Wednesday, July 23, 2008


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Mickey & I made a 2 day trip to Oklahoma City for him to have a heart test procedure done. We left home at 6:30 a.m. and his first appointment was at 9:30. I did all the driving and we were both so proud of me that I had done so well driving to and into this large city.

When I printed out the map showing the route I put in the 900 block of the street NW. It was really 900 block of the street NE!!!! So we drive up to this very small building that turns out to be an office of two attorneys. Mickey calls the hospital and asks the address and we realize the mistake I had made. Since it was only the 900 block it was not a serious one and we drove the 18 blocks to arrive at the correct place.

The VA Hospital is a huge place and when we stopped a young man wearing a badge to ask him how to get to the first appointment, he had 4 separate appointments all at different locations on different floors, he didn't just point and give us directions but said "Come on I'll take you there" and DID!

Here is a shot of Mickey waiting for one of the appointments. For the hospital being so large and the many people who were there for appointments the entire morning and schedule went like clockwork.

We were out before noon and I was able to call Annie and set up for us to meet her for lunch at 12:30 at the Cheesecake Factory. (See separate post here)

We stopped for a cup of coffee before leaving the hospital. Mickey had been fasting since midnight and had not has his usual 3 or 4 cups of coffee!! While we were having our coffee Mickey said to me (jokingly of course) "That's really good, Susan. You bring me to OKC, away from all the kids, and take me to an attorney's office to file papers against me and abandon me!" We had a good laugh over the ironery of that situation!!!

After a 2 hour lunch with Annie we went and checked into the hotel that VA had arranged for us. We had planned to go out that evening to Bricktown for dinner and to ride the gondola down the cannels but we were worn out and decided to grab a quick bite about 7 p.m. and just turn in for the night.

That evening in the hotel room we were talking about feeling like we literally were aware of our Angels all around us the entire day as so MANY people in the hospital had helped us, everyone was so kind and thoughtful, and everything had worked out so smoothly. There had even been an incident as I was nearing the hospital that I changed lanes and didn't see the car coming and was saved from an accident.

Tuesday morning Mickey is scheduled for his procedure at 7:30 a.m. We go out to the car and my key flob will not open the door and I have to open it with my key. We think "battery in the key flob must be bad". I put the key into the ignition and nothing. The car is absolutely DEAD. I cannot even get the key out of the ignition!!!

Here we are in a strange city, with about 20 minutes for him to get to the hospital, and the car dead. Mickey immediately calls the Road Service. You know how that is these days, as you listen through all the directions and punch this and that #. While he is doing this a couple comes out of the motel toward their car......I run over and say "Are you going to the VA hospital" "Yes" they are. "Can my husband hitch a ride with you?" and I explained the situation. I run and get Mickey and say "Get over there they'll take you to the hospital" and I take the phone and continue with the Road Service lady who tells me that a tow truck will be there within an hour.

I am NOT good in these type situations!!!! I get overly excited and upset and Mickey is always the calm, cool, collected one. By the time I get off the phone I am crying and very upset. I think "I've got to call Marc (our youngest son in Tulsa) and tell him he's just going to have to come and help me). I open my phone and dial 1-9 (I am preparing to dial the 918 area code) and the phone rings. It is Marc!!!!!! I begin my frantic, wild, fast talking to tell him what is going on and he the calmest voice (he is so much like his wonderful Father) "Mother.......calm down a minute". I stop talking and calm down and he says "I am in OKC. I am at the VA hospital but I haven't found dad. Tell me where you are and I'll come right to you." I hang up the phone and I am crying and shouting "Praise God" "Thank you Jesus" "Thank you Angels"!!!!

Marc said "I just "had a feeling" (we know it is the Holy Spirit!!) that I was to come to OKC today. I was not worried about dad at all but just "felt" I needed to be here"!!!

To make a long story short....the tow truck came, Marc & I proceeded to the hospital and actually got there by 9. Mickey was prepped but had not gone into the procedure yet so we were able to see him, let him know that Marc was there and with me, the car was being towed to the Chevy dealership and all was well. It was such a relief to Mickey to be made aware of all this before the procedure.

The test, which was suppose to last about an hour, ended up lasting three hours because they had some complications. Here was my dear son with me!!!!! It would have been so much harder for me to sit there by myself. When the test was done and we got to see Mickey in recovery they said he had to remain there until 3:30. Marc and I left to get the repaired car.......they had to replace the battery!!. We bought this car July 9, 2007 (read all about THIS episode here) and 1 year, 13 days later the battery is no good!!!!! It was all taken care of under the New Car Warranty, both the towing charge and the new battery.

After we got our car, had stopped for lunch and seen Mickey I told Marc to go ahead and come back to Tulsa but he insisted in staying with us until we ALL left OKC for Tulsa in our two separate vehicles.

No one will EVER convince me that I do not serve a God who loves me beyond measure and who is there to meet my every need. Do I get tested......oh yeah, over and over again........Do I grow a little more with the bet I do. Do I love my JESUS, my husband & my son.......OH YEAH!!!!!

By the way, we solicit your prayers. Mickey's heart is fine, strong & good BUT they have discovered some heart disease in two arteries and one valve. We are waiting to hear from the VA and a higher group of surgeons about the next step of a possible double by-pass surgery.

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Simply Stork said...

what a wonderful example of having the holy spirit lead well as the holy spirit sending you your son to be with you in a time of need.


annie said...

I have been keeping Mickey in prayer, and will continue.

Amazing how God takes care of His children.

Momma Roar said...

Wow, Susan - and some people would call that "luck" - but we know better!! Praise God for His watch and care over you and for Marc to follow the Holy Spirit's prompting!!

So glad to know that you are home safe and sound!! :)

Humble wife said...

I am so happy to read that your son followed the promptings!!

I will keep Mickey and you in continued prayer. Sounds like you and I are alike...and that our men are too!
Our God is an awesome God!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

God was with you every step of the way! How awesome the way He cared for you each step of the way. I will continue to pray for Mickey and you and all the family and of course all the medical professionals!

diana said...

wow, susan. that was quite a day. we do, indeed, have an awesome God who looks after all our needs. i'm glad you're home, safe and sound.

Shirley said...

What a neat testimony to God's faithfulness! So glad that Marc was there to be with you - both with the car incident and for Mickey's surgery. Praying for his continued healing. Glad you are back home safely, too.
ps - read your testimony, too. Thanks for sharing with us.

retha said...

Although in a difficult time, it must be very good for a parent to see ones child is listening and obedient to the LORD.
We do serve the wonderful GOD!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a wonderful story! I could actually feel God at work while reading your story.

Susie said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for sharing your wonderful story of answered prayers..
I know you also feel so blessed to have a wonderful son who was right there for you through that trying time.
I've said a prayer for Mickey..

Elizabeth - Scrappygolden said...

I love to read such heartfelt testimonies. As my wise grandmother used to always say when things would happen (like your son just happened to be there for you when you needed him), "It's not odd, it's God".

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I got goose-bumps reading this! God is sooo good! He takes such good care of us! Great story!

I'll keep praying for Mickey. Today my hubby went to the VA hospital too, but only for a blood test, he'll go back next week. I've also been having tests for my heart, I'll get my results next week as well.


Anonymous said...

I should never be amazed, but God continually sweeps me off my feet. He's so faithful!

Please keep me posted on Mickey. Love to you both and prayers. Tell Mickey we have no doubt what an awesome God we serve.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Your account reminded me of Kevin and I! I am the frantic, panic one, and he is always calm and knows just what to do! LOL! I am praying that Mickey gets the care he answers and care he needs for his heart! Keep us posted! And how neat that you and Annie got to meet in person! I love the music she downloaded for the prayer site! :) ~Rhonda

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Oh, my comment is really confusing, huh? I think I must be tired! :) I meant to say, I am praying that Mickey gets the care and answers he needs....

How amazing that God always sends us just what we your case the kind people on day one and your dear son on day two! :)

Lori said...

Praying for both of you.
I hope everything turns out of.

Your sure did have angels all around you.
I'm so glad that everything worked out in each and every situation that you were in.
I'm so glad your son Marc came and was able to help you with your car and be with you at the hospital.
You are so right. God is so good.

MightyMom said...

pray that all is well.

what a day you had, just amazing.

Linds said...

Wow, Susan, God certainly took care of all the details! What a wonderful son you have.
Of course I will be praying.

groovyoldlady said...

Isn't God awesome? He gives us hugs even when we panic and forget to trust Him. He is so good to us!

I'll be praying for your sweetie. My hubby is a cardiac nurse and his dad has been through 2 by-pass surgeries, so we can empathise!

Remember, that none of this is taking God by surprise....He is in control and He is good!

michelle said...

Oh my what a trip. Your Angels were doing some over time there eh? :-)

Will pray for your precious husband! My mother was told she would have to have quadrupal bypass and when they went back to check her arteries were almost completely clear. Will pray for a miracle for Mickey as well!

weavermom said...

Praying! Hope the next step they decide on is all that is needed and nothing more.

Crystal said...

Praise God that He knows our every need before we even can see it! How wonderful that Marc could be with you in this situation. And thanks be to God that Mickey could have all of this done so smoothly and now move on to the next stage. You are really strong and such a good example of God's work. ((( HUGS )))

The Nest Egg said...

That was such a nice story!!!

Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

These kinds of stories give me goosebumps!!!!

I am so happy everything worked out in the end, and that the Lord sent your son to be with you when you were going to need him.

And I sure will pray for your husband's heart, too!!!

Jillian, Inc. said...

Oh Susan, this one gave me chill bumps. It is so very, very true that the Lord is with us and watches over us. I hope and pray all the best for Mickey.

Barbara said...

Will be remembering you and Mickey in my prayers Susan.Amazing how God allows us to get frantic and then drops by letting us know He was there all the time and also amazing that next time we forget it and have to go through the whole procedure again.

Pam said...

While reading this post, I had goose bumps upon goose bumps! Or should I call them "Jesus" bumps? For it's truly His love and care that overwhelms me!

Lisa said...

I love to read about God Incidents like this.
HE takes care of his faithful servants.
I will keep mickey in my prayers.