Saturday, January 24, 2009


It is hard to believe this is only the 5th day Obama has been in office.

The fact that he reversed the abortion fund policy on his 4th day in office speaks volumns to us that did not support him. It speaks volumns of the fears we have of what he is yet to do, and what he is about.

I was appalled at the booing that occurred when President Bush was announced at the ceremonies Tuesday. This great man that has been so vilified by so many, I believe, will get the honor and glory due him as history unfolds and tells the true story.

My friend, Maxine, of Nanna's Reflections, sent me two links about President Bush that I would like to share with you. I do not know how to transfer these from e-mail to my blog so all I can do is give the links :o(

If you respect George W. Bush and wish the best for him I ask you to please go to these two links and spend a little time on them.

The first is his speech and arrival as he and Laura arrived in Midland, TX.
It just blessed my heart to see them so happy, relaxed, and standing on right.
The second one is called Mission 1 Accomplished.

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Mari said...

I am also very disturbed by the treatment George Bush recieved. There should be respect for the office regrdless of how they feel about the man. I think history will show he did a good job.
I'm also upset by the law President Obama signed yesterday. I think our country will see further problems because we aren't following God.

Jillian, Inc said...

I loved the speech he gave in Texas and think it proves the man of character he is. And I can only imagine how happy he and Laura are to be OUT of Washington. As for the booing and other just goes to show the shallow character of those people. I wouldn't want someone supporting me that treated an outgoing President that way.

Brenda said...

God has 'kept' President Bush. They carry themselves with their heads held high. And it won't be too long before Obama won't be able to place blame on him and will have to shoulder the load himself. Proof is in the pudding.
God bless President Bush and Laura with such wonderful peace.
And the God Who is the Truth be revealed to President Obama. The Lord's had is not too short that He cannot save.

Nancy said...

The Bushes have proven they are people of respect and integrity with good character. We really don't know who Mr. Obama is but I'm sure we will soon find out.. All the same God is in control. We need not fear.

Kansas Bob said...

I respect George W. Bush, wish the best for him and hope that history will be kind to him.. heck.. I voted for him twice.

I do wish that he would have been more of a fiscal conservative though and vetoed all the out of control congressional spending.. it saddens me how much of a national debt we are leaving for our grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. Booing Pres Bush said much more about the ones doing the booing than it did about him. It always amazes me how the left has the reputation of being so tolerant when they are the most intolerant people in the world. I saw his speech when he got back to Texas. He and Laura are two of the most gracious people you will find anywhere, and certainly in politics. The way he has been treated the past eight years just makes me furious. The way they set out to destroy Sarah Palin makes me just as angry. Anything a democrat does is overlooked with just a smile and a "no big deal" but if a conservative does something far less bad, they set out to destroy. I blame the media as much or more than anybody else. I'd better calm down before I get my blood pressure up. I've never had high blood pressure, but this kind of thing is sure to make it go up some.

Barbara said...

You had me fooled for a minute Susan coming up with yur name instead of PW.

To transfer from an E-mail to your blog. Highlight and then copy and paste righthand clicking your mouse should do it.

OR copying and pasting into word and doing same from there.

Anonymous said...

It really is very sad... as far as the abortion laws, it's nothing less than heartbreaking.

KarenW said...

A person shouldn't boo a president, no matter their opinion of them.

Thanks for sharing the links. I'll go check them out.

Anonymous said...

I was able to access the second link just not the first one. :)

Nadine said...

I love and respect President Bush. I agree that history will show his good points a lot better than those who reported and slanted everything he did. He is a man of character and he is deserving of respect - the booing totally uncalled for.

MightyMom said...

He will be missed, but the peaceful change of power is what makes us a great nation.

Joy in the Burbs... said...

Fox News was the only network that covered his Texas homecoming speech. I was able to watch it that day.

I'm so happy that Midland, TX honored him that way. They let the children off of school and a parade was held in his honor.

His speech was the best one all day.
I'll miss you Pres. Bush.
If anything the unborn were safer when he was in office.


Tina said...

I felt soooo sorry for Bush.He HAS been so villified. Yes, he made mistakes, but I admire him greatly and am thankful for his service to us.

I think Americans are going to be in for a really rude awakening when they see Obama for who he really is. The blame will soon shift to him when things don't get better, but probably worse.

Maxine said...

I've finally stopped shedding tears every time I think of President Bush, but still missing him. One good thing is coming out of all this: God is sending us to our knees. Let's all be praying that God will protect President Obama from the evil one. Let's pray that God would override any evil that will harm our nation, any evil attacking the President from within or without.

I don't think I prayed for Pres. Bush as often as I should have; I took him for granted and perhaps more prayers from us would have even helped him in those areas where he did make mistakes. I've determined not to make the same error again of not praying daily for those in high office.