Thursday, March 5, 2009

Joel Rosernberg Link

I am posting Joel's post from today and his weblog link so you can follow him.

March 5, 2009...12:34 pm
A new report by a highly respected U.S. think tank indicates time is running out for the West to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons. In fact, “Iran is likely to obtain a nuclear weapon within a year as it already has access to enough fissionable material to manufacture 50 warheads, “concludes a report by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.
The report urges the new U.S. administration to “strengthen its policies to prevent, mitigate or counteract cascading instability resulting from Iranian nuclear progress.” But the report warns that “time is short.” If the Obama administration does not act decisively, the authors warn that “Israel may decide to act unilaterally” and that Israeli leaders seem convinced that they have a military option. “However, Israelis see the option fading over the next one to two years, not only because of its Iran’s nuclear progress and dispersion of its program but also because of improved Iranian air defenses, especially the expected delivery of the S-300 surface-to-air missile system from Russia.”

Here is his link: Joel Rosenberg

May we wake up to the truth of what is happening and about to happen. Look up, our redemption draweth neigh.

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Humble wife said...

Funny I have a tab up already as I have been reading his blog since I found the link on the prayer blog.

Mari said...

This is scary - another sign of the times.

Kansas Bob said...

Modern day Israel interests me Susan. Do you (or others) have any good theological resources/links about why biblical Israel is the same as modern day Israel? I guess I just don't see a David or Solomon in Israel these days and I wonder if we sometimes compare apples to oranges when we speak of modern day Israel.

Hope this doesn't offend anyone but I would really like to get some info on the topic from some reputable sources.

Thanks much, Bob

Joy said...
this is a link to Jonathan Bernis. He is a Messianic Jew. He offers a lot of insights into Israel. Kansas Bob may be interested to read.
Also the Bible. A Precepts Bible i Study on Isaiah is a good one to study. The prophecy concerning Israel/ Babylon and the nations is hard to deny. Prophetic events have come true throughout the pages of history. I can trust what is happening today in light of God's Word too.
♥ Joy

Maalie said...

Penless, I'm not absolutely clear about your point here: do I take it that you would be in support of the Obama administration taking quick action? Or not?

Myself, I don't know what to think, it's all rather frightening. Rather like the Cuban missile crisis when I was a student. None of us did our homework that night and suffered at the hands of our professors the next day! LOL!

Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the link Joy.

I went to Bernis' site but couldn't find anything specific to the question I asked.. it wanted me to join something to check out their archived writings.

His statement of faith really only addressed Israelites who accept Jesus as their messiah.. nothing about secular Israelites who reject the kingship of Christ.

Which parts of Isaiah were you referencing? Anything specific to my question?

Thx, Bob

Susan said...

Bob - I just got back home so that's why I'm just now answering. I believe God always has His remnant and this is true of Israel today as in O.T. times.

I do not think the average person in Israel is part of that remnant just because they happen to be born a Jew and live there. There will be plenty of lost people in Israel as there will be plenty all around the world and in our U.S. This is just my personal view and certainly not based on a specific scripture. We do have plenty of scripture to base the fact God always has had and always will have His remnant.

I haven't had a chance to check out Joy's link but I certainly will.

Susan said...

Maalie, Good to hear from you again.

I would not be presumptious enough to think I knew what Obama should or should not do in this case. I sure don't like what he'd doing so far in my beloved country.

I do think God has it all under control and that the end as prophecy in the Bible tells us will come to pass.

I well remember the Cuban crisis, too. We lived in Denver, Colorado at the time and I remember the big military air planes flying over our home on a Sunday, because the American Strategic Air Control was based out of Colorado Springs. We knew "something" was going on but not what.....later we heard on the news about the Cuban crisis. Those were indeed tense days, too.

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

It is instances like these {after reading this}, that I am so glad I know who my Redeemer is and that He lives and rules above all! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

MeMaw said...

Though the stormy waves be all around, I must keep my eyes on Jesus!

A Hint of Home said...

Although we get discouraged with news like this we don't have to dispair. I'm so thankful God is in control and on the throne.

michelle said...

Def end times!