Monday, January 21, 2008


'Blessed shall thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out." KJV

Of course this is proceed by vs 2

"And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee,

if thou shall harken unto the voice of the Lord our God."

I wonder how many of us really open our eyes to the truth of the above scripture.

Do we look for these blessings as we go about our daily lives? Or do we get so busy and so involved with our worldly thinking that we become unaware and let them pass by unnoticed?

I make it a very conscious effort to notice the many little and big blessings that My Lord pours out on me and I wanted to share a couple of today.

Mickey had a day off today for Martin Luther King Day. Since all the banks and government offices are closed today, the Abstract Co. he works for was also closed. We decided to spent part of the day just out together and running some errands.

We began by stopping at a chicken restaurant for lunch. We have one of those books where you "Buy one-get one free" from various restaurants and we had such a coupon at this one. We ordered a 2 piece chicken strip dinner. When the clerk handed us our 2 orders she smiled and said, "I gave you each 3 stripes because they were kind of small." I replied, "Bless you." and I saw this truly as a small, but not unnoticed blessing of the Lord.

Next we were heading down to one of the department stores to buy some new bath and kitchen towels. I happened to be driving and as we passed the Salvation Army Resale store, which by the way I have only been in once before since it opened, I told Mickey I was going to pull in and look.

Our grandson, Aric's, 9th birthday is coming up next month and one of the things we wanted to purchase for him was a white bookcase to go in his room to hold some of his books and toys. We specifically wanted white, because his room is done all in blue & white. I have been looking for a white bookcase for several weeks. We had stopped earlier today at a furniture store to see if they had one and they did not. I have called 8 other furniture stores looking for a white bookcase and no one had any.

So, on a whim(?) (I think not!!!!) I decided to pull into this resale store and right after walking in the front door, immediately to the left is a.......white bookshelf. Just exactly what we were looking for. In perfect shape and a lot cheaper than a new one would have cost. He blesses us coming in and going out.

Just wanted to share our blessings today and remind you to be alert and look for the blessings God bestows are you. They really are there and many more than we realize.

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Saija said...

sounds like you guys had a wonderful day ... and don't you just love those blessings that the Lord gives to us - at the most unexpected times!

Missy said...

Susan, you are a blessing counted by this frequent lurker! Thank you for sharing your encouraging day and for the perfect scripture to encourage me in my own pursuit to see the blessings in life. May each day bring you many more blessings to count.

diana said...

i think you're right. God gives us blessings each and every day - big and small. but we need to be looking for them and be thankful for them.

glad you had such a nice day.

Jo said...

Hello dear! I hope you don't mind that I'm tagging you with a book meme. It should be fun to mull over favorite books of yours, and I'm eager to see what you'll post!

Susie said...

Hi Susan,
You truly had a day filled with some wonderful blessings :)
I'm sure it was wonderful to have a nice fun filled day with the one you love!
What a great find on that bookcase. I'm sure your grandson will love it

Nadine said...

Unexpected blessings are truly wonderful. Thanks for the reminder to look.

Maxine said...

Isn't it sweet when we have days like that. Thanks for sharing your blessings and for the Scriptures.

kimkay said...

Thanks for sharing, GOD's blessings whether big or small they are around us each and every day. So many could experience the RISEN CHRIST more often if they would take the time to just notice HIM!

retha said...

I like your plant 'story' the waffle looks tasty. Our evening meals is called supper, unless it is the main/'fancy' meal.

Is it not wonderful to be able to recognised the blessings we receive and to acknowledge them for what it is, allowing us to see more and more of those.

Thank you Ma'am for being aware of what the LORD is doing with you, sharing that with us and allowing us to also receive blessing!

Pam said...

Oh what a blessing to read your testimony today. I needed the reminder to always look even in the small things, for HIS moving hand in our lives.

Robin said...

It is good to recognize our blessings - even the small ones. I love when God works like that in our lives - nothing goes by without His notice. It confirms that He cares about everything in our lives - even the things we think are not that important.

Anonymous said...

Love the verse so much!

I enjoy the small almost unseen blessings so very much in my life. It's always a reminder that the Lord really cares about every detail.

Anonymous said...


I love this line of thinking and the verses you used! One of my friends said recently, "You are one of the happiest people I know." I think it may because I am learning to look for God's hand in my life and there He is over and over, even in simple things. How He loves to give His children good gifts. Your blog is just another blessing that I love to read. Your wisdom always makes me think and want to to know God more!

jennifer said...

HEEYYY Susan, you have been TAGGED! Drop by my site for the details.. Let me know if you are in - I hope so. I am really interested to hear what you have to say! - Jennifer

Tina said...

thank you so much for sharing Susan. I absolutely LOVE that verse! I remember hearing a preacher illustrate once about the blessings overtaking you and I have never forgotten it!
Truly we serve a kind God!

Anonymous said...

You are so right. There are many blessings that are strewn along our daily path, and we usually pass them by without notice.

When we take the time to pay attention, we are blessed in large and small ways, each and every day.

Glad you found the book case. It is fun to find what you are looking for!

channelofhealing said...

Amen and Amen. thank you for saying this and Glory b to Jesus for making you enjoy your life too, May God's Mighty name be Praised