Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Yesterday Mickey & I had the most delightful day just hanging around the house, enjoying each other, our wonderful life and love for each other. Last night we attended our 3rd Monthly Bee Club meeting which was excellent. Driving home we talked about what a fine group of interesting and caring people they are.

At 2:00 a.m. I am awaken with him calling "Susan, come and help me" from the bathroom. When I get there he is on the floor with his head hanging over the commode and trying to throw up and can't. He is breaking out in a cold sweat and trying to pass out. I don't know if it is the heart, he thinks it might be food poisoning from something he ate at the meeting. I am praying like mad. We go back and forth from bed to bathroom. The diarrhea starts but he just has the dry heaves. I keep saying I need to call 911 and he doesn't want me to. I am doing everything in my power to keep him from passing out. Talking to him constantly, praying over him, cold wash clothes to his forehead, even lightly slapping his face, etc.

To make a long story short at 4:15 I finally override his wishes and calling 911. The ambulance arrived in 12 minutes. They hook-up all the testing equipment and the heart is doing good, he is getting plenty of oxygen, etc. but he is still fighting not passing out. The decision is made to transport him to the hospital.

Once in the hospital he was given a med intravenously that immediately helped. The heart checked out fine, the oxygen in his blood was fine, the blood work was fine. The Dr. ruled out food poisoning. They did stomach x-rays. It was finally decided he had a virus.

He is released a little before 7.The drive home make him nauseous again but we finally make it home. I get him into the bed and the sickness is still coming over him in waves. Finally, after about an hour he falls asleep. He has been sleeping most of the day but was able to eat a yogurt, a little plain rice, tea and a peeled apple and keep them down. He is well on his way to recovery.

Before we left I had e-mailed our Pastor and Vanessa, of the Remnant Prayer Group, to pray. Vanessa was scheduled to be at my home at 8:15 this morning for coffee and a visit. She came over briefly and we prayer. Another dear friend of ours, the one who lived in our house for 4 years and works for EMS heard about the call and came over and prayed with him and visited.

I do not know what people do in times of trouble with The Lord and wonderful, supportive Christian friends. We are scheduled to be in Oklahoma City again this Friday, the 15th, at the VA Hospital for a breathing procedure and an electrocardiograph. We are still standing and believing he is going to be healed and the bi-pass surgery will not be needed.

Please join us in prayer.


Nancy said...

Oh viruses can really take the starch out of just about anyone. Sure hope all is well soon..

Susan said...

Praying for continued recovery. I know that must have been a bit frightening!

:-) Susan

annie said...

Poor Mickey. and poor you. What a tough night. I'm praying and standing with you on great test results for Mickey and for a healed heart.

Tracy said...

How scary for the both of you! You'll be in my prayers.

Dawn said...

Oh, my goodness - poor Mickey! The flu has been going through our church like wildfire, but nothing this extreme.

Charlotte said...

Bless your hearts. So glad it was just a virus. This can be so scary. You're both in my prayers.

diana said...

wow! how scary - for the both of you. i'm glad it wasn't super serious - like his heart or something like that. i'll be praying for quick recovery. tell him he has a lot of prayer warriors interceding on his behalf.

you take care, too, susan.

weavermom said...

Oh my! So glad that it turned out to be just a virus. Praying for a quick recovery!

Nadine said...

That must have been so scary for you both. I'm glad his heart checked out okay.

I will continue to pray for you and him that his heart is completely healed and no surgery is needed.

Ross' Cottage said...

We had the flu go through our house this summer also. It seemedso unexpected to have people throwing up when it is summer and warm. I am so glad that is was the flu and not anything else. I will be praying for Mickey's up and coming tests and for you as his wife. Thinking of you...Kim

Linds said...

Poor Mickey! You did so well, Susan. It must have been really difficult for you. I hope he recovers really soon. How wonderful to have friends to support you!

Pen of Jen said...

What a scary -long- night- and then day. I am praying here for Mickey and you.


Anonymous said...

I'm praying for your husband, too

Lisa said...

Hey Susan.
I was shocked when I got on the cocmputer this morning and read this post. Goodness!
Praise God he is recovering!
I pray there is good news with his upcoming tests.

Kowing me...and this summer...I may not be back on for a few days...wow!
When school starts back I'll get to visit with more folks!

The Olson's: said...

That must have been scarey! I've had to deal with a lot of health issues with my husband but never passing out.

Thank you, Jesus for helping Mickey get better.
~ Leanne

Barbara said...

Mickey's deal sounds just like the Norovirus that I caught from my Grandson last year. It lasted 5 days and I lost 5 lbs. Not nice.