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Here are some more questions and answers from my one year blogovesary post.

Jenny of A Couch for Life asked: "My question to you is, what got you hooked on the internet? "

Then Jenny said this: "My grandparents don't even own a computer, much less know how to get online. I hope you don't take offense to the question(s), but you have to admit that much of your generation is not into computers. Even if they work with computers on the job, they pretty much stick with the program they know, and don't expand to blogging! Enjoy your day, and I know you'll smile alot with all the comments you'll be getting :o)

This worry that we should be ashamed or offended about our age, young or old, is something I think is a real problem in America. We have been sold a bill of good by the advertising media on this one!!!

I wrote this yesterday, in response to another question: "Because my father was 52 years old when I was born and had sure a young spirit and heart it taught me, at a very eary age, that age was not something to fear, or dread, but to embrace and enjoy each and every stage and people of all ages. At 70 years of age, I hope this is something that I am able to convey to those I meet. "

So Jenny I am not the least offended......in fact very honored!! Like many, my first exposure to a computer was at my job in about 1986. I was in the accounting field and made the transition from Ledger accounting to a computer program. Then in 1991, after returning to Tulsa from Albuquerque, Mickey and I bought an IBM. The hard part was buying it!!!! It truly was "greek" to us and we felt so uniformed and backward when we began shopping because we didn't even know what to look for or what to ask.

Fortunately our youngest son, Marc, was still living at home and helped us learn our way around. Got us set up on using e-mail and of course with my accounting background I began keeping our personal books on our new computer. The next progression was in 1997 when Mickey retired and I took a 6 month leave of absense for a trip to Alaska. Just before our departure we purchased a laptop to take along in the 5th wheel so I could 1) keep a journal of our travels and 2) send out a monthly newletter to all our family and friends about our experiences. This was such a blessing.

As to blogging: that transition came 2 years ago. In connection with our role as Care Leaders at our church we became very involved with a new young couple who had just had a daughter who was born with major health issues and not expected to live. The mother, Kahri, had a blog and told me about it. I began reading her blog each day to keep up with the happenings about Kaedy, so I could pass the information along to the Church for prayer via e-mails, and not have to bother Kahri with phone calls. Kahri knew I read it daily, and I would link and read a few of her blog friends, too, but I NEVER left a comment. I don't think I understood I should so I lurked for a year. During this time Kahri and I talked about her helping me set up a blog page of my own but with her busy schedule we never got it done. Go here to read Kahri's current blog and here to read precious Kaedy's miracle story.

January 31st last year I just decided I was going to jump in there and do it myself. Even though both of my sons are very involved in computers neither of them knew much about blogs but Marc set me up a gmail account and the rest is history. ***************

Diana of Sunshine On My Shoulders asked: what is your favorite hymn?

It is a song, written by David Ingels, I Call Him Wonderful, that lists all the names of Jesus:

Advocate, Anointed, Beloved, Bridgegoom, JESUS

Captain, Covenant, Deliverer, Daystar, JESUS

Elect, Everlasting, Friend, Faithful, JESUS

Governor, Gift of God, Hope, Head of the Church, JESUS

Image of God, Judge, Just, JESUS

King of Kings, King of Glory, Light, Life, JESUS

Master, Messiah, Nail scared Nazarene, Omega,

Physician, Redeemer, Sheperd, Unchanging JESUS

Very God, Your Savior, JESUS

In case you haven't noticed he used every letter in the alphabet except "q", "x" and "z".

I love this song because JESUS is all those things, and more, to me. He wants to be those things to everyone ........it really is up to us.

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

Two great questions and I enjoyed the answers, Susan.

My grandmom is a computer fan! I tease my friends who don't do things like "online bill pay" and remind them that my grandmother does!!!!

I loved that hymn. What a beautiful reminder of the wonderful names of Jesus.

diana said...

i don't think i've heard that hymn. i grew up with hymns and although i enjoy the contemporary praise songs, i miss some of the old hymns. thanks for sharing your favorite.

and i'm so glad you're one of those cool grandmas who is on her computer and part of the blogosphere.

jennifer said...

I truly enjoy everything that you write. I love how you got to where you are, and I love that you make life real and looking forward to the next stage in mine is easier because you are so open and refreshing and willing to allow us look in to yours.

Have a super Tuesday!

Alisun@ABrookeInTheForest said...

I have had much joy from reading your blog and I am glad that you learned how to blog and share your life with us. It is fun to read your answers.

The Olson's said...

Great answers!

Good for you for entering the blog world! I think it's great. And there is such wisdom to be reaped from those more experienced with life.

I haven't heard of that hymn either, but I love all the names it gives for Jesus. Such a great description of who He is!
~ Leanne

retha said...

I am late at the party, still I give a sincere 'congratulations'.
You used a very good celebration tactic.

The family photo's are beautiful!

Momma Roar said...

I'm so thankful you started blogging!

Oh, and I forgot to respond on the other post - my camera has the video function. I video the kids with the camera and then upload it to blogger. There is a little icon right next to the picture one to upload it. It takes a while, but it is a nice feature. It is so handy to have a camera that also does video! That is how I did the skiing video too! :)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I loved hearing your story about how you got into computers and blogging!

My in-laws just got a computer about a year ago and we have spent much time helping them out learning new things....I even having her checking a few things out on Ebay now!

I love hearing about your generation using technology!

Kim S in SC said...

Found you by way of Susan at Adventurous Living. Sounds like you have been doing some of that adventurous living too. A six month trip to Alaska! What a great trip that must have been!
Loved reading these question/answers and I'll be back to read more!

Tina said...

I enjoyed reading your answers to the questions Susan.

Nadine said...

I like hearing how you came to blog. I think you do a great job. I find it relaxing and creative.

Pam said...

Happy Blogoversary! I've been scarce around bloggy world lately, so this snuck up on me! My one year anniversary was back in Oct. Time flies! Does it feel like you've been doing this for an entire year? I for one am glad you blog. Susan, you seem to always have the most encouraging comments for us. It is so very evident that you love Jesus too!

Barbara said...

Maybe it is different over here but I know many internet users in their 70's and some in their 80's. Being in my 70th year myself and having had a computer since 1993 I am pretty much self taught. I learn by experience and mistakes and ask questions.

Coach J said...

I loved your answers! Due to my basketball season, it's taking me some time to get back here for all your answers, but GUESS WHAT?!? I am an accountant, too! I have a degree in accounting, and have worked in that field. Now, I use it to run my hubby's business from our home. My, my, my....we do have alot in common! :)

Our Peculiar Life said...

I'm so glad I had a part in you and your blog. Your blog is lovely and inspiring and truly a testament to the good that can be done with technology.