Thursday, July 24, 2008

A 50's PARTY

I am playing catch up!!
This is about a fun 50's Birthday Party that we attended Saturday, July 19th.
(all pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them)
We took a picture of the honoree but it didn't turn out so I dug through old pictures and found this one of his birthday dinner 2 years ago.
Ron is the one in the gray & white shirt, his wife, Dody is across the table and next to me in the yellow top.
This was a dinner that Don (standing behind Ron) and Barbara (in the pink top) hosted at their home. Our other dear friends, Jack & Mary are the other couple behind Ron and of course me and Mickey taking the picture (as usual!!!)

Here is the pre-invitation that was mailed on May 19th telling us to reserve the date - July 19th and annoucing the Surprise 70th Birthday Party for Ron. This party was planned and executed by Ron & Dody's only child, their daughter who lives in Lake For*est, CA.

This is the actual invitation that arrived a couple of weeks prior. Old Route 66 runs through Tulsa and there is an area of town called "Cherry Street" that has been maintained and restored along this route in the 50's theme.

This is the inside of the invitation stating the party will begin at 6 p.m. at Tally's Cafe and a Buffet dinner will be served. Games, door prizes, music, karaoke, dancing..... and asking for an R.S.V.P.

There were 4 of these huge tables and it was decorated all around the pink color of the neon lighting in the room with the lovely turquoise color. One table was filled with out of town family and friends from Chicago and Texas.

The surprise was truly pulled off!!!! They hid all the out of town guests in another area that you cannot see and the rest of us were totally quiet when we were told Ron & Dody had arrived and when they opened the door we all shouted Happy Birthday. Ron was TOTALLY surprised. After they got Ron seated in his "chair of honor" a nephew, who lives in Tulsa, got up and read sort of a "This Is Your Life" theme about the various out of towners and as he would describe them they would walk out!!!!

The entire ceiling was filled with colored balloons and the walls with various 50's items.

We were to dress in a 50's theme. The biggest thing Mickey did was go and get a crew cut!!!! He did not tell me he was going to do this and boy was I shocked when he walked in the door from the barber shop. I didn't care for it but am getting use to it and it's really kinda cute :o) He did manage to get an empty pack of camel cigarette's, stuff it with a napkin and roll it up in his T-shirt sleeve like they use to do. He has on his Con*verse Tennis shoes and just before we walked into the cafe I had him role his pant legs up two more rolls.
This is the best I could do!! Longish skirt with loafers and bobby socks. Charm bracelet on my arm, dangling earrings and face painted with: blue eye shadow, rouge and RED lipstick. How in the world did I EVER wear makeup like this!!!!!!

Here are Don & Barbara. If they had given a prize for the best dolled up it would have to have been Don. He blackened his hair and mustash and had this black framed glasses. Barbara looked cute too with her hair sort of up and back and a scarf around her neck. I wished I'd have thought to add a scarf on mine. Never remembered that until I saw Barbara.

This is the neon sign as we left. What a fun party with about 80 guests.

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Anonymous said...

Susan, you looks so cute in your 50's outfit!! And the party looks like it was really fun. I made my daughter a poodle skirt a couple of Halloweens ago, and I am always trying to convince my husband to dress up 50's with me. Maybe this year!! =)

PEA said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there!!! I love anything to do with the 50's and this party looked like so much fun. You and Mickey looked wonderful and very much in the 50's style...gotta love that crew cut! lol I made a house party in the 50's theme many years ago and now you've got me wanting to find the pictures! lol xoxo

The Young Artist said...

This must have been so much fun!! It's nicely decorated and everyone looks like they had a good time!! Is that really how parties looked like in the 50's? That looks better than parties I'm used too!!

P.S. You all looked cute and adorable! Even you Susan!

diana said...

looks like real fun. and beautifully decorated. thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

I am behind again! I love love love the story about all of the angels watching over you in OKC - I went to school in Bethany and my brother lives in Yukon. We enjoyed walking around Bricktown when it was just getting going. So glad all is well!

And the party looks like such fun.

Alisun said...

What a wonderful thing to do for her dad!! Looks like a blast, you and honey look great too.

Kansas Bob said...

Mickey is my new hero - crew cut and Chuck Taylor converse shoes.. aaah.. brings back sweet memories.. maybe I need to get a crew cut.. not sure I have the courage..

MightyMom said...

how fun!!

retha said...

Oh this was a good laugh!
The place was made up looking so festive.
I really like the idea of the out of town people being introduced. Seeing there were many people the birthday boy might have missed someone. Very good idea.

Tiffany said...

Your pictures are too cute. I'm catching up on reading your posts and I love the one about your trip to OKC. The Lord deffinatly had His angels watching over y'all. WOW! If you don't mind, I'd like to link back to your post on frugal living. I'm about to do my second post on how we save in our home. ~Blessings!

Nadine said...

What fun. You guys look great all decked in your 50's outfit. The place also looked great.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Susan, Don't you and Mickey look so cute in your 50's attire! :) Looks like a great party...and I love the game, This is your life! How neat to play it at the party! The decorations were fabulous!

Hugs, Rhonda :)

Ross' Cottage said...

Hi there,
This party looks fun and you look great in your ourfit..and hubby with his "new" hair cut. I went to a 50's party a couple of years ago and ended up dressing like a teacher in the 50's. Heavy, dark pointed glasses,hair done up in a sort of bun thing and a dress suit thing. One guy told me I really did look like one of his old school teachers and that I was sort of scary to him! I even brought along a pointer stick with me..I just love doing up a theme. I have way too much fun, almost too much!

Nancy said...

What a fun thing to do, you both look so cute in the 50's garb. I like the crew cut on Mickey he looks younger. You sound like a great bunch of people.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a great party! You looked so cute! He had many friends and family. Hope you have a great week! God Bless~

Pam said...

Oh My Goodness! Y'all are just the cutest! What a great party! I love the whole "This Is Your Life" celebration idea and did if for my son's 18th birthday which was combined with his graduating from our home school. It turned out marvelous!