Friday, September 12, 2008

ShOW & TELL #26 - Garage Sale Finds

Friday once again and for me that means Show & Tell. Drop over to Kelli's and learn all about it and participate in the fun.

I seldom go to garage sales because my husband does not care for them and we are together most of the time. However, Saturday we were coming home from Lo*wes
and I was driving and saw a sign and turned to see what I could find. We were actually looking for a hot plate to use in the honey comb operation.

Anyway, I'm glad we stopped because look at the neat things I found!!

This 4 piece canister set with screw on tops and a measuring spoon on each.
They read Flower - Coffee - Sugar - Tea
I paid $4 for the set and I love them!!!
The canister's I had did not have screw on tops so I quit using them.

Then I got this matching spice rack, full of spices that had not even been opened!
It spins and each jar is labeled and there are 20 jars.
I got this for $3

I had just bought a jar of Cumin at the grocery store and paid $3.13 for it with tax.
I hadn't opened it and have the sales slip so I will be returning it for my refund!
Cumin was one of the 20 spices
With all the new recipes I have been having to buy a lot of spices I had not been accustomed to using.
God meets our needs in such wonderful, and usually surprising ways!!

Then just for pure fun.....I certainly didn't "need" them....but I've always loved the shape and whimsy of tea pots. Katherine, look what I got!!!
They were $1 each of all 8 for $6

My favorites are the little one in front and the one in the back on the left with the square top, but I think all are precious!!!!

Here they are residing on my messy computer desk.

Last, but not least, this lovely Christmas plate and serving knife all ready for a cheese ball this Christmas.
I paid $1 for this

Thanks for letting me share my finds with you.

Mickey & I are Oklahoma City today consulting with the heart surgeon so please say a special pray for us as you read this.

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JanMary said...

Prayers for the hospital appointment.

Great finds - I especially love the christmas plate.

Carrie said...

Those were all great finds!

Momma Roar said...

You are most certainly in my prayers today!!! HUGS!

I love your finds! The tea pots are my favorite - I have a thing for tea pots too! And I don't like tea! LOL! I have several snowman ones that broke when we moved :(

Sharon said...

Wow! You scored! I love all your new goodies! The teapots are adorable. I think my favorite thing is the canister set. They are very cool with screw on lids, so the poducts will stay fresh. The Lord truly blessed you with the spice rack too! That's why I love going to garage sales. Did your hubby change his mind about garage sales after seeing how blessed you were???

Have a happy weekend!


Lynn said...

Great finds. I hope things go well.

Angie said...

You hit the jackpot! What fun treasures to find!

LBP said...

What great yard sale finds! I really love the Christmas plate and matching knife.



Humble wife said...

praying for you.

annie said...

I'm praying for you guys today!

I rarely make it to garage sales, but it's so fun to find neat things like those you found! Mom has an enormous tea pot collection and actually had to weed some out! It's funny how once we start collecting something that collection grows and grows!

Say hi to Mickey for me.


Chez Nous said...

What great bargains! The teapots are lovely but the Christmas set is my favorite - I love anything that can be used for Christmas entertaining.

Charlotte said...

I haven't been garage saleing in a long time. This post made me think I need to get out there. Everything you found was marvelous and he price fantastic.

Anne Fannie said...

Hello Susan, I love those teapots! I also collect some and I just think they are the greatest. You have some great finds there!
I will keep you in my prayers and I love your choice for President on your sidebar!
Love, Ann

Mary said...


It looks like you got some real bargains at that garage sale. The price rack was a steal. Spices are very expensive. And the canisters with the screw-on lids are great.

All of your things are beautiful. My favorite is the blue teapot with the cherries. I am a lover of teapots.

Take care, Susan.

Linds said...

Wonderful finds, Susan! I love the plate for Christmas!

Jean said...

That garage sale was certainly worth the stop. Great finds! Jean

A Hint of Home said...

Wow, I can't believe all your wonderful finds. Talk about deals! The cannisters, and spices were great but the tea pots are so sweet.

Carla said...

WOOHOO! What a find! Thank you for sharing today. I'm saying a prayer for you and your hubby!

michelle said...

Oh you don't know how much I miss garage sales! I love a good bargain!

I love the silver spice cool and for $3 WOW!

Glad you got some good deals.

Elizabeth said...

Was it God, or was it your own thrift and persistence? Perhaps you don't give yourself enough credit.

Anonymous said...

Hope things are going well with the dr.

Love the canisters and the spice rack!!! My Mom would drool over the tea pots. Glad you found them and not her, she has NO room!!!

retha said...

All your buys look wonderful and useful.
I am asking for strength and calmness, specially for the drive.

Anonymous said...


Great finds!!! Thanks for showing your treasured finds.

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Wow great finds and an already made up colleciton!


Kansas Bob said...

I like garage sales - as long as they are in someone else's garage :)

PEA said...

Now you know why I love going to garage/yard sales, auctions, thrift can find such wonderful treasures:-) I love everything you really did well!!!

My prayers are with you and Mickey today as you consult the heart surgeon. xoxo

Kathy said...

What great finds and bargains! Isn't it fun when that happens?!

Tina said...

Wow, I loved your finds!! I love garage saling, but don't get much opportunity to go. That spice rack is so nice!!

Hope the appt went well. Will be praying

Anonymous said...

I love, love love garage sales! And we both collect tea pots! Have collected for many years! What fun you had today. I have often stubled on something I love at a bargain price and knew my Father had it there just for me! The Lord is good!

Mountain Mama said...

I have prayed for Mickey and will continue to do so. And for you too.
I love garage sales and your treasures have sure got me wanting to go again. Your teapots are just darling. You really found some great bargains.
GOd bless you and yours.

Tiffany said...

Wow, I never find anything *that* neat at garage sales! (especially the tea pots.. I love those! And they look nice displayed like they are.)

My husband and I did find several sets of dishes and a set of canisters that match our kitchen. Unfortunately, though, we now have 6 sets of dishes (most aren't complete sets, but still.. we have way more dishes than we'll ever need. Some are so pretty though, it's hard to pass them up!)

You're in my prayers!

Dawn said...

What a wonderful garage sale you found! Such treasures.

Will be waiting anxiously to hear the results.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

That was a really good garage sale! Lots of neat goodies! Of course, the tea pots are my favorite!! We never "need" things like that, but we sure do enjoy them, and that was a price you couldn't refuse!! Thanks for thinking of me!

I'm reading my email at my daughter's and just had to look see what reminded you of me! :-)

diana said...

what precious and beautiful tea pots. i love 'em. at one time, i thought about trying to collect tea pots but realized there was a space problem and decided not to.

thanks for sharing and hope you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love everything you found!!!

Lori said...

What great things you found at garage sales.

I to love the canister set and the spice rack.

Enjoy all your finds.

ceekay said...

Wow, you hit the jackpot! I love that spice rack especially.

lauren said...

Good finds! My only comment is that you may want to replace those old spices anyway. Shake some out, crush them in your hands and see if you can smell anything. Ground spices generally stay fresh about 6 months to 1 year while dried herbs and whole spices last a little longer, maybe 2 years at best. If the spices you purchased are any older than that, they probably won't be that great for cooking. Good Luck!