Monday, November 11, 2013

VETERAN'S DAY 11-11-13

Some things stay the same - almost - and yet are separated by time - 3 years - and grandchild.

 Aric invited his Grandfather Mickey to come to a luncheon and program his Mid-High School was putting on.  They were kind enough to let Grandma tag along!!
 Grandma Susan - Grandson Aric - Grandfather Mickey 
You can't see it behind the flags but each veteran was given a big white coffee mug with red edging on the top and bottom and blue lettering that reads: 
 A cute display by Build-A-Bear of all 6 military branches. 
 They actually seated us on the front row - center section.  Could not have had better seats for the fantastic 1 1/2 hour program.
 The Guest Speaker, Colonel Scott Patton, brought tears to my eyes as he talked about the young men currently serving in our Military, and how the Afghanistan War we are currently still fighting is the L-O-N-G-E-S-T war in our countries history.  One startling statistic was that some of these young men have been on not 1 or 2, but SEVEN depoyments. Another startling statistic is the .05% of our population is all that is currently serving in the military, protecting our nation.  
Proud Korean Veteran and his only grandson.

When I hear the daily news reports, and when I see many things on fb I have a tendency to get very depressed about the state of not only our beloved Nation but about our schools and the direction they are going.  And then .........I attend something like we did today: where the flag, the pledge, the military songs of each 6 branches of service, God Bless American, presentation of the State and National Flags, a poem that won first prize among a contest within the student body and honor given to "My Hero Doesn't Need a Cape!" and my faith and hope is stirred and encouraged.  

I share many things on this blog that I am thankful for ..... and I am thankful for Owasso Public Schools and the stand they take (and I know the Coweta Public Schools where so many from our church serve and work is the same) and I am THANKFUL that I live in Mid-America, and The Bible Belt, where God and Country are still important and still given the honor they deserve. 

Three years ago on November 11, 2010 we attended a very similar luncheon and program with our Granddaughter Oksana at the same school.  
YES - Some things stay the same - almost - and yet are separated by time - 3 years - and grandchild.

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Mari said...

What a wonderful program! I'm so glad you could go with Aric.
I get discouraged by the state of our country too - just the other day after hearing something on abortion on the news I said to Bob that it is becoming more and more apparent that this world is not our home, and I'm getting more and more homesick for heaven. Then I told him we needed to move to some remote place, far away from all this. He reminded me that I wasn't to hide my light under a bushel...
Hearing things like this is encouraging, especially since it's our youth. Thanks for sharing!

Barbara said...

Glad Grandma was allowed too.