Tuesday, August 12, 2008


First comes the clothesline and then comes the laundry soap.....
at least that's the way it worked at my house.
On July 16th Becky, at The Butler's Wife, posted about making her own laundry soap. I was totally intrigued. Following her link I decided to do it. Two of the three ingredients were easy to find and then I began my search around Tulsa and could not find the third. Finally I found and ordered Arm & Hammer Washing Soda. Had to end up paying the shipping charge which increased my cost and will reduce my savings but I still think I'll save a lot and it will be well worth it. Besides that I wanted to try it and see.
Here are the 3 ingredients after I got my package on Friday.

Saturday I made my soap. This is the first step.

Now ready to add the other ingredients.

This is the mixture.

Here it is "setting up" in the garage for awhile.

After the time for setting up this is what it looks like.

I repackaged it from the bucket into these two handy ice cream buckets, with lids. I save these buckets and find many uses for them. .

I would have done my first load to try it out yesterday, but it rained here Sunday morning 4 1/2" and drizzled off and on all day Monday and naturally I want to use the new clothesline!!
If this sounds fun to you and something you want to give a try go here for the information and instructions.
When Marc, Oksana & Aric came over Sunday and I told them was making my own laundry soap Oksana said, "Are you serious?!" Like I'd fallen off the turnip truck or something. Gotta love the realness of children.

The other back to basis I did was bake two loaves of whole wheat bread. I have a bread machine, but I use to bake bread by hand all the time years ago and decided I wanted to try that again. I can't believe that I didn't think to take pictures!!!! But I didn't. It turned out a little heavy but I'll be doing it again and I'm sure it will turn our lighter next time. It tasted wonderful anyway :o)

I am trying out a lot of new, healthier recipes and dishes since Mickey's health issues and reading Dr. Oz & Dr. Roizen's book

This is Warm Spinach Salad with Chicken, Apples, and Toasted Almonds. GOOD!!!

We've also had the Pineapple-Banana Frappe', Grilled Vegetable Sandwich with Fresh Goat Cheese, & Grilled Tilapia with Asian Red Lentils and Kale. All have been very good. I also made a roastbeef sandwich spread out of our Sunday's left over roast that turned out wonderful.
Stay turned to see what else or new we'll come up with next!!!! By the way, Mickey's bee's are doing WONDERFUL and he expects to be harvesting his first honey soon. We are very excited about that.

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Anonymous said...

I have made my own laundry soap before. I didn't find washing soda, but I found baking soda that had a picture of a washing machine on the box. So I got that, and it did the job wonderfully.
It really helped me get rid of 4 bars of soap that have been laying around here unused for a long time. I liked it.

Barbara said...

Sounds like you are having fun. Used to do that kind of thing during the war but would not have the time nor inclination for it now. If y ou do not want to use soap, did you know there are special balls one can put in the wash that are supposed to wash clean without any soap and they last forever.

Best wishes for your weight loss programme.

You will love having a faster computer and better screen.

Well I am catching up after hols as you see. Trust Mickey is doing ok. Blessings.

diana said...

wow! you really are going back to some basics. good for you. did making the soap really save you much money?

and it must be nice to do the healthy eating stuff with mickey. i think changes like that have a better chance of sticking if everyone's in it together. in your case, just the two of you.

Kansas Bob said...

Making soap and honey.. you Okies rock!

Maalie said...

LOL! I do sometimes bake my own bread but I've never tried making soap!

Nice one!

Shirley said...

You rock, Susan! That is so great that you made your own laundry soap (I'll have to wait until I have a house, I think :). The salad looks wonderful and I LOVE homemade bread. Yum!

Charlotte said...

How interesting. I remember years ago people talking about making lye soap. I like your nobama on your sidebar. I agree with you on that.

The Olson's: said...

I'm finally getting caught up from the 40+ blog postings on my blog feed! I thought I would save a bit of time & just comment on your most recent post.

Sounds like you've been busy: celebrating birthdays, getting a new-er computer, making soap, exercising & losing weight, enjoying your new clothes line, cooking delicious meals...! I always love reading about your day-to-day events!

Keep up the weight loss. My husband hasn't been all that strict with his diet lately, but is maintaining his 40lb decrease. He still has another 40-60lbs to go, but in the meantime, he's enjoying all the extra energy he has! I can only imagine what other hobby you will tackle when you have more energy!!!

Looking forward to hearing about it,
~ Leanne

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed. Our friend Becky has nothing on you my friend. Wow, you are doing fantastic.

Susie said...

Hi Susan,
The soap making sounds like an interesting project. I haven't made bread in ages. (although I do have a bread maker.
Your salad sounds yummy!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I should probably try it with the ice cream buckets like you did. Gives me an excuse to buy ice cream. I never did it with the water, I only did the powdered version. You have some good ideas.

Charlotte said...

Hi Susan,
No, I didn't do away with my regular blog. I typed in a title for the picture I have on my header now in the space where it said blog name so now they are reporting that as my blog name. It's kinda confusing. I'm using a different template and it looks a lot different but it's the same blog. It's called That's Me at Knott's Berry farm - 1955. Thanks for asking. It's

Charlotte said...

Looks like I didn't finish that last sentence. I intended to say It's kinda confusing.

Ross' Cottage said...

I am so interested to see how well this works and also the costs involved. We have 7 of us here and I am willing to give a try to new ideas that can save us money! I always say that saving us money is my way of helping out our income. Sort of like my part time job to add to the family income by not overspending.
Keeps us updated and let us know how it worked.

Lori said...

Thanks for the soap recipe Susan.
I may have to give it a try.
I'm al about saving money when I can.

Your sald looks delicious.

Lori said...

I must be tired. I can't spell tonight.

I'm all about saving money.

your salad looks delicious.

Momma Roar said...

The detergent looks like something I'd like to try and make ... hmmmm

And, I wanted to tell you I have a chicken and feta cheese recipe on my cooking blog that is very healthy. I also have a recipe for choc chip cookies - they are a nice treat and very low in fat and calories. And T and the kids LOVE them. T thinks they are better than any other choc chip cookie I make! :)

And that reminds me, I need to make some again soon!!