Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Father's Day 2014 found just the 4 of us celebrating.  Daughter Jacque was visiting in Missouri and of course son, David was in Florida.  Both Jacque & David called Mickey and wished him Happy Father's Day. 

Marc & Aric surprised Mickey by showing up for church service which was the best gift EVER, but in addition Jacque & Marc got him a pair of blue Sperry Top-sider's.  His favorite!

My "guys" want an old fashioned Pot Roast dinner so that's what I prepared.  Roast, carrots, onions and FRESH NEW POTATO'S from Mickey's own garden.  Of course, the BIG tossed salad, and doughnuts for dessert.  

Had enough left over that I was able to cut it all up in small bit size and mix together for another great meal for the 4 of us in Monday, when Marc brought Aric and the dog over to stay with us while he went to OKC for 2 days on business. 

 One of our favorite  picture pose's.
Mickey is ALWAYS the cut-up.
 These guys are never serious, especially when they are endeavoring to put one over on me.
They did in this one !!!
 3 generations
Father, Son, Grandson

It was Father's Day but I was one VERY blessed wife, mother & grandmother.
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Mari said...

I know what you mean - time with our family is just the best! Glad you had such a great day. I love the pictures of your crazy guys.