Saturday, July 25, 2009


How many of you remember the TV program "Have Gun - Will Travel" with Jack Palance? Hence the title of this post!!!

A strange title I know.....but you will soon understand.

Our friends, and neighbors, Wayne & Jimmie, have a great little cabin on 10 acres in the Ozarks near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They have been up there the entire month of July and we promised them we would come up and spend a couple of days with them during the month. We have been trying to get free to go up and just hadn't been able to get free to do so.

Thursday morning around 10 o'clock, after finishing up an errand he had to run, Mickey came bursting in the door and said, "Come on let's throw some things in a bag and run up and spend a couple of days with Wayne & Jimmie." I had just started in on my weekly washing and had one load just finishing up in the washer with 2 more to go but I said, "Okay, but I've got to throw this load in the dryer (so much for line drying today) and get it dried and folded first." In the drier they go and we proceed to bathe and get ready. The drier quits, I fold the items and fold my just washed & dried PJ's and put them on the top of the already packed satchel we have prepared and are taking.

We load up the car and away we go. It is a lovely ride to just outside Eureka Springs, same drive I made last Friday with my Bible Study gals. A lovely, not very hot day with blue skies.

Half-way to Eureka I realize I had forgotten to pick up my camera and I was going to get a loaf of Banana/Pineapple Bread out of the freezer to bring to them and realized I'd forgotten that, too. Oh well, such is life.

We get to their cabin about 2 or 2:30 and have a lovely visit. Jimmie & I stay inside visiting with her knitting on some wash clothes and Mickey & Wayne visiting outside. Wayne comes in to inform me we have "Joined the flat tire club". Apparently all of them in the area have had flat tires. Sure enough the right rear tire is flat as a pancake. There is a place that fixes them not too far and Wayne says we'll take it over first thing in the morning and they'll prepare it right away.

Later Wayne is cooking burgers outside on the fire and Jimmie and I are getting the fixings ready and the table set inside. I tell Mickey he better bring in our things so he can get his supper time meds out of the bag/satchel. He comes in the house to tell me we didn't bring the satchel. I think he is kidding me......which is not unusual and he loves to do. I proceed out to our car. Sure enough here is our bible and our two pillow and NOTHING else. We had forgotten the satchel. No clothes, no toiletries, no pills , no nothing.....except our Bible and our two pillows!!!!!

We "make-do" for the night. Put on the same clothes the next day and head out. First thing is to drop off the flat tire to be repaired while we run around. We first treated us to a lovely breakfast at Raspsberry Station. They all had omelette's and I had kiech. Then they take us to see the Roaring River Trout Fish Hatchery. What a lovely, beautiful sight. I am bemoaning not having my camera to take pictures of the huge cliff where the spring begins that pours into the Roaring River. I have never seen so many trout in my life. People everywhere fishing. They charge $2 for kids under 16 and $4 for adults, per day, and they can catch a limit of 5 each and are not allowed to throw any back. What you catch you have to keep and count.

We are heading back to pick up the tire when Jimmie asks if we'd ever seen The Little Golden Gate Bridge. We had not so much as heard of it so away we go.

The Little Golden Gate Bridge.
The Beaver Bridge, more commonly referred to as the little golden gate bridge, was constructed in 1949 to span the white river of Beaver, Arkansas. The one lane suspension bridge was designed in the same style as San Francisco's Golden gate bridge. The wood deck of the structure makes it one of the most unique functioning bridges in the United States. (Thank goodness I was able to buy post cards in lieu of the pictures I couldn't take!!)

We go back to pick up our repaired tire to find out that the nail damaged it beyond repair and we had to buy a new tire. Drats!!!!!! This tire is only 2 years old since we'd just bought our HHR on July 9, 2007. A new tire was not necessarily in our vacationing budget for the year :o( At least they were able to put it right on and we didn't have to come back again.

Back to the cabin with the new tire which Mickey & Wayne then proceed to put on our car. Wayne & Jimmie are disappointed, as are we, as we had planned to spend 2 nights and return on Saturday but Mickey had already missed his evening and then this mornings med's and we had to get back for his medicine.

The well laid plans of mice & men ofter go array........but we had Bible & Pillows....the most important things!!! and a grand time anyway.

By the way, when we returned home to see where we had left the satchel.... it was right on the couch where I had put it to insert the PJ's in on top!!!

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Parsley said...

Enjoyed stopping by your blog. Thank you for visiting mine. Love meeting new bloggers.

Blessings on your weekend.

Mari said...

You are funny! I guess the Bible and pillows were most important!
The bridge is beautiful!

Joy said...

Susan, that is something I would do. I was going to pre-teen camp to be a counselor with our church a few years back. Left all my shirts hanging in the closet together where I had put them to take off the hangers and put in the suitcase. I had to get someone to run me to wal-mart to buy some shirts to get me thru the week.
I'm glad you got to see your friends. You all will probably laugh about this for years to come.

Sorry about the flat tire. that stinks.


Nadine said...

That's good you had a good time even with a flat tire, no meds, and no clothes. Blessings to you this weekend.

Brenda said...

Well I guess the Word and a soft place to lay your head had to suffice!
Bummer when that happens tho'. Sorry you weren't able to spend the other night.
ps - will try and get a reply to your email in the next couple of days.

The Young Artist said...

Oh what a lovely time! With the bread, you could envite them over some time and share it with them! The pictures of the golden gate bridge makes me homesick. I miss that cold air on my face.
God Bless

MightyMom said...

once as a kid we got all the way to Grandma's house (8 hour drive) only to realize my suitcase didn't get packed. I'm sure that my Dad and stepmom hadn't planned on buying me a weeks worth of clothes...but what else could they do??

michelle said...

Well I think it is a rule you must forget things when you travel.

Oh Sew Good said...

What fun! Isn't it amazing how God met all of your needs just the same. I had never heard of the little Golden Gate Bridge. It really does look a lot like the big one. When we lived in Chico, CA., I met a woman who was one of the first to ever get married on the bridge.

retha said...

Good that you still enjoyed the time with your friends!

Kathy said...

Susan, when I read this post I wanted to hop inside the computer, go back to your house, grab the stuff, and finish the story the way I wanted to read it! Shucks! It sounded like a place I would've like to have been. Bibles and pillows....resting in the Word? : ) Hugs!

weavermom said...

Sounds like you had a great visit despite the missing satchel! :) That is so something I would do...

Dan said...

Green. Oh how I miss green places, and rivers too. SO beautiful. Don't ever move to the desert!

Momma Roar said...

Well, I'm glad you still could enjoy a short trip!!

That totally sounds like something I'd do.

T just woke me up at 6 to help him find his belt. We were at the cabin this weekend and he had packed it. I remembered seeing it in our bedroom up there, but hadn't seen it since getting home - he was so thankful when I found it in a pile of clothes on the floor. I guess I should have unpacked everything last night instead of leaving it on the floor! But it is cleaned up now!!

All that to say, I'd do the same as you - put it somewhere to pack that last thing and then forget!! :)

Maxine said...

Oh my, what a shame! But it sounds as though you packed a lot of fun into that abbreviated visit. That sounds exactly like something I would do--leaving that satchel on the couch. Well, hope Mickey is none the worse for missing two installments of meds. Thanks for the bridge picture--it's beautiful.

Debra said...

I know if your like we are, we could have made it without the clothes and other things, but, we gotta have the meds.

At least you all got a little visit out of it and sounds like it was nice the time you had there!

Marie said...

Sure did enjoy reading about your adventure. Sounds like you made out okay with your Bible and pillows. I have been right through where you went when we went to Oklahoma to visit our daughter and her family in Tulsa, OK. I really liked taking the northern route from NC to OK.

Sharon said...

I remember Hubby did that a couple of yrs ago and we could not go home early to get them. I was so nervous the whole weekend for him.
God knew he needed to be at his son's wedding so he watched over him for me.
It did sound like you had a nice time with your friends.
Have a blessed day.

annie said...

I love being spontaneous!

I'm taking the kids to Eureka Springs and roaring river (and to see the passion play) on my birthday to avoid any and all things black on this big bday (ugh).

Tiffany said...

Who knows why things turn out the way they do? Only the Lord, but, what a wonderful adventure anyway. I always love your posts! ~Blessings!

O,by the way, did you get my e-mail address? if not here it is...

Barbara said...

Well it did give us a fun post to read Susan! Missed the photos though.

Lisa said...

enjoyed this one susan!

i emailed you, too. :o)

Mountain Mama said...

On my goodness!!! I would feel lost without a change of clothes and my toothbrush! I'm glad you had a good time anyway. It's a matter of making the best of things.
You had your most important posessions and that's what counts.

I never knew about the bridge. It sure is pretty.

God bless you and yours

Anonymous said...

Yup, sometimes we just have to make the best of what we have. I'm glad you were able to stay one night and didn't have to turn right around and head home for the meds.