Monday, May 21, 2007


"I Hope You Dance....'

This was written by an 83-year-old woman to her friend.

* The last line says it all.

Dear Bertha,

I'm reading more and dusting less.

I'm sitting in the yard and admiring the view without fussing about the weeds in the garden.

I'm spending more time with my family & friends & less time working.

Whenever possible, life should be a pattern of experiences to savor, not to endure.

I'm trying to recognize these moments now and cherish them.

I'm not "saving" anything; we use our good china & crystal for every special event.

I wear my good blazer to the market.

My theory is if I look prosperous, I can shell out $28.49 for one small bag of groceries.

I'm not saving my good perfume for special parties,

but wearing it for clerks in the hardware store and tellers at the bank.

"Someday" & "one of these days" are losing their grip on my vocabulary.

If it's worth seeing, hearing or doing, I want to see, hear and do it now.

I'm not sure what others would've done had they known they wouldn't be here for the tomorrow that we all take for granted.

I think they would have called family members and a few close friends.

They might have called a few former friends to apologize & mend fences.

I like to think they would have gone out for whatever their favorite dinner was.

I'm guessing; I'll never know.

It's those little things left undone that would make me angry if I knew my hours are limited.

Angry because I hadn't written certain letters that I intended to write one of these days.

Angry & sorry that I didn't tell my husband, kids & parents often enough how much I truly love them.

I'm trying very hard not to put off, hold back, or save anything that would add laughter and luster to our lives.

And every morning when I open my eyes, tell myself that it is special.

Every day, every minute, every breath truly is a gift from God.

If you realize this, it is because someone cares for you.

I'm posting this today because I care about you.

"People say true friends must always hold hands, but true friends don't need to hold hands because they know the other hand will always be there.

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.

I received this from a very special friend as an e-mail this morning. Thank you Don!! Made a few modifications and wanted to share it with you my blog friends. It had real cute graphics of an older couple dancings but I didn't know how to copy that. Just picture Mickey & I in your minds eye.........and yourself dancing with that someone special.


Just Mom said...

I love the message of this e-mail. We should all try to make the most of every day we have together.

Thanks for posting this.

Karen said...

Boy, this one hit home with me this year. We never know how much time we will have on this old earth, do we?!
Thank you for the new reminder to hold loved ones a little closer a little longer.

Barbara said...

Thank you for this Susan. Wonderful. Agree with all. Some I do and some I aspire to and some I need to do more often.

Trella said...

What a wonderful reminder.

Susie said...

Thanks Susan,
Truly some wonderful thoughts to ponder in this message...

diana said...

what a beautiful message. and the visual of dancing couldn't be more perfect. when you're dancing, you are focused on what's right in front of you, and everything else fades to the background.

Anonymous said...

I loved this message, Susan!! I always need to be reminded to make the most of each day instead of wasting it by worrying or procrastinating, and appreciate all the wonderful moments with my loved ones.

Maxine said...

Boy, this is priceless! And the older I get, the more truth I see in it. I'm so glad you posted it!

Momma Roar said...

I love this!! :D

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I totally agree! Great post!

Linds said...

Life is for living today, I agree totally. And I can just see you and Mickey swirling around the kitchen!

RealEstateGirl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always enjoy meeting new friends!

I'll check back in on you often and hope you'll do the same!

pearlie said...

Lovely! I am at this juncture where I keep reminding myself I live in a world of imperfect people but with a perfect God. Thanks for the reminder to dance anyway :)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

A very important message to remember! i really enjoyed it!

Myrna said...

Thank you for sharing--

A message we all need to hear until we heed it. Time is so fleeting!

lorenzothellama said...

That was a lovely message.

I do not use my best glass and china, as some of it is very old and belonged to my grandmother and I want it to be given to my children. Some things, however expensive, can be replaced if broken, but these things can never be replaced. I guess I've a lot to learn still about becoming detached.

PEA said...

That is so beautiful Susan and we should certainly listen to these words and act on them! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! xox

groovyoldlady said...

I' think I'll use my teapot today... :-)

Don said...

To groovyoldlady USE IT and the dainty tea cups you have tucked somewhere that you've almost forgotten you had then or where they are... In a box? behind everything in a cabinet!!! God Bless and all have a JESUS FILLED DAY. Don

jennifer said...

Oh Susan, what an amazing post! I hope I live this way, at least I try. It is so cute.

Why not give our very best every day!


roffe said...

Hello Susan,thanks for your greetings. As regards to your comments, I believe the english name is layer cake or cream cake. This cake have marzipan on the top...


Amydeanne said...

I love that! and I use my good china most days (except that it's packed away in the middle of our move), but we use it even with the kids, afterall, how do they learn to enjoy it if they never get to use it?

Tammy said...

That is such a beautiful reminder! I so appreciated reading this today...thank you for sharing it!

Quill of Bill said...

Love the entire message. You truly have some good messages on your blog.

Ruth said...

I love this!! It is an excellent motto to live by!

Mary Lee said...

I REALLY liked this post!

Lori B said...

What a wonderful message and great reminder to make the most of each day.

Lori B said...

What a wonderful message and great reminder to make the most of each day.