Friday, February 15, 2008


Show & Tell can be found below this post!

I just wanted to share our private little Valentine's dinner with you.
Here is our little table arrangement that has been in place for a week.

The table is set with the china, crystal, silver and a few additions.
The candy dish to the right hold the wonderful milk and semi-chocolate Wilbur Bud's that I won in the drawing on Leigh Ann's 1 year blogoversary recently. YUMMY!!
I made the heart shape brownies (mine from a box!) that Annie showed on her blog recently. Aren't they cute!!!!
The candy dish is now edged in Queen Anne Chocolate Covered Cherries.
Do we like chocolate!!!!

Here is our dinner and menu: Salad with my home made salad dressing, bacon bits and croutons, rib eye steaks, baked yams with butter and cinnamon sugar, asparagus and toasted French bread. Cranberry Juice Cocktail to drink and the heart shaped brownies for dessert.

This picture didn't turn out well, but you get the feeling.

I had this meal all planned and ready to serve when Mickey walked in the door from work. He was very surprised as I had not said a word about fixing a special meal.

The best part of it all was the special Valentine card I found for him a couple of weeks ago when I was shopping at the Christian bookstore.

I am a "stickler" for cards absolutely having to say just the right thing and will spend much time picking out the perfect card. This time I walked to the cards, picked this one up and if I had written it myself I couldn't have said it better.

(it reads)
A Valentine For My Husband
When God gave me the gift of a husband,
He sent me someone who would remain
steady through life's changes...
someone who would grow in strength
and sensitivity through the years...
someone who would help me discover
in new and wonderful ways
the beauty of our love.

Inside on the left bottom is" "Truly God is good" Psalm 7:31 kjv

The inside reads: I'm so thankful for the love that you give and the life that we share, and I treasure the man that you are. Happy Valentine's Day With Love.

I signed it: These words are my heart, my LOVE

Love always & forever


Just so all you younger people will know and understand that love, and romance, can grow through the years and get better and better!!!!!

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Kimmie said...

How sweet Susan... I love that picture that "didn't turn out" as planned, it is a sweet look on your husband's face. One that says, "I'm loved."

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Constance said...

I loved the card! I actually posted my own thoughts of what romance really means (to me) in yesterday's post. We have 5 couples in our Life Group and the husbands planned a Mystery Date for us last night complete with roses, a limo and a nice romantic dinner! What a shock! My Hb knows I am pretty low maintainance but the effort and thought that he put into it means alot to me! Godly men are a true gift from the Lord!

Nadine said...

How sweet. What a lovely table setting and yummy food.

I agree love, romance, passion get better with the years together.

The Olson's said...

I definately agree - love, all gets better with age! I've only been married 11 years and I can already atest to that. I can only imagine how much better it gets after 20, 30, 50yrs! I can't wait!

Love the pictures of your table setting! And that was awesome to surprise him! I'm sure he felt treasured. Also, I loved that card! I'm the same way - the words have to be as if I wrote it. That card says it perfectly!
~ Leanne

Anonymous said...

What a pretty table setting. And that is truly a beautiful card with wonderful words.

annie said...

How cute! Amanda posted pics of her valentine brownies we made on her blog (we ended up using a couple of mixes too ... ssh!) I love your table arrangement and you and Mickey look so cute!

mrsjojo said...

Thanks for sharing. Very lovely table setting and a delicious sounding dinner with a romantic hubby!
Isn't LOVE and romance wonderful-I wonder WHO gave us that??!!!! God is WONDERFUL-isn't He?

diana said...

oh, how nice. mickey is a lucky man. a nice valentine day for the both of you.

have a nice weekend.

Tracy said...

Amen! About the romance getting better part. We've been married 18 1/2 years, and I love my husband so much more today than I did the day I married him.

Beautiful table, Susan!

Carrie said...

What a lovely Valentine's Day celebration.

Momma Roar said...

So lovely!!! Great minds think alike? ;-)

I've enjoyed catching up on your questions/answers posts!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Charlotte said...

That is so sweet. Love the table setting and card especially. I should have done something like this. My husband took me to Black Angus for a steak dinner. Trouble was we didn't have a reservation. We thought if we went before 5 o'clock we wouldn't need one. Wrong. So we ended up going to Red Robin and having fish and chips. Oh well, it was the thought that counts. He said he'd take me to Black Angus next week. I'm looking forward to that.

Jewelgirl said...

Very Lovely, I hope you had a
wonderful Valentines Day Dinner!

Betty said...

Susan, your table is beautiful, and I love the card you picked out for your husband. I'm like you in that I have to have a card say just the right thing. Sometimes I take a very long time to pick out the perfect one.

It's All Good! said...

How romantic! I love hearing about marriages that still have the fire in them after so many years! What a gift you've shared.
I look forward reading the wisdom in your blogs. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...


You two are so lucky to have eachother. What a sweet post and I love it when a card is just right! Dinner sounded fabulous!

Tina said...

Oh Susan, how precious! The food sounds YUMMY! Care to share the dressing recipe? I love making my own salad dressing.

I am the same about cards saying just the right thing.

Musicaljean said...

What a sweet testimony of growing love. That picture is adorable when clicked on.

Farrah said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Mine isn't even a month old, so I really appreciate those!

I spent some time looking around your blog and like what I see! Your Show & Tell post is SO SO SWEET!!! I am happy that you have a wonderful marriage. We will celebrate our 10th in December. I am also with the one God made for me and very happy! :-)

Sharon said...

That is the most romantic dinner I've seen! How loving of you to make such a special meal for your husband. It looks like such fun! You are a great role model to me. I always want to have that spark with my DH and do special things like that with him!!

Happy Valentine's day!

~ Sharon

jennifer said...

SSOOO pretty....Jennifer

Lora said...

What a special Valentine's dinner! Very lovely!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Beautiful dinner with your dear hubby Susan. Thanks for sharing :)

And I am a stickler for cards saying the right thing too. I'll spend way too much time picking them out and often like to leave the kiddos home with dad when I card shop :)

Tammy said...

Susan, what a wonderful Valentine's evening you planned! It's such a blessing to see couples who's love has grown deeper with each passing year. This truly blessed me!

inspired said...

Ye we love Chocolates too :o]

michelle f said...

Very special! I think by the time I see my husband next I be ready to make him a nice meal for the 2 of us to share. :-)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful setting and the food sounds fantastic!

Yes, love really can continue to grow and blossom even after many, many years.

I hope and pray in 20 years Dave and I will be sitting at our table on Valentines day and thanking the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness to us. You guys inspire!

Kelli said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful Valentine's Day dinner with us! Everything is beautiful and I'm sure the food was delicious! I loved the picture of you two love birds too. :0)

Susie said...

Hi Susan,
I feel like it's been ages since I've had time to visit and have just been reading through some posts I've missed.
I enjoyed reading all your answers to the many questions you received and must admit to just a twinge of envy that you have lots of time to devote to the computer and blogging. I miss my computer time, but as you know my time is being spent in other ways right now.
I also loved seeing your Valentine's celebration dinner. You really made it special.

nannykim said...


Jenileigh said...

Awww how sweet!!!