Methodist ladies have a Christmas craft/bake sale and have the embroidered tea towels for sale. They go super fast!