Monday, January 26, 2009


I missed my weight report last week because my internet was down for 4 days!!!!! So I'm catching up with it here. Last week, 1/12-1/18, I did BAD and gained a lb. This week, 1/19-1/25, I did INDIFFERENT and stayed the same. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time getting with the program this time but, as I've said before, I am not quitting and I am not giving up.

We had Aric with us from Friday afternoon until this morning when Mickey took him to school.

Aric all ready to attend church with Grandma & Grandpa

Mickey & I. Doesn't Mickey look great 3 1/2 months since his double bi-pass heart surgery? Praise God!!!! The tie Mickey has on is one of my Christmas gifts to him. The new slacks and sweater I am wearing is my Christmas BD gift from my daughter, Jacque. I had to have the slacks hemmed up because I'm getting shorter!! I still can't get over that fact.

One of the woman, Judy, in my church began a home Bible study on Monday, January 12th. I am so excited about this!!!! The first week there were only three of us: Judy, a friend she used to work with, Linda, and me. Last week there were 5 of us: Judy, Shirley, Wantha, Peggy (a friend of Wantha's) and me. Linda could not make it because she was ill. We meet at 11 o'clock. I have ALWAYS wanted to be part of an in-home Bible Study and am very excited about what God is going to accomplish in and through this group. We are praying that God add those woman who He wants to be part of this group. It is not a "church" function as such, but just a desire the Lord placed on Judy.

I am hoping we will still meet together today, but that is kind of up in the air at the moment. They are predicting sleet and rain beginning around noon today and it could turn into an ice storm.

I'm praying it doesn't turn in to one like above that we had in December, 2007 when the above picture was taken.
If you remember, one of our goals this year is to entertain more. Well on Friday night, the 16th, we took Ronnie & Carol out to one of our favorite Italian Restaurants for dinner. It is a lovely place that even has a violinist playing as you eat, and he is very good. He was doing a lot of Classical Spanish songs, which is a favorite of mine. Ronnie and Carol attend church with us, they are LONG time members, and Ronnie is Mickey's bee mentor and was such a blessing and help during our Anniversary trip and during the months that Mickey was unable to take care of his bees. Can you believe I didn't get a picture???!!!! Anyway we had a grand, good time.
This past week, since we had Aric all week-end we did not do any entertaining.
The prayer group is aware of this because they have been praying with us, but I hadn't posted on Penless about it. One of our friends, Lee, has quadruple heart bi-pass surgery on Thursday. On Friday he began bleeding and they were afraid they were going to lose him. They finally got the bleeding stopped but then he was unresponsive. Mickey and another friend, Jack, drove over to Oklahoma City and the VA Hospital to be with him and his family on Saturday. Yesterday we got the report that he is responding. His blood pressure is way to high and they are keeping him sedated at they figure out the proper medication to get the pressure under control. NEVER under estimate the power of prayer!!! I don't. Praise God for touching our friend, Lee, with His Mighty Hand.
I just got a call that our Bible Study has been called off for today because of the impending storm. Judy lives way out in the country so a long drive was deemed not the best choice for today.
Since I'm not going to Bible Study I'm going to go make some home made bread. See ya.......and enjoy your day.

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Barbara said...

Can't believe it is three and a half months. How time flies.

I guess you know that Jill Austin died. Wonderful memorial service at Kansas.

Brenda said...

Sounds like a nice day for home made bread!
I'm like you, needing to get these last lbs off. Today I ran up and down our staircase 10 times. I figured I'd better stop before I tumbled down the stairs! I'm going to try and do that every morning. (Our treadmill died a few months ago). Now I'm going to get on the total gym while Grace is doing her 'seat' work.
Those are great pictures of you and Mickey.

Anonymous said...

Bible studies are good. So is homemade bread. Good pictures. Have a great day.

Tina said...

praising God for Mickey's recovery and wishing you a blessed day as well!

Tina said...

you look great by the way! :)

Mari said...

You all look so nice! I hope the storm fizzles and you don't get coated with ice.

diana said...

you must have got some of the weather we had here yesterday. it was beautiful, but icy and too cold.

glad to hear lee is somewhat stable. will continue to pray.

i know what you mean about home bible studies. i just got home from my 'moms in touch' prayer group. even though we're not doing a bible study, i appreciate so much the time together for prayer and fellowship.

Betty said...

Looks cold over there!
Prayers do help! It finally rained at our ranch last night. We are very thankful for that!
Hope you have a good week!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

The power of prayer is AMAZING and continues to amaze me every day!

Dawn said...

He does look great - so trim and handsome. I'll bet he's like my husband - can keep his figure without the struggles we have! I love the tie. We have a guy at church who always has neat ties like that from a catalog.

I hope you don't get the intensity of ice that you did in 2007. I remember that one well from my brother living down there.

I haven't made it to the gym for a week because of a really bad cold. Just no energy. Hopefully tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

You and Mickey look great! I wish I was there to hug you :) The weight thing is so tough. I tried and tried before Alicia's wedding and just couldn't get past 8lbs. I wish I could walk, but...

I saw the weather report for your area and was just telling Dave that you might be getting ice. Lindsey said they are suppose to get it Wednesday. Stay warm and safe.

Thanks for the update on Lee. I haven't been to the prayer blog today.

Lori said...

Yes, Mickey does look great 3 months after his surgery.
You look great too.

I have bible study every Tuesday morning and every other Thursday night (2 different groups). I so look forward to the fellowship.

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Mickey does look great! What a miracle! His friend is in my prayers! ...great pic of you and Aric, too! :)

Ya'll take care in the winter storm! ~hugs, Rhonda

Anonymous said...

You both look fabulous!! The color of your sweater is lovely.

Mountain Mama said...

I am praying with you that your friend Lee will recover and stay well to serve the lord.
I should be making bread tomorrow but it will have to wait until Wednesday because I need to shop tomorrow. I want to buy a new nightgown and slippers for my daughter. Her surgery is on the third.
I need to shop for a new bread machine too. It sure is fun making bread in one of those contraptions!
Take care and keep warm dear friend.
God bless you and yours

annie said...

This ice is crazy!
You guys look great.

Sioux said...

Love the photos. Wonderful of all three of you. I'm about half way through the Bible study I'm leading in the letters of John and Jude. We've really had a wonderful group. We are canceling next Sunday as the Bishop will be with us.

Yes, it says we will have an ice storm tonight and until noon on Wednesday. Our daughter had a wreck in the last storm. It can be so dangerous.

Tammy said...

Mickey does look great! (And you do too!)
I agree..never underestimate what God can do when people pray!

Me Maw said...

You guys look great! and what a sweet looking grandson! Hope you all fared that storm ok!


the voice of melody said...

Susan, you look great! Don't worry about the slow weight loss, you know the saying "slow and steady wins the race"!

Many sweet blessings!

michelle said...

I just started back up with a home bible study is so nice!

You look great btw!!

Sharon said...

Copy paste this link
for a complete study of the Bible by Zac Poonen

Momma Roar said...

He does look great!!

I'm thrilled about my bible study too - I'm not participating in any at our church currently, as T is - and with the little ones and times/so on, it was better for one of us to participate. Anyway, I'm doing The Story along with Ginger's church - since it is all online - I'm so excited!!

Jenileigh said...

You both look fabulous! Much love Susan!