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Sorry this picture is out of order. It will be explained at the end. Mickey's front and my back so you can see both sides!!! Also, he's better looking them me :o) (click to enlarge)

I just wanted to share a little bit of how I started off my day today. I also want to share my heart about our Church. I think most of you know that we attend Coweta Assembly of God Church. Our first service there was December 23, 2006 so it has only been 8 months.

We had been attending another church. In October last year we attending a prayer meeting of a national ministry in Branson, MO. It was a wonderful time and we were stirred to the depth of our being. At that time we felt the Lord was telling us He wanted us to find another church We struggled with it for 2 months. WE (in the flesh) did not want to leave. We loved this church. We loved the people. We were very involved in ministry there. Care Leaders, door greeters, and Mickey was learning the sound booth. We had been involved in the purchase of 12 acres of land and had watched the beautiful new church building being built. We had only been in the new building since Father's Day and now God was telling us to leave. Finally, out of obedience, we decided on Sunday, December 20th that we would not be back. I have told people: we sort of felt like Abraham....who was told to go out of the land but not told where to go!! We left in blind faith

That Wednesday Mickey said "We are going to attend Coweta Assembly tonight". Now, again in my flesh and mind, this was not where I would have chosen!!! It is a larger church, about 950 people, and we have always been in a small church of 250 or less. It was a denominational church, and if you've been reading much of what I've written you know I am totally against denominational ism!!!

But since Mickey is the Priest of our home and my spiritual head (took me YEARS to learn this one by the way!!!!!) I said, "Okay". The minute we walked in, as they were worshiping, we both knew this was where God was placing us. The following Sunday we showed up for Sunday School (which we have not been in for years!!) and Church. We have been there at all services since.

Now after all that background I'll post what is on my heart.......

I went to the church this morning at 6 a.m. and prayed for an hour. They have 24 hour prayer, in the prayer room, every Friday from 6pm to Saturday 6pm. Even though we've been attending there 8 months I had never signed up and gone. I've always felt "Oh well Mickey & I pray together every morning and that's good enough."

First thing I had to do this morning was repent of THAT thinking!!.

They have this large room all set up with six different settings: 1) Personal cleansing, 2) prayer for Coweta & America, 3) Thanks for answered prayer, 4) Prayer requests, 5) Prayer for missionaries with pictures of many of the missionaries we support but not just limited to our missionaries, and 6) That God use me for his plans & purposes. Scripture verses are also written at these various settings. It was totally awesome!!

There is worship music playing very softly, the room is dimly lit and the bulletin boards about the 5 posts are on the floor along with a large pillow to sit on. Of course there are chairs and tables around the room if you choose to sit and pray or read your bible. The minute I walked in I felt such a peace and such a conviction that it had taken me so long to get there.

There may be more than one praying in there at a time. But there will always be at least one because you sign up for the 24 hour period and make a commitment to fill the hour you choose.

Many of you came to my mind this morning as I was praying. Your needs and concerns were included in my prayers.

Our church is open 24 hours a day to this prayer room and you can come and go as you please.
I love our church. I have ALWAYS thought the Church should not be locked but this is the first one I've ever attended which was not.

Mickey went to the church at 4:45 this morning to help with Angel Food Ministry. Our church participates in this program and the last Saturday of every month people can come from 9 to 12 and pick up a box of food for $25. The list of what will be in the box is available the first 3 weeks of the month. You come in and sign up and pay $25 and then pick it up the last Saturday. This is not just for our church but the entire area of Coweta. What a blessing and what a ministry.

Mickey went so early this morning to go with the man who heads it up to go pick-up the food in Tulsa, load it on the truck, bring it back and unload it at the church and set it up for distribution. Many other people come in around 8 o'clock to help with the distribution. Did I say I LOVE OUR CHURCH!!!!

The Sunday evening before Coweta schools opened on Tuesday, August 14th, our church provided free hair cuts, dental exams, school supplies, etc. to this community. Not just to our church body but to anyone and everyone for free.

September 13-16 Coweta has a Fall Festival. This year our Church is setting up a Prayer Tent, right on main street Coweta. The T-shirts we are wearing in the top picture will be worn by all of us working the prayer tent. We will be walking the streets with prayer cards that say "Why Pray" and talking to people. Anyone who wants to can go into the tent and pray themselves or have someone pray for them. Of course people from our Church will be manning this tent and praying around the clock during this entire 3 day festival (From 6 pm Thursday night until Sunday evening) One of our young men will also be working around the clock doing a large art mural which will depict the Crucifixion when finished. This art work will be done outside the prayer tent and can be seen by all walking by.

I have to tell you that 2 years ago the Coweta City Council said we could no longer pass out Bible tracts at Fall Festival but the City Council is not only backing the prayer tent but excited about it.

Now you know why WE LOVE OUR CHURCH!!!!

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Heather K said...

Hey Susan! That sounds like a busy church!! Reaching out to the community is so important! What better things can we be doing?!? I like the free things for the kids going back to school! My brother is a pastor and they do similar things at their church for the people of the community. It speaks volumes to the community of what Christianity is all about.
great post!
good to see's been awhile since I've dropped by..=)

inspired said...

another great post and with amazing T-Shirts too. brilliant idea ;o]

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

Wow Susan, what a blessing to hear of all your church (the people) do to reach out into the community. I like the "open door" policy as well. Thanks for sharing with us. Blessings, Diane

Julianne said...

I love that you mentioned this. I have always dreamt that someday, we would either build a family/prayer chapel in our home or on the same property. I love how atmosphere can draw us closer to God.

When I lived in Southern California, I used to hike up the foothils just so I could pray overlooking His creation.

I am so blessed to hear that you had a struggle and yet repented and obeyed. Thanks for your honesty and refreshing us!

Blessings to you!

Momma Roar said...

What a heart-opening post to share with us. And, what an amazing event to be a part of!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

What a wonderful testimony about your church. We actually left a church (on our own accord) and then rejoined after much prayer. I have been praying about working in the prayer room at our church. I do keep a prayer journal and notes about those that I am praying for (including many blogging friends) and it has been a real blessing.

Amber said...

Wow! That sounds wonderful! I never heard of churches providing free haircuts and dental exams. I'm glad you found a church you LOVE! That's not an easy thing to come by.

God Bless,

PS~ If you are ever planning to go to Silver Dollar City, let me know, my mom works there sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like our church and why we, too, love it so much.

You can check out Alicia's Xanga and see the car show that we just had recently. Over 7000 people came out for it. It was a neat way to reach the church and the community. Her link is on my sidebar.

Thanks for all the prayers. It cannot be said enough!

Kristie said...

I loved this post. We also started attending a different church after going to the previous church for 17 yrs for me and all my husbands life. It has been a blessing in our lives someday I will post on it.

I took lotsa pictures of us painting our Youth Room I will post pictures someday soon. I am ehausted from painting from 8 am ~ 4:30!!! It looks great!!!

jennifer said...

Susan, This is the post I needed to read today! I love the idea of 24 hours of prayer. I know that down the road that bit of information is going to be a blessing to Bill and I.

Your church sounds like a place that one feels the Spirit of the Lord! I am so happy that you acted with faith, and I know that you are too!!

Praise God!
Have a blessed Sunday!!
Love Ya

Ruth said...

Your church sounds wonderful! We also have a 24 hour place to pray at our church...we call it the House of Prayer. It is such an anointed place!! I love the t-shirts and your church's plan of outreach at the festival. Souls for the Kingdom are God's heart. It's what He died for. I am blessed to listen to the plans!!

Lyndy said...

Sounds like a wonderful church family that you belong too. Blind faith is hard but HE always leads us to right where we should be.

Hugs, Lyndy

diana said...

it does sound like a wonderful church. it's good to hear that you and mickey found a place that you enjoy worshipping at and being a part of. you are fortunate.

if you don't mind me asking, and of course, you don't have to answer... why did you feel like you needed to leave you old church. i'm curious as to how it all happened because of my personal history with leaving a church.

you can email me if you'd like to answer me. i am truly interested as to how God moves us from one place to another. thanks.

Crystal said...

Wow - that is awesome ministry you are involved in! I'll be praying that God continues to use you in marvelous ways. He sure did send you to the right place, didn't He?? God is amazing!

annie said...

Sounds like you are in the right place Susan. The church we have been led to sounds like a miniature version of your church.
Thank you for your guidance and encouragement when we were out searching for our new church home.

~~Mikki Jo said...

What a beautiful testimony. I'm so happy you have such a wonderful church. Truely the hands of Christ reaching out to others. Blessings to you friend.

Linds said...

What a wonderful church community you are part of, Susan! I loved reading about the things you do, and it is something I pray about a lot.... getting out into the community. I am going to suggest some of the things you mention to our church too. Thanks for this!

Tammy said...

What a tremendous story of obeing God on faith and being completely blessed!

Our former large church did a similar thing at the start of school years and probably still do...
A great ministry!

Last fall, we knew we were suppose to leave that church, too...however, it didn't take a lot of convincing in our case since we weren't all that happy there anymore...after visiting a lot of churches, we walked right into this the service our new church during worship time (a church we had attended years before) and KNEW instantly it was where we belonged!

Thank you for sharing this great story, Susan!

pearlie said...

Wow ... a great community you have there, so committed to serving God. One question :) I also have changed church about a month after you. How did you know God told you to change? Do you just know?

Barbara said...

We have done similar to this over 24 hour periods praying for London. Always a special experience. Enjoyed reading about your church and your recent spiritual journey/move.