Monday, July 21, 2014

Exciting Things Happening at The King's Kitchen

The King's Kitchen was given a very large anonymous gift in December, 2013.  After much prayer, and I truly mean MUCH prayer, and talking to our Chief Cook Sherry Kelly, it was decided it would be a blessing to add a convection oven to assist, not only The King's Kitchen in our weekly Tuesday preparation of meals to serve 50-55 shut-ins, but also for the church to use for Funeral Dinners, general Church dinners and various parties and activities that go on pretty constantly in our kitchen.

Next, was Mickey & Sherry researching various type and styles of convection ovens.  Once the choice for electric was arrived at then Mickey went to restaurant supply show rooms to view them, reading up on the various models, etc.  Once the Royal brand was determined to be the one of choice then Mickey presented it to the Pastor and Deacon Board for approval.  As always with improvements additional electric work had to be done, which meant another Board meeting and approval.  Next, locating and selecting the electrician to use, scheduling him and getting the work done. 

Finally this chrome beauty arrived.
 Mickey has been working hard with all the details and procedures involved purchasing this lovely Royal brand Electric Convection Oven with 5 tray/racks, timers, heat controls, fans, cooling control - all the bells and whistles.

 July 1st Mickey is showing Sherry the oven and explaining some of the features and information to her.
That is one of our Super Soupers, Gayle working at the exising  stove preparing the soups to be added that Tuesday to the regular meal.

 The next project was Mickey selecting a larger Mixer, twice the size of the existing one.  The Young At Heart Adult group of the church added a donation of $700 (which was about 50% of the cost). Same procedure of ordering, board approval and waiting for delivery.  This beauty arrived and was picked up by Mickey on Thursday.

Yes, The King's Kitchen and Coweta Assembly of God are now the proud owners of these two beautiful additions thanks to the generosity of a wonderful anonymous gift and The Young At Heart group. 
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Mari said...

How wonderful! I'm so happy for you. I know this will be a big help on your meal nights!

retha said...

Those truly look like beauties! May they give much pleasure in your cooking.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What wonderful things! I pray they bless many!