Saturday, May 19, 2007


Thursday was a very busy day! At 1 p.m we attend the 1st & 2nd grade spring program at Aric's school. You can see it was Groovin' Into Summer. All the kids had tye-dye t-shirts and all the songs were real cute and upbeat. They even did several with sign language they had learned along with the singing.

Here are three of the very special men in my life. Grandpa Mickey, Aric, and Dad Marc.

Here's a shot of Grandpa, Aric and me leaving the school

Then at 7 p.m. we attended the Spring Concert at

Oksana's school. Being a 6th grader this is her first year in orchestra and she played the violin.
The picture isn't to good but you can kind of make out the orchestra.

Here is the program which consisted of Beginning Orchestra, then Intermemediate and Advanced Orchestra together. Then Beginning Band and Intermediate and Advanced Band together. A total of 16 numbers.
It was very good. Edison Preparatory School has taken "Straight Superior" ratings for the past three years in a row in All-District Orchestra, All-City Honor Band, All-City Honor Orchestra & All-City Honor Jazz Band.

Here's a very happy and tired Oksana with her violin & case and music as we're leaving.

This is Oksana and one of her many friends, Courtney just being typical tweenies!

Oksana, Dad Marc & Aric

Oksana & Dad, Marc
Grandpa and Grandma are very happy to be such a part of these Tulsa Grandkids lives.


jennifer said...

I love all the neat things you did, I also totally understand a tween!!:)

Have a blessed Sunday!

Tammy said...

These were such fun pictures! (My oldest was in second grade this year, too.) Love the tie dye!
Good for your granddaughter playing in the orchestra- I bet you all were so proud!

Ruth said...

What a great day! You got to see two grandkids showcase their talents in one day. =o) I love that there is a program for learning an instrument so young. I don't think there is much of that in Louisiana, as far as public school goes, I mean.

Gina E. said...

Hi Susan,
Thank you for visiting me at Patra's Place - it's always nice to see new faces! From your blog, it looks like you are a busy person with your family - much like our mutual friend Lee-Ann!

PortraitofPeter said...

How wonderful for you as grandparents and a proud moment to enjoy the day.

So delighted at the sign language too - given my hearing impairment - I always praise those who are willing to learn.

Blessings to you all and to see such wonderful photo's too.

Trella said...

What a wonderful day! That is wonderful that you get to be involved in your grandchildren's lives.

Our Peculiar Life said...

Great pictures!! You had a busy day, didn't you? They are so lucky to have you guys!

pearlie said...

Great kids! You and Mickey are one pair of proud grandparents :) :)

Momma Roar said...

I just loved those tye-dye shirts!! It looks like you had a very full and fun day with the grandkids. I am sure they will look back at these times with appreciation for all you've done for them!
We're "groovin' into summer" here too!!!

Your pictures above are great too - but that post doesn't have a link for comments! I'll have to head out this evening and see what I can see!

Myrna said...

Tie Dye cuteness!there's nothing better than a bunch of second graders--that is the sweetest age!

It is great to get to see grandchildren growing up, isn't it. Enjoy every minute!

groovyoldlady said...

Oh the fun of May: Recitals, concerts, proms, graduations, Mother's Day, birthdays, end of school (for some), baby goats, black flies.

It looks like you had a wonderful day!