Friday, September 20, 2013


Strange how a major make-over can happen without any pre-planning. 

This make-over just sort of evolved.  It all began with deciding to let my hair grow out.  I have worn it very, very short for quite a few years now.   

2007 with my daughter Suzette

A recent picture with it longer.  Mickey asked me last night if I was going to let it keep growing.  I told him I really didn't know.  He said he'd like for me to get it long enough to put in a pony-tail.  We'll see!!
Can't remember how many months it's taken for it to grow out.  It was quite a chore because it was up over my ears on the sides.  It's a little longer than this now but I don't have a real recent picture. 

 The other area I REALLY need a make-over is on my weight.  I realized I was not going to have any success trying to lose the 24 lbs I need to lose without getting some type of exercise.
 I began walking daily (except Sundays) on August 23rd by walking around the block which took me 14 minutes. On September first I participated in a 7 Day Challenge that required I walk at least 30 minutes a day, so I began walking over to the neighborhood park and back. Mickey has been a real trooper and is walking with me.  The health benefits are as important for him as for me. 

These are the lovely, almost like new, because I have not been using them :o(: ,  tennis shoes that my daughter Jacque bought for me in September 2011 when I WAS being faithful about walking.  

This morning I went by myself, because Mickey was worn out from wrestling the 2 water heaters yesterday (another post about that later).  We had a very nice rain during the night, a slight breeze, and overcast sky this morning made it a very pleasant walk & I was able to increased my time to 36 minutes!!

Of course, along with this 7 Day Challenge was correction in eating with a list of 7 things not to eat or drink:  Soda (no issue to me), White Bread, Fast Food, Chips/Crackers, Sugary Desserts, Candy, Processed Meats, Alcohol (no worry about that one!).  I adhered to this and am still watching all these items.
Sorry to say I have not yet seen much of a decline in the pounds.  Only down 2.8 lbs. in the almost 3 weeks.  BUT I am not discouraged and I am determined.

The other area I badly need a make-over in is my sleeping.  I have never been a good sleeper, even as a kid, but it has gotten worse as I've gotten older.  The main problem I have is relying on the noise of the TV.  I am working hard to break this BAD habit.  I'll blog later about my success in that area as I achieve this sleep make-over.

I love the way God works things out in our lives.  We "just happen" to have started a new Wednesday night 9-week teaching by our Mrs. Pastor, Michele, on prayer.  Although I am a pray-er, and learned a lot about it about 13 years ago reading the book: Arthur Murray on PRAYER. the area I need work and change in is quieting my mind, and learning to sit before my LORD.  So this is another make-over in the works.

Wonder what other areas God will lead me into a major make-over of?
Lord, I'm willing. 

Are you in the midst of any major make-over?  Or are there any areas you know need a make-over and you just haven't taken that big step of commitment yet?

One thing we know for sure:  
JESUS is in the BUSINESS of make-overs.  
Making us into HIS image.   

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Sunny said...

I surely am in a 'make-over". Being "pressure-treated", lol!

Mari said...

I think your hair looks really nice! I struggle constantly with the weight thing. Just have to keep trying. I could also work on sleep. I stay up too late, too much!

David Behrens said...

Weight is always an issue for me as well and trying to overcome being a stress eater and a sweet tooth. The kids gave us an old juicer and I love to juice, but the juicer is very old and not user friendly. Now I know why they got a new one. I need to save my $ and get a new one. I also need to make over my prayer life. This year has been filled with so many "please Lord" prayers and I'm trying to refocus. It's been hard, but it's a goal non the less.

Maxine said...

I need a makeover in a lot of areas which I won't go into, lol.

You look very nice though, Susan.

Sylvia said...

Think you're hair is really flattering Susan. My "makeover" has consisted of losing weight and buying clothes in colours that suit me rather than colours I like but don't suit. I need bright colours I know. My daughter in law gives me lots of advice. Still trying to lose more weight! Well done on your makeover - looks good.

Humble wife said...

I love the close...Taking the covering of the Lamb is the best makeover anyone can take.

I am on a path that is continuing to learn and grow in Him. Knowing that I am made in His image is powerful because I can honor Him by caring for me. Old, young, health issues, short, tall, overweight, skinny, or just right is not a all can be for Him. He will help through every journey, every battle, every success, every step as He is faithful.

I can't wait for the ponytail!!!


retha said...

I love your hair longer like this Susan ma'am.
I've had long hair most my life. The other day I said tot he hairdresser seeing I'm older and so very gray I should start to think to have short hair. "Why! Age," she said, "should not determine the length of your hair. If long hair suited you when you were young it will also suit you when you are old. Because age does not change the shape of your face."
I needed to hear that, now I do not think of changing the long hair anymore.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I like the longer hair on you. Weight loss for me is pretty hopeless I think. I mean with the meds I take and not being able to walk much.