Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What is FREEDOM?

What is true freedom?

A small cross that sits in our front yard.
It was cold that morning and the tiny ice-sickles look like tears!!

A friend recently asked me, what, in my opinion, was true freedom, my response was:

Being REAL and becoming who I was truly meant and designed to be in Christ.

Being COMFORTABLE with who I am and not trying to emulate anyone else.

HAVING ENOUGH to meet my own needs but not trust in the sufficiency of money or things.

HELPING and reaching out to others and sharing physically as I can.

SHARING spiritually, what Christ has and is doing in my life.


A number of years ago I read a quote by Francis Frangipane that said, "It's not self-confidence, it's God-confidence."  That had a huge impact on me and made me realize that  was the secret to a strong walk in the Lord. It truly is ALL about HIM and nothing about us, except to be clay in His hands and on His potter’s wheel. 

Mickey  & I are both very active in various activities of ministry not because we are trying to win God's love or God's approval but because we HAVE IT.  I received that total love and  approval when I was 18 years old and gave my heart to JESUS.  Mickey received it when he was 26 years old and bowed the knee at the altar and accepted JESUS into his heart.

SO, what is true freedom?
It is being who I am in Christ and letting HIM use me as He sees fit and chooses.

What is "true freedom" in your opinion?

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Mari said...

I really like your description. I would say that we accept Christ we receive true freedom. Freedom from the bondage of sin, freedom from legalism, freedom from eternal punishment and freedom to follow Christ!

Kansas Bob said...

"It's not self-confidence, it's God-confidence."

I like that Susan. It speaks to me about how self-confidence comes from leaning on our own understanding but godly confidence comes when we trust God with all of our heart.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Wow, that is a little question with a big answer!

Brenda said...

"Whom the Son sets free is free indeed". That sums everything up in a nutshell. Now, whether we choose to walk in that freedom (even as a Christian) is up to us.

Anonymous said...

I truly loved reading this.
I also like that "It's not self-confidence, it's God-confidence".
Hugs and have a wonderful weekend.

Mountain Mama said...

I agree Susan. When we lean on God we have freedom. He is our guide and our strength, everything we need, which leaves us free to 'just be His'