Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Since David's plane did not arrive until the evening of Christmas day and he missed out on our celebration we decided to all meet for dinner at Ou*t Ba*ck Steak House on Sunday evening for dinner.
Our son's, Marc & David and grandson, Aric.

l We picked this restaurant because our granddaughter, Jessica, works here and although she couldn't "eat" with us she got to wait on our table of 10, and spend time serving us. Here she is taking her grandfather Mickey's order.

Dave, Suzette & Oksana perusing their menu's

Benny, Mallory & Jacque.

Mallory a friend of Jessica's. also works at Ou*t Ba*ck, and they go to college together. Oksana looking on from the side.

Mickey & I...the proud parents and grandparents... enjoying a fun time with our family.

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Anonymous said...

This is a time to stop and smell the blessings. So glad you all have had some great family time.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

It looks like you had just one awesome Christmas season spent with family!

Nadine said...

It's nice that you are having such a great time with family. It's good to see Mickey doing well. How has he been feeling?

retha said...

Good the the waitress could also join in the family time.

Devoted said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful family time with us! Isn't it wonderful to be sourrounded by all that love during the season of love? God bless you all.

Mountain Mama said...

I love your pictures. It's so fun to see the people you have been telling us about.
It looks like you had a great time and the shining smiles on you and Mickeys face prove it.
There's nothing like having our family together. It sort of makes me feel 'complete.'
Have a wonderful new year Susan.
God bless you and yours.

Kathy said...

I have heard several "plan b" stories due to Christmas plans changing-weather related, of course. So glad someone got to serve you all that wonderful night together!! Blessings and Joy, Kathy

It's All Good! said...

That's great everyone can be together. Mmmm, I love Outback!

Dawn said...

What wonderful times you have had with your family.

We had wild times with so many around this year - fun, but exhausting!

Tammy said...

Looks like you all had a great time together with family post-Christmas!
I haven't been to Outback in ages...I need to go again! ;)

(We had a post Christmas visit with my mom over the weekend and it too was SO nice!)

Pam said...

And I bet Jessica got a really great tip too!
Sometimes I think the post-holiday celebrating is the best. We tend to be more relaxed and less exhausted!

Momma Roar said...

Definitely a moment to be proud of!! Have you ever seen those signs that say, "All because two people fell in love"? My in laws have one of those signs above all the children and grandchildren's pictures in their den!