Wednesday, December 18, 2013

EXPANDING on my 2013 Word - EXPAND

I blogged the following in January 2013~~~~
Decided to do an ACRONYM for my 2013 word - EXPAND

                      E - xpect
                X - unknown quantity (in math)
                - ray
                - chieve
                - onstop
                - aily

EXPAND - 1) To spread out; unfold 
         2) to increase in size, etc.; enlarge 

As I close out 2013 I decided to look at EXPAND here at the end of these 12 months.

EXPECT - 2013 turned out not to be at all like I "expected" it to be!!!
X - the "unknown" has been front and center in my mind this entire year.
PRAY - The area of prayer, both personal and collectively with others has been            EXPANDED greatly this year.
ACHIEVE - I cannot look at 2012 as being a year I achieved much.
NON-STOP - This certainly describes the year 2013 for me/us as we seem to              go NON-STOP 90% of the time.
DAILY - My walk with Jesus, the author and finisher of my life is truly DAILY.

So, all in all, I'd say I have walked out the EXPAND word that God gave me for 2013.  I am now praying for MY 2014 word from The Lord.  Have you asked HIM to give you a word for 2014?  Do so.......HE WILL!!!

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1 comment:

retha said...

It is seldom that I see people actually going back and 'evaluate' the year against what they started off with.
Like seeing how you have gone through this.
Makes me think of the "good and faithful servant"