Thursday, November 19, 2009


That is how I describe my life!!! Rich, full & wonderful and very, very busy.

Things to catch up on that are going on in our lives.

The first, and most exciting is Mickey has started a new ministry at the church. He is calling it The King's Kitchen and it is feeding a hot, free meal one day a week at noon. He is serving it on Tuesdays from 11:30 to 1:00. He picked to start with Tuesday since I am up at the church every Tuesday working in the Klothes Kloset but he hopes to expand it as time goes along and he is in a position to do so. Praise God he had had several wonderful young woman who have stepped forward to cook and help him. Thank you Sherry, Janice, Joi & Valerie!!!!!

I recently joined the Drama team at church. I am so excited about being a part of this group. My first "part" was as Host in the recent Veteran's Day Tribute that we put on for both the 8 a.m. & 10:45 a.m. services on November 8th.

The front & back of the lovely coin that was presented to each veteran at the end of our Tribute. This is Mickey's that he received for serving in the Air Force during the Korean War.

Sunday afternoon, in between Church services our daughter, Jacque, & Benny dropped by for a nice long visit. We always so enjoy getting to spend time with our kids.

Saturday, mixed in with the emotion of my piano, was the joy that our son, Marc, and his friend, Deann, came to the auction. After it was over Marc treated the 4 of us to a lovely fish dinner. The really nice part was the restaurant was not very crowded and we were able to "occupy the table" for a L=O=N=G time and had such a lovely time visiting and catching up. Marc is so busy that it is pure joy to be able to spend a little son-mom & dad time together. We all 3 have been missing that.

Monday, of this week November 16th, Mickey had cataract surgery on his left eye. We had to be at the Hospital at 9:30 and we were out of there and on our way home by 11. He had to go into the Dr. for a check up yesterday afternoon and his next appointment will be in 2 weeks. All is going well and recovery on schedule. It sure didn't keep him from being at the Church yesterday morning at 9 a.m. to start the Stew for The Kings Kitchen!!

Monday night we were invited to the Young At Heart meeting to be Judges for a Baking Contest they had. We judged cookies, pies, cakes & chocolate. Let me tell you, we have THE FINEST cooks ever in our Church. I am not one of them!!!! But boy can I taste!!!!! The cookie winner was my friend and fellow Klothes Kloset worker every Tuesday, Thelma, She made an apricot cookie that was Divine. She brought some of them to share with us yesterday while we worked. YUMMY!!!!

Today, Wednesday, is our day to get Aric & Oksana. Always a treat for us.

For the weather report: we have been having beautiful weather in the 70's. Saturday at the auction it was a beautiful 71 degrees, a pouring rain on Sunday, to a high Monday & yesterday of 43 and 44 degrees. What a shock to our systems!!!!

Speaking of the rain on Sunday. We had such a wonderful service. Our Pastor is preaching 2 Sunday's on "2012 - The End of the World" based on the movie getting so much attention world wide. Right after the wonderful worship service we had a visitor from Australia who asked to come and give a word to our congregation and he spoke about the move of God happening world wide and how Coweta is to play a part in this. This is just confirmation to what we know and believe!! It was a bright, beautiful day when we entered the church at 10:45 and when we came out it was POURING RAIN. A symbol to many of us of the Latter Day Rain that I have spoken about on this blog several months ago.

One more wonderful thing that we have been blessed with. A family in our church recently gifted us with a whole dressed deer, plus some elk and buffalo. Thank you Norma & Mike. So far I have made venison barley soup, a ground beef, tomato, shell noodle dish we call Galosh and chili. All wonderful and delicious.

Thanks so much for dropping by and letting me catch-up. I hope you'll leave a comment. I've noticed the comments have been dropping off but I know many of you still drop by and visit. Please let me hear from you. It means a lot!!!

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Mari said...

You have had a lot going on lately! The new ministry sounds exciting.

Mary Lee said...

Wow! You are one busy lady!

Momma Roar said...

Somedays I can feel overwhelmed and like I'm doing nothing other than taking care of kids - don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining - but reading your posts gets me excited for all the ways I can serve when my children are older!!!

I love to read about all the things you are doing. The blessings that pour back on you are evidence of your life and commitment to serving Christ!!

Anonymous said...

Still here, still reading :-)

I think part of my lack of blogging is due to lack of comments. I follow many blogs and comment, but have found the returns are few and far. I realize I've switched my blog and that accounts for much of it, but people don't stay connected like they used to...well, except for Mari, she's outstanding in the field of followers!!!

Sharon said...

You are truly blessed with all that you are doing to serve the Lord.
I enjoy reading everything that is going on in your busy world.

Barbara said...

Glad Mickey's eye surgery went well, and his new venture.

I like the bit where you say "I'm not one of the best cooks, but I sure can taste!" Smile!!!!!

Becky said...

Great catching up with you Susan. You have been so busy! I think your days have rivaled mine :) And that is not easy.

Thanks for your sweet encouragement. You are a dear!!

Kathy said...

I love your busy-ness, I love the heart that motivates your busy-ness, and I love that you are motivated, both you and Mickey, by what our Father has done for you! Everything you write makes me want to be right there! Hugs!

Brenda said...

Hi Susan,
I'm so excited to hear about Mickey starting this ministry. How fun and what a blessing!
Your title of this blog difinitely says it all!
Thanks for you kind comment for my sister and I. Hopefully I'll have more definite news on her tomorrow.
Much love to the both of you!

Joy said...

Will you give Mickey a big hug for me. This is awesome what he is doing. I know he is doing it in Jesus' Name and it will be a blessing to so many.

Sounds like we've all had some busy times going on. I'm not posting like I want too. Just too many commitments right now. It's good to hear from you.


Jillian, Inc said...

Geat catching up with you, Susan. I just don't get around to my beloved blog reading like I wish I could! God bless you and a big hug!

groovyoldlady said...

YOu sound so excited about the new meal ministry. It's always sucj a blessing when we hear God's call and obey!

My mom had catract surgery on both her eyes over the course of last month. Now she only needs reading glasses. Woot!

Maxine said...

Love the sound of Mickey's ministry! Keep on keeping on forthe Lord--He is certainly keeping you guys busy.

Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow. You are my last stop for the night==off to bed for me!

MightyMom said...

fantastic things going on!!

and now you're getting on stage??? woohoo.