Monday, February 4, 2008


This morning was the drawing for the winning name of the people who helped me celebrate my First Year of Blogging on January 31st.

Thank you so much to all of you who participated. I was blessed with 50 comments and 34 of you asked me questions. Thanks so much for making this a true fun time and celebration for me.
Now, I don't have cute little kids still at home, and I don't have a video camera, and I wouldn't know how to do a U-Tube video if i did, like our friend Leigh Ann.
I do have my wonderful husband, Mickey, who not only humors me but truly enjoys the blog and quite often walks in while I'm blogging and says, "What new on the blog?", and a little basket holding the 34 entries.

Here he has just stirred up the names and shook the basket several times.
He drew out the name of Barbara of Ramblings from an English Garden. Congratulations Barbara!!!! Please e-mail me with your address and I'll get the book and angel plaque on it's way across "the pond" to you.

Here is Barbara's question: "Which well known live person would you like to invite to dinner and why."

I would like to invite President George W. Bush to dinner. I would like to hear his personal testimony of accepting Jesus as His Savior (I have read his testimony) and I would ask him how he feels God led him during these very difficult years as president. I would like to hear him pray and ask him to bless our meal. Of course I would want Laura to come, too!!!

I must say, Barbara, this is a question that had never entered my mind, BUT when I read it I knew instantly what my answer was going to be.


The variety of the questions has been astounding to me. Some fun, some very serious and some I wouldn't have thought of in a million years!! I will answer each and every one of the other 33. Some may turn into a post of their own :o) and some will be simple answers. I will endeavor, to the best of my ability, to answer them in the order in which I received them.

My very first comment and question was left by my dear, sweet, precious friend, Ginger of Just A Thought. "

As for my questions, I would like to know which person you would like to sit and visit with most when you get to heaven...besides Jesus?"

Of people I knew it would be my father, my mother and my sister, Marion. Of people from the Bible it would have to be Paul because his letters, which compose about 1/3 of our New Testement, have been the main ones I have "hid in my heart" and that I "stand on" in my daily walk with Christ.


The next question came from Saija of Thro' A Glass Darkly.

"I love spider solitaire too ... my questions, what level do you play at?"

I play at the medium level with two suits of cards. I've tried the difficult level with four suits a few times but can't do it. I haven't even tried it in a long time. I'll have to give it another try soon!!


Next is Betty from Country Charm.

.....what is your favorite verse of scripture? My life verse is "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ." Philippians 1:6

This verse tells me it's HIS work, I will never "arrive" and HE will never give up on me as long as I am a willing follower. This give me great comfort and absolute faith.

I am going to skip Coach J & Diana for now, as theirs are going to be longer answers for another blog.


Chris of Frazzled Farm Wife asked: " My question for you would be....who is the one person that has had the biggest impact or influence on your life (besides Jesus....I figured that would be you ultimate answer)."

My answer to this one, hands down, would be my father. I loved him dearly, he was a totally moral, honest, kind man and a wonderful father. He taught me all of my core values about integrity, hard work, honesty, and determination. Most of all the pure love he bestowed on me let me know I had value and that I was loved. Because of my earthly father it has never been hard for me to accept and believe in the love of my Heavenly Father.

Because my father was 52 years old when I was born and had sure a young spirit and heart it taught me, at a very eary age, that age was not something to fear, or dread, but to embrace and enjoy each and every stage and people of all ages. At 70 years of age, I hope this is something that I am able to convey to those I meet.


Well, that's 5 answers so far. 29 more to go, and some are REAL doozies so be sure and check in again for those!!!!!

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nickernoodle said...

Congrats on the one year!!!!! Its amazing how fast it goes!

Susie said...

Hi Susan,
Congratulations to Barbara! I enjoyed reading the answers to your questions. I haven't been blogging too much recently but am trying to catch up with some of my favorite reads.

diana said...

i love your answers. it's neat that you got so many questions to answer, and i'm looking forward to all the answers. i'm afraid if i asked for questions, no one would ask any :(

congratulations, barbara.

For Ladies Only said...

Mickey is too cute! (sorry, I couldn't help but tell you that :o)

Loved your answers Susan!

annie said...

That was me Susan, I was working on the ladies blog and forgot to sign out!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am so happy for Barbara! She is a dear! Love the answers thus far and can not wait for more!

Kimmie said...

Hi Susan;

Sorry I missed your anniversary, but so glad that you were blessed. The questions are great, as are your answers.

Your husband looks like such a kind hearted glad that he showed up to help you stir up the basket.

blessings to you;
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Barbara said...

Wow! I just came over to check the questions for the book Meme and had forgotten for a monment that I had entered this giveaway. Was I amazed to see that I had won. Youv'e guessed it - I was. Thank you very much. I shall look forward to reading Franklin's book and I guess teh little angel will go next to a cherub I have by my dressing table.

Barbara said...

Forgot to say I enjoyed reading the answers to questions and am glad you liked my question. I was very interested to read your answer.
You see I got so excited that I'd won that I forgot this bit.

Anonymous said...

How great that your dear friend Barbara won your treasures. I'm sure she is smiling from ear to ear.

Thanks for answering my question. I know how much you loved your father and I had a feeling he would be one person you would consider. I think Paul would be amazing to sit with and learn from.

Bless Mickey's heart for being a good sport. By the way, I've taken up spider solitaire thanks to you. I'm such a rooking and not doing so well. Do you have a favorite site that you go to when you play or have you downloaded the game. I've checked out several and I'm not sure which is best.

Mountain Mama said...

I like your pictures and wasn't it sweet of your hubby to help.
Congratulations to Barbara too.
Reading your answers to the questions is interesting. I'll be watching for more.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Loved reading your answers to the questions so are one INTERESTING woman! Can't wait to hear more!!!!

The Olson's said...

I'm still fairly new to reading your blog. I don't think I knew you were 70 - you definately don't come across that way. You have done a great job of taking after your father and staying young at heart! My mom is the same way and I hope to be like here when I "grow up"!

Congratulations to Barbara! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the answers!
~ Leanne

PEA said...

Congratulations to Barbara:-) A cute husband drawing a name is just as good as having a cute kid drawing it! hehe Loved reading your answers to some of the questions and look forward to the rest. Oh Susan, I so love all the family photos you posted on your previous post, they're absolutely precious!! xox

jennifer said...

This was fun! I must say that your wisdom is always wonderful and totally appreciated!

Tammy said...

Congratulations on your year anniversary and to Barbara for winning!

Great answer...I'd love to have him over for dinner, too!

And I am just trying to catch up after being sick, so was just seeing your family portraits...absolutely beautiful!!!

Barb said...

I loved reading all the questions and especially all of your answers.

I, too, play Spider Solitaire too, medium level. I do pretty well with that, but can NEVER win at the advanced level, but my daughter, Diana, sure can.

Thanks for responding to my More for Him blog. You are a precious woman of God.

Momma Roar said...

Congrats to Barbara! I'm enjoying your answers!

Nadine said...

Congratulations to the winner. Your hubby did a great job picking a name.

TJ said...

You have your very own Vanna! Congrats!