Tuesday, August 20, 2013


It was a special day at The King's Kitchen this morning.  

 These are 3 of our main people who serve so faithfully each week.  Mickey has just given them each a T-shirt with the instructions to just fold it over their arms.  As you can see, they are laughing and Sherry has just said, "Oh, now we are going to get to start waiting on tables?" 

Then Mickey says. "Ok, turn them over and see what they say!"
(left to right) Mother-Daughter team: Jodi & Gayle who have been making the extra soup we began sending out 11 months ago, October, 2012, theirs read SUPER SOUPERS

(far right) Sherry, who is our SUPER COOK, and has been with us since day one, when The King's Kitchen began 43 months ago,  February, 2010.

Yes, these 3 woman, who all arrive by 8:30 every Tuesday morning are the very back bone of this operation. 

School has started here in Coweta, but here are a couple of the children who  helped us during the summer months.
Calley, helping Kent & Tim at the sealing machine
Dusty helping Arlene & Eunice in the serving line as the trays are being filled and moved to the sealing machine.  Dusty has also helped Kent deliver meals to the 9 people on that route.
Callie & Dusty are the grandchildren of Ronnie who also helps fill-in on the route when needed.

Yes, it takes many hands, and the loving hearts and willingness of MANY people each and every Tuesday to make The King's Kitchen a reality. 
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Mari said...

The t-shirts are a great idea!
The Kings Kitchen is a blessing to so many, in many ways. One of them is the love and joy all of you share with those you serve and each other.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Love the shirts! The kids are precious and I am glad they help out.

retha said...

It is like family! Great to see what good examples the children have to learn from.