Friday, March 6, 2009

A Wonderful New Friend

To me, having the Lord place a wonderful new friend in my life is a gift of pure joy. He has recently blessed me with just such a wonderful gift.


We attend a large Church and even though we have been there for 25 months it takes time to get acquainted on a personal basis. I had often seen Sandra and she reminds me of my sister, Marion. Recently the Lord placed her and her husband in the same Sunday School class with Mickey & I. It is from this Sunday School class that we had begun to develop more than a just "Hi, how are you?" friendship.

It is Sandra who brought the 2 sets of Per*ry St*one videos that Judy's Monday Woman's Bible Study is using. She has a job on Monday's and can't attend but told me about the studies and asked if I thought they would be something we would enjoy studying. Boy would we, and do we!!!

Last week, Tuesday the 24th, she came by to have lunch with us and visit. She arrived at 11 and we talked, and TALKED and TALKED!!!!

Would you believe we talked and visited for almost 5 hours? We did, and even then I didn't want to see her leave!! What amazed us the most was all the "connections" we had: people we knew, experiences we'd shared, etc. It was just an instant DEEP connection that are few and far between.

Sandra and her husband, Tr*avis, live about 30 miles SE of us toward Lake Ft. Gibson. They live on 80 acres, but Tr*vis works about 1000 acres. They have chickens and cows and coon dogs. She brought us 1 1/2 dozen fresh eggs. I can't remember the time we had fresh eggs. Yummy!!

This past Tuesday, the 3th, we went out to see them and Mickey loaded up his pick-up bed with cow & chicken manure for his garden areas. Another huge blessing. They have a lovely country home, that they built, with a huge, covered front porch. I love big front porches!!!!

I feel so blessed to have Sandra as a VERY SPECIAL friend and look forward to what God has in store for each of us.

There are friends, and then there are FRIENDS. Sandra is a FRIEND.

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Humble wife said...

I am thinking 'Praise God from whom all blessings flow'

I am so happy that you are so blessed!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

I guess if I can't live close by it's okay that you have found Sandra :)

You know I am seriously thrilled for you. A good friend is a rare find and a special blessing from the Lord.

I'm hoping we are neighbors in heaven some day. What a blessing that would be!!!

Today we head to Dallas. Last time we had our meeting time :) This time I will wave at your as we fly over.

Joy said...

Oh, Susan, Sandra sounds like my kind of woman.
How sweet of her to share her Perry S. videos with you. I see him on tv now and then. He is so knowledgable and I learn something everytime. He talks fast though. :)
Anybody that shares their cow and chicken manure with you is to be treasured.
So glad you have her in your life. I'd love to spend time with you two. I'd just be quiet and soak and soak in all the wisdom between you.


Mari said...

What a blessing to have a friend like that. I'm so hapy God brought her into your life.

retha said...

And also to have a friend who has manure ready for the planting season.

Brenda said...

You're right, those kinds of friends are few and far between, which makes us cherish them even more!

Lori said...

That is a wonderful blessing to have found new friends.

Sharon said...

What a blessing it is to find new friends.
You are truly blessed and she has manure for your garden too.
Have a great weekend
God bless.

Barbara said...

Yes true friends are such a precious gift. Pleased for you Susan.

Edge of Design said...

How cool to have such a good friend. Congratulations! :)

Maxine said...

What a blessing! Enjoy the friendship!

Betty said...

I agree. God blesses us so much with those special friends!

The Things We Carried said...


I sure love a gal I can talk with for hours, and I totally believe you :).

big porches are something I dream of. I hope you post a picture some day!

MeMaw said...

It's amazing how much we all can find in common when we just take the time to talk and visit with each other.

What a blessing to have found a new friend!

groovyoldlady said...

I love how God CONTINUES to bless us with new sisters and brothers. Mulletman and I are trying to have someone over for a meal every week. Sometimes it's people we know well, but more often, we're trying to invite folks we DON'T know well so we can grow some new relationships.

Kathy said...

It is awesome how the Lord brings people into our life. Can you say, "fitly joined together" ? Nothing like the beauty of another living stone!

Sandra said...

Oh Susan....You are such a blessing!!!

Thank you for sharing about our friendship.
What is God doing with us??? You had no way of knowing but you posted that on my birthday.

Can't quit crying!