Saturday, October 4, 2014


Mickey and I decided to start off our 56th Anniversary celebration with hosting a dinner party for 9 of our friends the evening before .

 The table is set 

The meal consisted of:  Susan - Beef Strogaoff - black & regular olives - white & red grape                                                       juice - tea - coffee 
                                      Shirley - Greek Salad
                                      Patty - Home made yeast rolls
                                      Dianna - Carrot cake & Lemon squares
                                      Sandra - Toll house cookies & vanilla ice cream
In other words--a delicious feast prepared by ALL.

After a leisurely, wonderful meal we decided to wait until later for dessert.
(because we were all stuffed!!)
Moving to the living room we watched a Bill Cloud dvd 
"Eating From The Tree Of Good And Evil" 
This is an excellent teaching that Mickey & I share with everyone we can. 
 (left to right) Dianna, Jayme, Sandra, Patty, Arron, Danny
 Gary, Shirley, & Shirley 
Yes we had 2 Shirley's and 4 Smiths!!!

After the dvd we had desserts and coffee and talked and visited until about 10:30.
Thanks to these 9 for making our evening a real blessing


Saturday - October 4th

 My wonderful card and Pandora charm from Mickey
Charm is a Red Heart set in silver on one side
and "love" in Red in the silver on the other side 

The card reads:
Celebrating the day
I put a ring on your finger
and promised to love you

...and thanking you 
for making that promise
so easy to keep

And added in his own handwriting
"I love you so much.  Thank you for sticking with me for 56 yrs."

 The heart charm itself.  

I am a blessed woman!!
So thankful for God truly making Mickey & I "one flesh", as HIS word declares, for 56 years. 

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Sunny said...

Oh yes, you are so VERY blessed! I am sure you are an inspiration to other married couples as well. Thanking the Lord for the light of Jesus that so evidently shines from your lives! May you 2 keep your good health and each other into the many remaining years of your lives!

Barbara said...

Congratulations and happy 56th anniversary Mickey and Joyce with a blessed year ahead.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Happy anniversary to two very sweet people!

Mari said...

Happy Anniversary! Not only are you both blessed, but you are a great example of how God can bless a marriage.

pearlie said...

Happy 56 Anniversary!!! Thanks for sharing it. May the Lord County yinue to bless you and Mickey with more blessed and wonderful time together.
Anyway, we just celebrated my parents' 48th anniversary couple of hours ago :) God is good!

retha said...