Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Family Visit - Part I

We made a brief trip to Tennessee - Clarksville near Nashville to visit Mickey's brother, brother-in-law, 3 nephews and their kids and then to Memphis to visit a sister-in-law.

Here are the three - Brother Jerry - Brother-in-Law Ronnie and Mickey.

Mickey's younger brother, Jerry, had moved to Tennessee from Nevada a couple of years ago after his wife passed away and we hadn't been back to see his place. He had build a barn, garage & an apartments which has all turned out lovely. It is on 5 acres with one nephew, Joe, & the brother-in-law, Ronnie, owning the other 75 acres of 80 acre. Beautiful property.

Various shots of Jerry's lovely place.

A spot down by the creek where they are going to make a picnic area.

Some of the herd of long horn cattle they are raising.
Firecracker, the bull. Get a look at those horns!!

These two magnificent, huge horses are some Ronnie has owned for a number of years. These are Percheron horses and they were the kind used during the Renaissance era.. The Percheron is a breed of powerful rugged draft horses that originated in the Perche valley in northern France.

To be continued

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Anonymous said...

Hehe, I thought the guy in the first photo on the left was Mickey. I guess he and his brother are related, huh?

What a neat place! Amazing! Glad you got to take a trip and visit.

We are hoping to book flights today for Christmas time. The upside is we won't have to deal with winter weather, the down side is we won't be driving thru your way :(

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a gorgeous place he has!

Oh Sew Good said...

The place looks great but the animals look even better. :)

Joy said...

What a lovely home he has. That property is beautiful.
Hey those cows look like Texans. ;)

Glad you got to catch up with family.


Dawn said...

What fun - and what a beautiful place. And you got to meet another blogging friend - a blessing indeed!

Mari said...

It's beautiful! I think Tennessee is such a pretty state. Next time you visit him, take the long way home, through Michigan and meet up with Ginger and I!

This Country Girl said...

That looks like a wonderful place to live! I know ya'll enjoyed yourselves!