Monday, August 3, 2015

What? ------- A YEAR!!!!! Part 2

Yes, our adventure of Aorta Heart Valve replacement,  which began July 30, 2014, and then Cancer of the Lung diagnosis, biopsies and pet scan continues into 2015.  But, with the wonderful news, and the best Christmas present ever received on December 23rd, that it had NOT spread to the lymph nodes, as feared, and is contained in the lung.

January 8 - Surgeon Dr. Parmley removes the upper left lung lobe which contains the cancer.  Dr. Parmley's report is they were able to get it all.  We are relieved.

What was intended to be a 5 day hospital stay turned into a 14 day stay. The problem, and reason for the long stay, was they could not get the draining of the lung fluid stopped.  They seem reluctant to release Mickey and Dr. Parmley has not been in to see Mickey for several days.  On January 20th, our son, Marc, had gotten upset over what seemed to be going on and talked to the two PA's who had been checking Mickey, and the draining, and demanded Dr. Parmley come see him.  Within an hour one of the PA's is back and says they will release Mickey the next day.

January 21 - Mickey is released to come home but the fluid is still an issue and I am going to have to change the bandages.

We are all very weary from the long hospital stay and drainage problem but confident that this is yet another hurdle that we will get over.  We cling desperately to God's assurance to us that He is not through with Mickey and His plans and purposes for our lives.   

January 22 - Our first wonderful day at home. He is released to come home but the fluid is still an issue and I am going to have to change the bandages. Praise God for our Church friend, John Gummel, who is a nurse, and who came over each and every day to do this for us. 

January 26 - The bandage sprang a huge leak, during the middle of the night. It was so bad I had to change the bedding in the middle of the night. Mickey, for the first time had a panic attack and so did I.   

January 27 - John came and redid the bandages AGAIN and calmed Mickey's fears saying there was probably a "pocket" of the flood in the area that bust and not anything to be concerned about.  

January 28 - was another rough night of little sleep.

January 29 - Talked to Leslie, a nurse with the TAVR group.  She informed us that Dr. Parmley was gone.  In fact, he left on January 23rd, 2 days after Mickey was discharged!!!  Now we are without our main TAVR Dr. who was the one qualified to do the Aorta Valve Replacement.

We are so thankful for our faith and trust that NONE of this has, or is, taking our Lord and Savior by surprise, although it certainly took us by surprise.  We cling.  Another hurdle to overcome and HE will guide and walk us through it.  

January 30 - We make a trip to the TAVR clinic and nurse Leslie, uncovers the wound area, applies an ointment and removes stitches.

February 1 through 10 - We are continuing to treat the stitched area but it is not looking well.  We make several trips to see Leslie, the TAVR clinic nurse.  She assures us all is well.

February 11 - We see a different nurse, Katie, at TAVR clinic.  I show concern that no Dr. appointment for follow-up has occurred.  She says she understands but with Dr. Parmley gone, Dr. Archer & Dr. Ensley are having to handle all their own patients plus work in Dr. Parmley's and doing the best they can.  I tell her, "I feel like we have fallen through the cracks".  She leaves the room for a few minutes and when she returns she says, "Dr. Archer will see you in the morning, if you can be here by 8 a.m."  Can we!!!  I would have come at 5 a.m. if necessary.

I am praising God that I spoke up and that God intervened in our behalf and we are seeing a Doctor.   Over yet another hurdle!!

February 12 - 8 a.m. First appointment with Dr. Archer, who is concerned with all the weight Mickey has lost and says he could not undergo the TAVR procedure unless we can build him up.  He prescribes an appetite enhancement drug that ends up costing us $376 !!!!    

This day was a very, very sad day as we attended the funeral for a young 39 year old woman we knew.  Her mother attends my Women of the Word Bible Study that meets at my home every Tuesday evening.  

February 17 - Our first appointment with our new Primary Care doctor, Dr. Aldridge.  He is an older gentlemen.  When we first go in I tell him our story, and that I feel we are being "dropped through the cracks."  I am sure he is probably thinking, "Oh these are some of these complaining type patients'.  BUT, after he looks through all the computer records and our history to this point and Dr. Parmley being gone he says, "You have been dropped through the cracks, but I'm putting a safety net under you today."  I could have hugged his neck.  We could feel the concern and the caring.  

To be continued.............  


Mari said...

It's good you kept such a record of this. You can look back and see God's guidance through it.

retha said...

Dr. Aldridge has kept his word.
Going here going there, this test that test, adds to the exhaustion through this time.

Brenda said...

I love your positive, faith-filled attitudes throughout this time. You said, "We cling". Love that! Psalm 91...hidden under the shadow of the Almighty...