Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Day three of the 3 speakers we were blessed to hear this past week was Matthew Hagee. Matt is the 31 year old son of John Hagee. I doubt very much we would have gone to hear Matt preach had we not already been at this revival but boy, am I glad we did!!!

We were really impressed with him & his message. While so many son's of famous preacher's never rise to the level of their fathers we do not feel this is going to be true of Matt Hagee. First of all, he has the most piercing eyes that just captivate you. His message was on Pray & Praise and was powerful beyond words.

Since Randy Caldwell preached on Praise and Thanksgiving and then Matt on Pray & Praise it was clear to our group that God is telling His people (us!) that we must be Praying & Praising HIM on a daily, consistent basis.

Matthew has just written his first book, "Shaken Not Shattered" and we were blessed to get an autographed copy. I've been so busy since getting home I haven't even had time to start it yet . We were also able to get Perry Stone's latest book (hasn't hit the bookstores yet), "Angels On Assignment". Haven't gotten into it yet either. I'm sure I'll be posting about these two books as I get them read.

Our three wonderful day's in Eureka Springs and the 3 wonderful evening services, Perry Stone, Randy Caldwell & Matt Hagee, were just too unique and special to adequately put into words. The weather was beautiful, too. I am so glad the Lord allowed us to attend and that we had the company from various friends with us to share in the excitement and joy.


Clothing Ministry

Judy, who started the Monday morning Bible Study in her home on January 12th, also had a burden for a clothing ministry for those in need. Our church currently had a ministry of baby clothes for new born and toddler mothers which one woman was doing all by herself. With Judy's leadership most of that Monday Bible Study group has committed to expanding the clothing ministry.

This is a picture of 4 bags of brand new items that had been sitting in my spare bedroom since September 21st around noon when I picked them up. Yesterday 7 of us meet with the lady who'd been doing the infant clothes, then met with the Pastor who showed us a 2nd, and twice the size, room that we can also use!!! The 5 of us stayed and worked, and I mean WORKED, as we began to go through things and sort out.

Please join in Prayer with us that this work truly turns into His hands extended to meet the needs of people. Not only their physical needs, but more importantly that they may see and witness the love of Christ and come to know Him as their Lord and Savior.

God is moving and addings lots of new adventures and blessings to our lives. I'd love to hear what new areas and work and activities The Lord is moving you and your groups into.

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Sandra said...

Susan, things are truly happening quickly in these last days. It's exciting to see God putting people into different positions of ministry.


Sharon said...

It does sound like you have been busy doing GOD's work.
Bless you Susan.

Mari said...

What a great ministry. We have recently started a baby clothing ministry at our church. We also have a ministry called manna meals, where we make sack suppers for kids in the school that may not get it otherwise.

Mountain Mama said...

I have heard both Perry Stone and Matt Hagee on TV and like them both. Matt is just as dynamic as his daddy.
It must have been fun to see them in person. I'm sure you will enjoy the books.
It has been busy here too between garden's and harvesting, and everything else.
I'm reading a book called Like A Mighty Wind. I am just getting started and it sure makes sense to me.
Hope your week is going great Susan.

Brenda said...

It's wonderful to see people who are simply obedient.
Glad you have such a wonderful time.

Debra said...

That sounds like a wonderful ministry to meet needs in the community, and there are so many needs, both physical and spiritual.

Barbara said...

Wonder how you facilitate the giving out of the clothing. We buy produce and collect for needy people but we have to let the social services give it out so there is no point of contact.

Our current venture is going out into the neighbourhood and getting in to conversation with people, particuilarly busy shopping centres and asking if there is anything they would like us to pray about. Then seeing if and where the Spirit leads with that.

Maxine said...

Wow. Are you ever one blessed lady. I love the sound of that clothing ministry. That's the type of thing we hope to see more of from churches in these last days.

Momma Roar said...

I'm just getting a chance now to read through all your travel posts. The speakers sound wonderful!

Our church just did a clothing giveaway and we hope it is something we can keep doing.

I just started reading the book Servolution (recommended by Melodye - MorningSong and Susan - Learning for Lifetime.

God has placed a desire on my heart to do more service and Susan's posts about her church and their outreaches have really touched me. I'm excited to finish reading and it and look forward to the posts on your new books!