Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Are you ready for another good laugh this morning!!

If this one doesn't make you smile something is wrong with you.

Man Kills Self Before

Shooting Wife

and Daughter

This one I caught in the SGV Tribune the other day and called the Editorial Room and asked who wrote this. It took two or three readings before the editor realized that what he was reading was impossible!!! They put in a correction the next day. nih

Something Went Wrong

in Jet Crash, Expert Says
No, really?

Police Begin Campaign

to Run Down

Now that's taking things a bit far!

Miners Refuse

to Work after


No-good-for-nothing' lazy so-and-so's!

Juvenile Court

to Try

Shooting Defendant
See if that works any better than a fair trial!

War Dims

Hope for Peace

I can see where it might have that effect!

If Strike Isn't

Settled Quickly,

It may Last

Ya think?!

Cold Wave Linked

to Temperatures
Who would have thought!

Enfeld (London) Couple


Police Suspect

They may be on to something!

Red Tape

Holds up New


You mean there's something stronger than duct tape?!
Oklahoma's construction program!

Man Struck By


Faces Battery Charge
He probably IS the battery charge

New Study of Obesity

Looks for Larger Test

Weren't they fat enough?!

Astronaut Takes

Blame for Gas

in Spacecraft
That's what he gets for eating those beans!

Kids Make

Nutritious Snacks
Do they taste like chicken?

Local High School


Cut in Half
Chainsaw Massacre all over again!

Hospitals are Sued

by 7 Foot Doctors
Boy, are they tall!

And the winner is....

Typhoon Rips

Through Cemetery;


Did I read that right?

We all need a good laugh, at least once a day!

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:

but a broken spirit drieth the bones." Provebs 17:22

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Lisa said...

Susan! How are ya?
Hope ya'll are having a wonderful summer.
Things are so scatterbrained around here...I don't get around to everyone very quickly.

Just wanted to say that I tried to comment on the Phantom of the Opera post you did. but would not open for some reason (silly compter!) So, fine! I'll just comment here! I loved it! Thanks for sharing that!
And congratulations again! What a blessing to have each other for 50 yrs.!


Pen of Jen said...

Yes, I needed this chuckle today :)

Charlotte said...

Thanks for another good laugh.
I passed an award on to you this morning. You can see it on my blog.
Have a laughing good day!

Alisun said...

I love it!!! I am laughting so hard right now and it feel very good.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Susan, These were hilarious! What a good dose of laughter to start my day with! :)

Hugs, Rhonda

Myrna said...

A;ways good to start the day with a laugh1 Well, really my day started several hours ago, but you know what I mean!

Mountain Mama said...

Good Morning Susan and thank you for a whole day of smiles. It's unbelievable that the Editors didn't catch these funnies! I love your remarks too.
I am having a very busy summer, between making cakes and tending the garden and all, it seems the time just flies by and by the time I can sit at the computer I am so tired I just go blank!
Unfortunately I'm not able to do much blog visiting right now but it will ease up soon and I'll be back in the swing of things.
Love, Hugs and prayers.

Shirley said...

Thanks for the lighter side this morning! It's amazing how many of these make it past the editor!! :)

Praying for you for tomorrow.

Christy said...

that is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!

THank you for the laugh!!

Anonymous said...

How funny. I love catching such gaffs in our local paper. Guess we don't have a corner on the market of the written ridiculous! ;)

Susan said...

Oh my goodness...that made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing.

:-) Susan

The Olson's: said...

I like the first one best! Thanks for the chuckle!
~ Leanne

PEA said...

Omigosh that was funny! Thank you so much for the chuckles, dear Sue...isn't it amazing how people can write such headlines without realizing how it sounds! lol xoxo

Tina said...

those were great Susan!!

Pear tree cottage! said...

Susan hello I am so pleased to be here chatting with you today after a long time of not visitng......I have missed your great comments and am happy to be visiting you.
love Lee-ann

Sue Cramer said...

Those are very cute Susan!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

Jeanette said...

gday Susan, Sorry its been a while ive had computer probs and lost all my favorites. So glad i found you again I needed a good laugh today, after recieving sad news. Take care I will be back to read more. Jen

Crystal said...

Those are hilarious, Susan! As a teacher, I wonder who writes this stuff too. If people would just slow down a bit and reread what they've just written, I'm sure many of these wouldn't happen. Anyway, thanks for the smiles :))

Ross' Cottage said...

These are funny...do people ever really re read what they write? In a way I am glad they don't because a good laugh is good for my heart!

diana said...

those are great, susan.
i agree... laughter is so important. we get more than our daily doses here in my house =D

Bobbi said...

"Did you have too much caffine last night? :o)"
No, LOL!!!! I'm naturally goofy. How about yourself after those headlines? :P
thanks for dropping by!
blessings and hugs,

Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the smile Susan.. your follow-up comments were as funny as the headlines :)