Saturday, February 9, 2008


After taking off a day for Show & Tell it's time to get back to more of your questions.

Amy, 160 Acre Woods, asked.......which is my favorite angel. That's like having to pick which of your children are your favorite!!!! They all are. If pushed against the wall it would have to be My Littest Angel because I've had her the longest, and she is the one who started my love for Angels as a little child.


Bev, Mountain Mama, asked........ "What is the first question you will ask when you get to Heaven?" Please refer to my answer to Bobbi, here, where I gave my view about whether we would even want, or need, to ask a question. If, when we get there, I did feel the need to ask anything, I would ask the awful WHY? question. Why did I have to endure, or suffer, such and such.


Leeanne, The Olson's, (so glad to "meet" you) asked........"If you could travel to anywhere in the world - where would you go?" I have always wanted to visit The Netherlands because my father was of Dutch heritage. I would love to go to Switzerland and Norway because of the pure beauty they have.


Leign Ann, Momma Roar, there one thing that blogging taught you that you didn't think you'd learn through blogging? Blogging has taught me a LOT!!!! The main thing would have to be how very much alike we all are and how strong the true Body of Christ is. This transends age, race, background, location and social status. I love that!!!!!!


Meredith, A Mother Singing, asked....How did you start blogging? This question was answered on Jenny's question here when I answered about how I learned about computers at my age.


Lucy, Lucy's Frugal Living, asked.....................Could you maybe do a review of the Franklin Graham book? This was my reply to Lucy.......I would love to be able to do that but oh my, I haven't done a bookreport since I got out of highschool at 16.....54 years ago!!!! So I wouldn't know how to begin. Sorry but hope you'll come back again.

WHEEEE are you getting tired? This is 17 questions down and 17 to go. I'm 1/2 way!!! YEAH!!

I'm having a day out and lunch with my 2 daughters and my 2 granddaughters!! Can you spell happiness and a fulfillment of a desire from my Lord? Yes, HE is GOOD!!

Trust you have a blessed day, too!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Have some great girl time! I will dream of being together with my girls...August can't come soon enough.

Susan said...

You've had great questions and I'm loving the answers, Susan.


Nadine said...

I enjoyed getting to know you through your answers. It's amazing how many questions people have when given the opportunity to ask.

The Olson's said...

It seems we like the same places!

I lived in Bordeaux, France for one year (16 1/2yrs ago!). When flying there, I changed planes in Holland. I loved what I saw as I was flying over it - beautiful! While in France I went to Switzerland for one day. I highly recommend going in the fall - breath-taking! And my husband's family is from Norway. Lately I've been having a desire to travel there. Probably not for some time yet - but who knows, maybe one day we'll meet there!

Thanks for answering my question! I've enjoyed reading the answers to all the other questions, too! It's a great way to get to know someone! And thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

I love reading answers to the questions that you have answered so far.

I really like this format, you are very clever!

Can't wait to read the rest of the answers that you give!

diana said...

you've been asked some great questions. have enjoyed reading your answers.

Tiffany said...

I hve lovrd reading your answer to everyone's questions! I agree whole heartedly on what blogging has taught you (and I!) Hope your day w/ your family was wonderful! Blessings!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Very interesting questions and answers :) Have a great day!

Jungle Mom said...

This is fun!!!

Anonymous said...

neat to know!!great questions and answers!!

Mountain Mama said...

Good answers Susan. I agree that we will have no need to ask questions when we get to heaven. All the questions we have now really won't matter then. However I sure have a lot of questions now.

Karen said...

I just love visiting here! It's fun to hear the answers to all these questions!

Dawn said...

Great questions and answers!

Karen said...

How exciting that you have been to PE Island, wow I would to go there, it's on my dream list. Your granddaughter must have been thrilled with her Anne doll.

Barbara said...

Hi! Susan

I have done my book meme so hope you enjoy. I enjoyed reading more of your answers to questions and interested to see somre more of your books.

Lori said...

That was fun to read and learn more about you.

Lori said...

I'm catching up on your blog Susan.
I enjoyed reading all your answers to your blogoversary questions.

I also loved all of your family picturs. They turned out great.

Momma Roar said...

"The main thing would have to be how very much alike we all are and how strong the true Body of Christ is. This transends age, race, background, location and social status"

I love that too, Susan!