Saturday, May 26, 2007


On submitting my blog to Billy Mac to be Critiqued his advice to me was to blog some about our travels since Mickey & I had lived in our 30' 5th Wheel for 4 years and traveled across the U.S. and Canada. Since my reason for submitting my blog was for advice I decided I would heed what he told me and do some posts on our travels.

Rather than starting with our RV travels I decided to give you a brief run down of our vacationing prior to RVing.

Mickey and I are from very different backgrounds. I was raised by a much older father, and somewhat older mother, who were very conservative. We did absolutely no camping, a very few yearly picnics and a pretty much indoor, very orderly existence. I've stated that I never saw my father in anything but a business suit except once in my life.

So, begin my life of marriage with Mickey who loves the outdoors, camping, fishing, hunting-- you get the picture. Mickey decides we are going on our first outing (this was after our honeymoon which was to Las Vagas). Since I have no equipment whatsoever he goes to Sears and buys me: a fishing pool, lures, line, bait, etc. Even a new 2 person bedroll.

Now in New Mexico there are not a lot of lakes and most of the fishing is for trout in the Rio Grande. You don't sit on the side and cast your pole......oh no, you wade up and down the edge of the river casting your line

I, of course, being your inside girl, raised almost as an only child brought: my Bible, journal and pen, and several other books!! I REALLY did try fishing......I did, but it wasn't for me :o( So, I quite contentedly proceeded to lay on my pallet, read and do my thing. I was having a perfectly wonderful, enjoyable time, enjoying the fresh air and the out of doors and doing the things I most enjoyed doing; reading and journaling about the wonderful time I was having.

My new husband was very disappointed. He thought I was not happy. I was! He thought I was not enjoying my self-------but I was! Need I tell you......that was the end of our "camping and fishing trips".

Like most young couples without much money and raising a family most of our vacations consisted of trips back to visit my parents in New Mexico or his family in Tennessee.

In the late 60's and early 70's Mickey was working for the local Chevy dealership as a new car salesman. One of the perks of the job was a once a year state wide dealership meeting in Oklahoma City. This meant an overnight, expense paid mini vacation for us and a very rare night away and alone from our children. On the first such trip I was awaken by the phone ringing at 6 a.m.and our 5 year old son, David, saying "Hi mommie. Are you having a good time? I miss you." He had seen the emergency number we had left by the phone for my mother who was staying with the children.

HOW do you get mad or upset over THAT?!!!!

In 1974 Mickey won an ALL EXPENSE PAID trip to Acapulco, Mexico as a prize for being one of the lead New Car Chevy Salesman in Oklahoma. It was our first REAL vacation and we had a blast. Everything was paid for. We literally only bought a few soft drinks, while sight seeing, and the souvenirs we brought home. It was a wonderful time.

This is a picture of us from that trip on one of the local tours having fun with one of the local sightseeing crew. When we got back home I remember remarking to one of my friends, "It was like coming back to brute reality" when we got home!!!

Our next real vacation was in 1978 when we went to Hawaii and Maui for our 20th wedding anniversary.

Here we are just posing in front of one of the beautiful sights.

This is Mickey standing on the balcony of the hotel room at Maui.

Here I am boarding the Hawaiian Air plane to return home to Oklahoma after a wonderful 10 days.

Hope you enjoyed my little vacationing recap and some younger pictures of us.


Tina said...

Loved it Susan! Thanks so much for sharing.


Oh, Susan, I just loved the pictures. It sounds like you all have had a wonderful life and made many happy memories. connie from Texas

Our Peculiar Life said...

oh I loved reading this and seeing the pictures!! Thank you so much for sharing.

Ruth said...

Those are great pictures with great stories. Keep 'em coming!!

Myrna said...

Sounds like you and Mickey have a good time together wherever you are!
Can't wait to hear more!

Morning Glory said...

What great memories! Thanks for sharing them with us. It looks like you were having a marvelous time.

jennifer said...

Susan, I too love to be outdoors reading and taking in the sights and smells of the outdoors!
How neat for you to learn to have a vacation!
I love so much to read of the beginnings of your marriage, knowing the longevity of it, it is such a beautiful testimony of you both.
I can't wait to have a continuing story of your travels!
Thanks so much for sharing your lives!

Tammy said...

I loved the pictures and the story of you and your husband's early travel days!
Did you have a wonderful time in Maui? Our recent family trip turned out to have more than a few snags...but my very first time -alone with hubby for our 10th anniversary, two years ago- was wonderful.

By the way, I think I would have enjoyed reading and relaxing while my husband waded in the Rio Grande, too! ;)

Nadine said...

Hi there. I'm visiting via Jill's blog. I have to say I love your views on marriage and your hubby. I too am madly in love after almost 26 yrs. What lovely photos and what a wonderful way to see the country traveling around together.

Linds said...

I love going down memory lane with you, Susan! The pictures are wonderful!

PEA said...

I so enjoyed reading about your first camping/fishing trip and the other two trips you went on!! I loved seeing the older pictures also...such wonderful memories! I'm now looking forward to hearing all about your other trips in the RV:-) xoxo

PortraitofPeter said...

memories of one's holidays can be all the more appealing when shared with others.

Anonymous said...

Ha, that was fun! I long to go to Hawaii. I've only been to Aruba and it was a slice of heaven. We planned a trip to Mexico for our 25th, but I missed the girls in Texas so much we went there instead, hehe. Maybe someday I'll get to Hawaii.

Momma Roar said...

I most certainly did enjoy hearing of your vacation adventures and seeing the pictures! I can't wait to hear more about the rest of your trips! I love when you share these adventures with us!

peppylady said...

Thank you for entry the drawing for the gnome and if your name is draw I'll be glad to sent it to pea as you requested.

Stop back anytime.

Karen said...

I did very much enjoy your past vacation pictures! You're traveling now like I would love to. That's been my dream to be able to homeschool on the road! Real life history! I'd love to see pictures of your "camping".

annie said...

What a fun read. Your pictures are terrific too! I am so with you on the camping experience. I like running water, clean sheets, no sand and not critters :o).

Sherry said...

Thank you for sharing! Sounds like you and Mickey are 2 peas in a pod! May the Lord continue to bless you both and guide you in his righteousness, love and compassion.

Mountain Mama said...

Wow! You certainly did some traveling. I have never been to Hawaii, but my son lived there for a few years and sent photos. He loved it.
I grew up on the river banks. My dad loved fishing and made sure his wife and three girls all know how. I got bored with it when I was a teen, but enjoyed it later.

Susie said...

Your "travel back in time" is such a fun read. Don't you find it amazing that so many people enjoy looking back in time on how things "used to be" Your photos are just great!!
Can't wait to read about travels in your RV..

Susan said...

Your blog never ceases to amaze me! You have so many great memories to share. I love the Mexico story...what a great memory. DH and I are married 20 years this summer. I still don't know what we're doing...hmmm???

My toe is better, thanks for asking. It's coming along nicely and I can walk in my sandals, just not all day.


:-) Susan

Jill said...

Susan- This was great! I'm glad you took the advice to write about your travels. I love the photo of you with the pirate! Thanks for sharing.

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Dear Susan, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and posting such a nice comment about my Dear Mom's Bible....I loved reading about yours as well.

I really enjoyed this post about your travels.

MorningSong said...

What fun! I love the camping story. Isn't it funny how we expect others to enjoy things like we do and if they do it differently, we think they are miserable. This is a good reminder to keep me from accessing someone else's fun, mainly my husband! haha
Loved the pictures!!
I see your comments everywhere and you stopped by my blog once before. I had to see what you were up to!
Many blessings!!

MorningSong said...

Oops, I meant assessing and not accessing! :o)