Sunday, April 22, 2012


Back on March 1st I posted about the book The 10 Second Rule by Clara DeGraaf.  I ended that review with this comment: "Reading this book has just solidified this truth in our hearts.  In fact, there is one thing the Lord has instructed me to do, which I am stepping out and being faithful in obeying.  A little later I will tell you what that is and what the result is.".

As we were reading  this book I kept saying to Mickey, "I wish someone would teach this at our church.  I just know that if 10 to 20 people really DO what this book teaches it would revolutionize not only our church but our community."  The more I prayed about this the more Christ was saying to me:  "YOU do it!" 

So I did, and that is what I've come back to tell you and the result.  

Step 1 - I made an appointment with our Pastor Steve. Mickey and I went to talk to him and I shared about the book and that God had placed in my heart to lead a teaching on this book in a Sunday Small Group setting.  I took him my copy and asked him to read it and see if he agreed and I had his approval.  Both Pastor Steve and his wife, Michelle, read the book and wholeheartedly agreed and were excited about it.  Pastor Steve had begun this new year of 2012 preaching a series on "All In" and this will actually build on that firm foundation that he laid.  

Step 2 - I invited our dear younger friend, Kent, who helps us with The King's Kitchen, and who had given me this book in the first place to please help with the class and Kent agreed.  He is such a blessing in so many areas of ministry at Coweta Assembly.  I also wanted Kent to join me to establish that this class had no age, sex or marital status framework or limitations.

Step  3 - We all have been praying on a daily basis that God would select and place within this Small Group those He wants to be a part of  it.

Step 4 - Kent and I met with Pastor Steve on April 3rd to solidify our plans.  Pastor Steve came up with the wonderful name Real Christianity "Living out the heartbeat of Christ."  We set the starting date for the first Sunday in May, May 6th, and the church began promoting it with notices in the weekly bulletin and in the Sunday & Wednesday pre-service video presentation of upcoming events.

Step 5 - On Sunday, April 22nd, Kent and I were given 5 minutes in both the 8:30 and 10:45 services to give a brief presentation of the upcoming class.  We asked for a 13 week commitment of those attending.  The 1st week an overview of the class, purpose & book and then 12 weeks to cover the 12 chapters of the book.

Step 6 - May 6th - When it arrives I'll post as to how many showed up and how it's progressed.  Stay tuned!!!   

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Sunny said...

Susan, I love the process you took to allow God to bring this study together; ie, addressing the disire to your husband, you and Mickey both going to your pastor to ask and get his imput, and waiting for permission (confirmation) to proceed. As you well know, these are the perfect biblical steps to take and in the right order. I know you have written this to tell how it came about, but I also hope that others who read this can understand the significants of these steps. That alone is a great lesson! Thanks so much for posting. I know this study will be blessed! BTW, I am planning on getting the book myself :)

Brenda said...

I was just going to say the same thing Sunny was saying BEFORE I read her comment!
I'm excited to hear as it unfolds!

Barbara said...

Just the beginning - will stand in faith with you for the ending.

Pam said...

Sounds very exciting, Susan. I can see God is blessing already!

Sylvia said...

Very excited about this for you Susan, and for the people who come."This is His doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes"....